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Hello everyone, wanted to give an update on all that's been going on in my life. Read on to see the details of everything!


So to begin, over a month ago I decided to go on a hiatus. For those of you that have been around for a long time it's not that uncommon of me. What you may not have noticed is that it was one of my longest spans of work BEFORE taking a hiatus. The month or two before then I'd been wrought with stress and depression and decided to continue going. I believed, and still do, that one can't rise to success without some self sacrifice. Finally my pressure onward popped and left me almost completely burnt out.

During my break I essentially focused on doing absolutely nothing about Get Rich or my broader aspirations with Genome Studios. Even so I still was overcome with worry and stress for... nearly the entire month of June. It was a crushing feeling getting almost no relief from such a long break.

Since then I've taken some active efforts to seek out help for my health issues. Consulting with my doctor, trying to schedule appointments with counselors, and with specialists. I have nothing concrete as of yet, but I'm still slowly working towards it as I can. I truly do want to be more healthful, in whatever way that means for me, considering I have such frequent and overwhelming fatigue.

Finally in the past few weeks, essentially this July, I've seen some lift to my spirits. Where I was hovering between -10% to +10% in the line of emotional/physical health, I'm now feeling more around 5% to 25%. I feel more capable of handling my day, I am more inspired, and though I'm still experiencing a lot of pain and fatigue, I'm able to tolerate it a lot more. I intend to... try to figure out how to alleviate some of that pain. The problem is that there's no certain way to do it and I may just be chasing my tail.


During my break I ended up buckling and deciding to invest in myself. I nearly paid off a loan I had taken to make a Genome Studios video game, Silence, almost 8 years ago. So I ended up buying a new computer that can stream AND illustrate without any lag, and along side that I grabbed a Cintiq HD22. My god does it feel like a dream. So much smoother and responsive than my old set up!

This week I managed to squeeze in a streaming session where I put together one more storyboard for The Republic... along with the majority of the stream being me troubleshooting stupid stuff with new windows updates that screw with the drawing pen... assholes...

The rest of this week I've spent taking on responsibilities I've long put off, being inspired by totally random ideas and concepts and crashing every second day.

Yesterday I did some game programming tutorials to prototype some base mechanics (the ground) for that long standing dream to make the game Silence. It was a lot of fun, though truly the concept is daunting and I only intend to screw around with it as I'm inspired.

Along with all my troubles, my artist, Gabi, has been experiencing a really rough time as well. I gave her this month off to try and recover as well.


So I've had a lot of time to stew on my burnout and physical health. I have been trying to push to be a successful recognized professional, however, the truth is that that reality is not coming. I pushed and held my breath as long as I could for it this year and my work isn't getting any traction and my efforts are essentially killing me and my passion for pursuing creative projects at all.

For the immediate future I will be down shifting back towards a hobbyist level pursuit. I will be slowing the comic releases back to once a week, I'll be reducing my push/pressure for patronage and rewards, and I'll be allowing myself to fuck off and explore other projects and ideas (even if it's not for a serious world shattering full time production).

In regards to Patrons, I would like to query you guys about your continued support. In no way do I want you to support me with nothing in return, but if you still like my work and are happy to follow along even during this reduced push I'm still happy to accept your patronage. The Patreon funds I accrue go towards bonuses for Gabi so that she can continue working for me and hopefully have some financial relief beyond the bare minimum I'm able to pay her.

I will also be reducing my active Social Media outreach. Juggling the outreach for 7 websites with very minimal engagement has been nearly a full time job in and of itself. I want to dial it down to a manageable bite that I can do while prioritizing actually working. Spending 20 minutes posting about streaming is both a desuader for me to even want to stream as well as 20 minutes of effort that could be going to actually streaming.

All this considered, I want to recognize for myself and for all of you that I still LOVE creating Get Rich and creative projects in general. It's still one of the basest parts of my being and won't be going away any time soon. Though I have to step back and take more care I'll still be keeping you all posted about all the random crap I'm up to and still keep working on Get Rich.

I'm not quite up to my regular working power so the rest of this month will be a little... spotty regarding what the hell is going on. But I am gearing up to get back to a regular working schedule and will let you all know once I've got there.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your continued support.
~Gaian Helmers

Hello everyone, I will be taking a month long hiatus starting this week. I will be returning mid July, the week of the 16th.

I've been in desperate need of a break and I've finally hit the breaking point where I can't put it off any longer. Fortunately Gabi will still be working so when I return there will be a massive pool of work for me to finish up and for you to enjoy. If you're supporting us on Patreon you'll be getting some serious bulk uploads of the pages.

I've been torn as I've been seeing an influx of new followers so if you're new and you're seeing this, keep reading and I'll direct you to some of what Get Rich has to offer!


First and foremost check out the interactive website. It's host to everything Get Rich has to offer:

Some things to check out:
-View the whole Webcomic Series and Animated Series on the home page.

-Explore the apartment to examine and see Wolfgang and Hayes' possessions and lifestyle.

-Check out their laptops and browse the "Innanet".

-Go through "The Invasion" interactive campaign. A full story set in the apartment.

-Discover what lies in the Treasure Chest, hint: the beginning of the clues starts in the same closet.

-Keep an eye out on Wolfgang and Hayes throughout the day as they move around their apartment.

-Water Wolfgang's flowers every day.

-Listen to Wolfgang's record collection.

-Play with Hayes toys.

-Read the first portion of "Brothers of Sin" at Hayes' book shelf.

Hopefully with all that and more you can indulge in the Get Rich universe while I'm away.

If you like what we've got to offer, spread the work around. The more support we have the better quality of work we can put out!

See you all in July.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 28 - Jun 1

This week has gotten by. Managed to get work in to keep us rolling on the comic schedule and I'm still alive!


I recall I did some sort of work on Sunday, which I can't remember anymore. Haha this week has been an utter haze. I feel like it's Saturday right now...

I then started off the week with editing 2 of the previous pages of The Republic. There was a pretty big continuity error so I ended up going through and having to add shadows to page 26 and 27.

Then we ended up figuring out the lighting for the next set of pages. That was something I totally and completely was unable to manage. Thanks to Gabi we have a theatrical and cinematic sun set scene for you all!

I've been extremely depleted of energy and inspiration this week so much of this took my all to even begin, let alone complete.

Wednesday and Thursday was where I finalized the pages for Thursday and this coming Monday. I'm really happy that things are still rolling on schedule though it's very uncomfortable to be so close to the line.

Today I'm taking a break and, like always, trying really hard to unwind and relax this weekend. Hopefully, with a little luck, I'll feel invigorated and ready to take on next week!

Here's to just one more.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 21 - May 25

This week I've been building up some momentum to get back into work. I've been struggling to get the energy to keep going but I'm out of buffer comics so nows the time to gear back up.


Monday was a holiday for us Albertans so I started this week out in the woods. Though it has nothing to do with the work you guys will receive it was definitely really invigorating to be out in nature, in the sun, doing physical work and just being free to do things at whatever pace I want. It was back breaking but super enjoyable.

Tuesday was my first actual work week, however, it didn't really go like I wanted. My job work ended up dragging throughout the whole day because of an incredibly inefficient, and time consuming, tool that is mandatory that we use. Really pissed me off to have to waste 2 hours on it when it could have taken 15 minutes... but alas, I don't make the decisions for Job Bank.

Finally I ended up getting to my work this week, better late than never right? I managed to complete the QA comics for April and May, the April one I particularly enjoy. Feels good to be caught up to the QA's at least for this one week that I'll be up to date. XD

Thursday I wasn't really in a rhythm for artwork. I managed to get this Monday's comic finalized and posted but I was not very eager to continue on. I finished early so I ended up deciding to add the next feature to the Genome Studios website. The left and right arrows. I thought I was just gunna get some mockup in and leave it at that but my mockup ended up going really well. It does everything I needed it to and actually looks pretty decent.

You can check it out right now at:

Today I had the option to do storyboards to expand my pool for my artist, however, I'm still not really feeling the artistry muse. So I instead have been spending my day building a gallery for my late Uncle Warren. You can see his project on that link above. He was a troubled but incredibly unique and skilled artist and finally now that my website platform is coming together I can put his art out for others to enjoy.

I'm gunna continue chipping away at it today, I'd love to get it together and complete right away so it can be out there and not drag on till I leave it half way.

I'm very excited to see this site grow. By far the best site I've built in my lifetime.

Here's to one more week!

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - May 14 - May 18

This was a week rife with programmer epiphanies. My week started on Saturday and ran until Tuesday. Utter chaos, the lot of it.


Well on Friday night I ended up thinking about my website instead of sleeping, as I often do. But unlike most times that I think of my website, I actually came up with a method for doing what I wanted to do. I've been at a complete halt on making the site because every possible solution I could come up with was only partially realized and often banked on assumptions about website tools and libraries that I'm not familiar with.

But lo and behold, I have a partially built a media viewer style webpage!…

It's still missing some features, and I haven't been able to update all the posts to be viewable, but its the beginning of realizing the website as I had intended to create months and months ago!

I spent Saturday and Sunday delving intensely in the system programming part and then spent Monday and Tuesday arduously updating a hundred pages of Get Rich. I also had to manually go through all 147 pages and make the imagery to fill the viewer. It was brain rottingly monotonous. Fortunately I've only made a couple mistakes (that I've found), so far.

I've got next weeks comic pages still lined up to enjoy but then my reserve runs out, so it's back to the regular ol grind to try and build up a pool again.

Here's to one more week.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Apr 30 - May 4

I've been struggling with a lot of fatigue lately, this week it's finally been affecting my work all week. However, I did get things done.


I began my week by quickly designing a new promo aesthetic/brand to be able to add extra details to my promotional thumbnails and pictures. I then ended up finalizing the Patreon QA Comic reward for March. I've been back logged in that for quite a while and am happy to have it done. Seeing how far behind I am drove me to plan for the 2 months I haven't scripted.
You may have noticed that the QA release had the new promo design on it.

Tuesday I finished 3 Republic comic updates. They are available now on Patreon. Super happy to get that stuff done cuz it means I have buffer room for my health and other things. We've already gotten the whole month of May done and scheduled for release! That's considering the new posting schedule of 2 per week. That's how far ahead the Patrons get to peer into the comic!

Wednesday I knuckled down against my extremely fleeting energy and got out two storyboards for the April and May comics. One I feel is KINDA a cop out, as I didn't have any other ideas to the questions given by Patrons, but I feel the other sufficiently makes up for it as it's going to actually be a fairly demanding one.

Thursday finally crushed me. I've had a great deal of job work Monday, Thursday, and today and it completely eliminated any drive or passion to go for a solid work week. I've been lethargic and demotivated for the past couple of weeks but trying to keep going but finally I just lost the drive. It's been a godsend to me to have Gabi, our artist, working with me on this because it means times like these don't have to completely halt the work coming out for Get Rich. For all the shit I feel, it doesn't mean I have to force myself to work to barely get something together by the deadlines and hate doing all the work, I always disliked that it definitely gets put into the work when I'm like that.

So this weekend I aim to take it easy and hopefully continue to trek through this melancholy, rest, and try again this coming week. It's all I can do for now.

You guys should let me know what you think of that new branding promo, if you've seen it. Tell me what would compel you to be a patron. Or, anything else you feel would help boost the quality of the work and media I bring to you every week!

Here's to one more week.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Apr 23 - Apr 27

IT'S NOT MIDNIGHT YET! This week wasn't the most productive week, but I'll tell you about it anyways!


My week began with a lot of job work. I tried to get as much as I could done to try and free up the most of the rest of my week for the good work.
Gabi, my visual director, ended up building upon my design doc and writing her own proposal for how to proceed with the visual direction moving forward. We hope to make our first steps with a solid and dedicated visual development period after finishing The Republic. We'll be including her portion of the development concepts in the doc and release it as a whole package. Hopefully it'll reveal a great instance of collaboration between two people trying to take a professional stance at project planning.

Tuesday I ended up getting a ton of comic pages done while streaming. It was an empty day but it was really nice to just roll with my work and have next to no interruptions. I had a silent viewer the entire time, and wonder what they thought of me and the work. All in all, it was a nice day.

Wednesday I took the day off, I was drained from the past while and it finally stuck its head in to weigh me down. I ended up getting in a special card design from Gabi, who had the power out for much of the whole day. (How frustrating when you're a digital artist.) And finished it to give to my friend Zack for his birthday!
We'll be posting it for the paper premium tier on Patreon tomorrow.

Thursday I ended up going on a trip out to the country where my family has a small cabin. Unfortunately, someone broke in and looted the place nearly clean... took our wood stove which we were going to install this year... that was the most disappointing part. And of course my trust in the general humanity being eroded ever further... that gets disappointing too.

Today I had intended to work on the storyboards for an animated pitch short for the eventual #storyhive animation or web series that I figure will come out at some point this year... but I ended up having to help with an emotional emergency for my friend so I didn't work today either.

There's always next week though and I intend to use this big spread of time off I have to try and ACTUALLY relax (easier said than done) and refuel to handle next week with vigor.

Here's to one more week!

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Apr 16 - Apr 20

Happy 420 everyone. Had an interesting week with very irregular work. Got some good things done, had some difficult days, but made it through.

What did I get up to?

Because we're ahead in the comic schedule I decided to focus on additional things this week. I spent 3 days writing together a Visual Design document which I feel is one of the most articulate assessments of the visual design so far.

On top of that, we began an advertising campaign. My team brought to my attention that we should be pushing harder to bring in new viewers and draw attention to the work. So I'm now going to be running and maintaining an ad campaign with project wonderful.
One of the nice aspects of this ad campaign over social media based ones is that they will be on sites that someone had to navigate to. This already indicates that they are someone more willing to browse a site, which is great for us.

Finally, I managed to squeeze in a small site update to make all the social media links available in the main pages. They aren't perfect but they'll do for now.

All in all it was a milder week but still high in demands. Writing so technically for so long gets insane.

Here's to one more week!
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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Apr 9 - Apr 13

This week has been quite a ride. So much was done but at a great cost.


I began the week with an impromptu near midnight meeting on Sunday. The people I've been working and planning with came to me with aspirations to boost the business up with some major pushes for outreach and business.

After a impassioned meeting I started the week. I have both been working every day as well as for longer hours. I streamed for 3-4 hours Monday to Thursday, chat with people and got very far ahead in storyboarding The Republic. This coming Monday will be page 17 and I'm up to 36 in storyboards. Pretty good work that's for sure. I really enjoyed being able to see the story elapse over the span of a few days, it's the first time I've done something like this so it was certainly cool.

The drawbacks have been pretty heavy though. All the sitting and working hard has done a number on my back. I've had to take today off because as of last night I've had an agonizing knot in between my shoulder blades which kept me up late into the night and still has me exhausted with a major headache due solely from the amount of pain it's been giving me.

Along with that huge push of work I'm putting together an advertising campaign to reach out into the internet in hopes of drawing in new potential audience members and also updated the Patreon once again.

Now, for $1, you can have access to every essential bit of Get Rich media, and influence. You can join voice chat during streams, vote in polls, have immediate access to all completed comics, have access to the exclusive QA comics which are cannon to the series, and more.

There's no need to worry about any of the higher tiers. You get everything you need by just contributing!

Hopefully with these new steps we can draw in more people to aid in allowing us to realize the Get Rich series the way it should be.

Lastly, my current promotions have been paying off lately. I've been getting a steady number of likes to my pages week by week and it's really cool to see happening. As I've been stagnant in the 300's for a very very long time.

Anyways, things are looking good and hopefully with a good rest this weekend I can get back into another strong week next week.

Here's to one more week.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Mar 26 - Mar 30

This week has been a revitalizingly productive one. I have been feeling in good health and getting some solid work in on The Republic and future plans!


Monday I started real strong, I both had a great deal of job work and still had the energy to stream for quite a while. I got a bunch of work into the next few pages of storyboards and was STILL feeling good thereafter. Certainly spent for the day, but not depleted as I normally experience!

Tuesday started really well, almost suspiciously well. Having the health issues I do, you rarely bank on your health to stay strong even for more than a day. Had plenty of work to do, got it done and managed to stream. Met with some returning viewers which was really pleasant company while I was working and managed to finish up some comic polishing and as some of you saw on Wednesday, finished up my streaming announcement image.

Wednesday came in and I continued to work. I streamed for the 3rd day in a row which was pretty insane for me. I ended up putting together the storyboards for the March QA comic which is available to all Patrons!

Thursday I finally started to feel the burn from my long strenuous work week and had to simmer down more. I had no more illustration work to do so streaming was not happening. However, I brainstormed with my team on the final details of my Patreon revision.

If you've been wanting to support Get Rich and the many projects we'd like to do, please consider sending $1 our way. With that you get the whole shebang of rewards available through patreon. Don't even worry about any of the other tiers. They are simply there for anyone who's swimming in cash.

Today I have been taking it easy. I don't want to squander my good health and solid week by pushing it needlessly and hurting myself, thus impacting what I could potentially be able to do next week. I'm feeling good and excited for the weekend and for the possibility of a strong start again next week!

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.
Here's to one more week.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Mar 12 - Mar 16

I've been in surprisingly good health this past week. I've gotten bundles of work done, personal responsibilities and even brewed some mead!


The beginning of the week I started slow. As always I have a ton of work piled up from the weekend that needs to be done lest I not get paid. That usually eats into my energy of the day because it's more desk work, lots of thinking and repetitive actions... Easy to do but draining to keep up with.

Rolling on into Wednesday though, I sat down and sank my teeth into a lot of comic review. I was streaming and chatting with a really nice stranger who was inspired and excited about my work which was a really pleasant encounter. They asked about the details of my social media outreach, how I manage my fatigue, gave suggestions, and a bunch more.

I ended up getting another Republic page done, and the February QA comic that I have had on back log for way too long.

Gabi has been getting into a solid rhythm of work lately and we're now 2 comics ahead quite consistently. Of course Monday rolls in and it drops to 1 till we get the next page together but our pool is growing and once I get the extra things like the QA comics aside then that momentum will definitely pick up.

Thursday was another healthful day, however, due to work and other things I ended up having 0 inspiration to get any Get Rich work done. However, I ended up tackling a HUGE amount of personal responsibilities. Something I'm usually not energized enough to do. I cleaned my bathroom and drain snaked the hell out of the sink. I took out the pile of recycling sitting at our door for days. I washed all my bed sheets which have been left aside for over a month. Tidied up the hangout room a touch. And finally, I spent a good many hours brewing up 2 batches of mead. Dandelion and Barley Apple with Cardamom and Lime.

Today, Friday, I ended up feeling like I was hit by a truck but I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of storyboarding. Got 2 more pages lined up for work and did an auxiliary image draft I wanna use for promoting my stream... so you guys don't have to look at a gigantic low resolution portrait of me when I was 16.

I hope that my health continues in the direction it has been lately and I can keep getting good strides into Get Rich.

If you like my work, please share it around. Share the animatic, share links to the comics... whatever you can do. It would be a huge help to get things rolling.

Here's to one more week!

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Feb 26 - Mar 02

This week has been one that I've wanted for a long while now. I had the energy to get into work, while simultaneously fulfilling responsibilities and duties. And I've been feeling inspired to work.


Beginning on Tuesday, I laid the foundation work for the Genome Studios website. It began with just setting up the folders and quickly expanded into an 8 hour programming binge.

I have far to go still, the functionality is simple but needs to be built from scratch for the most part. However, I've had some really big strides since I began. And all of it has, so far, met my desire for simple and clean programming that gets right to the solution. It's something that will be absolutely essential when more features and complexity get introduced, rather than being built on a foundation of sticks and leaves it will be solid, level, and functional.

I hope to continue slowly chipping away it over the next few weeks and months.

This is exactly why I've been in such need of a team. I'm so honoured to have Gabi on my team to take care of 85% of the brunt of the Get Rich pages so that I can spend that free time and energy on building up this business as a whole!

Today I managed to finish the comic page for next Monday. If you're a patron, you can already see it right now!


All in all I am so glad that even in a pool of fatigue, stress and depression, I am blessed with small moments of clarity and inspiration.

Here's to one more week.

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Feb 19 - Feb 23

This week has been a recovery week for me. My depression and fatigue finally broke and I got some fun creativity in so things are looking up.


This was yet another minimal week for me. I've been torn between flat out stopping so I can actually disengage, relax, and recover and just keeping going and hoping that I don't further burn myself out.

I've been struggling with a depression that was peaking at the beginning of the week but fortunately it passed quickly and I managed to get some additional work in.

This past Wednesday was my work day. I ended up getting 3 future pages of The Republic done and I'm quite happy about them. We're planning to try and ramp up comic output slowly till we can reliably get up to 2 pages a week. No promises but it is our next objective.

Other than that, for some reason this past week engagement and views have ramped up a bit which is kinda nice. If you find yourself checking out my posts lately, you should tell me why.

Here's to one more week.

#weekinreview #comicdev #webcomic
THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Feb 12 - Feb 16

This week has been a slow but steady one. Small victories.


Much of this week has been spent on starting up my job work since my boss holiday is over. Research on web development things and just keeping up with Get Rich releases.

I unveiled the trailer for the Interactive Campaign: The Invasion which you can check out here:…

This took a real push to complete on Monday, I was really unmotivated to complete it but it turned out well enough.

Meanwhile I spent much of this week waiting for replies to my inquiries about a tool I'm using for my web development, Toolset. I want to know everything I can and cant do regarding my website project before I start so I don't build myself into a corner and force myself to have to make a messy patchwork to get out.

Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised regarding an aspect of my inquiries which means I have a lot less work to do in one part of the site.

Finally Gabi and I got the next page of The Republic completed for Monday. It's been tough because there have been a lot of new elements to these upcoming pages which have slowed down the process but we're keeping up. She's still nailing it.

I hope everything can continue to steadily move forward, even if it's not massive progress it's still progress and that's what I want, always.

Here's to one more week.

#weekinreview #webdev #interactive #trailer #comic #webcomic

This week in contrast to last has been pretty inactive. I've been over-encumbered with fatigue so I've been trying to take it easy while my boss is on vacation.


I have been completely flying by the seat of my pants so I'm not totally sure when anything happened.

I've been dealing with some support regarding web development things for Genome Studios. It's not directly related to Get Rich but as the site develops it should boost the Get Rich site and content to a higher level of professionalism. I haven't managed to get any solid work into the site but it's because I want to be conscious and calculated with every step I take so the end result is as clean and functional as I can make it.

This week I reviewed and polished the next page of The Republic which will be coming out this Monday for all you non patrons! I'm aspiring to have the pages coming out rhythmically from hereon out.

I'm hoping to spend this weekend recovering from my week which has been full of stress and duties outside of the Get Rich world. It's been really hard to let go and actually wind down when I'm tired because I am constantly aware that without me working on it Get Rich, and Genome Studios, will not continue forward.

So here's to a restful and nourishing weekend and another week.

#weekinreview #RandR #webdev #comicdev
THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Jan 26 - Feb 2

Hooey, these weeks have just been absolutely vanishing from me. This week has been one of my hardest working most stressful weeks in a long time.


My week began pretty strong. One of the unfortunate parts is that my job work took up most of my week's productivity.

Tuesday I completed the review and polish of The Invasion campaign on the Interactive Site I posted it and it's pretty solid! Only took me 2 years to complete!

Wednesday I posted Tuesday's update because I was so overworked and stressed out that I had no idea it was already Wednesday. Sorry about messing up the posting schedule this week!

I also managed to get some side work done that I've been wanting to do since Christmas. Create "Jean Arteest", a set of live action skits around a neurotic and eccentric artist, played by me. It was super fun but super tiring.

Thursday and Friday I've spent doing auxiliary responsibilities. Balancing my budget and paying employees. Trying to take care of my health and not stress myself into sickness and burnout.

Today I managed to get some very prideful work done on the mockups for the Genome Studios website. It's nothing I can reveal yet but they turned out great and it's really inspiring me to continue to chip away at the functionality. I just may have a really sweet site on my hands!

Anyways, as a treat I'll be posting the first Jean Arteest on Genome Studios and I'll share it here too!

Here's to one more week!

#weekinreview #genomestudios #getrich #webdev #comicdev #interactive
THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Jan 22 - Jan 26

This week has been a productive yet confusing week. I had a lot of job work to do which greatly dampened my output for Get Rich and Genome Studios work.


Monday started off kind of weak, I was suffering from my spontaneous Sunday construction project which made me very unfocused and fatigued. I did get some stuff done but it was mostly setting up for the week.

Tuesday is where my week actually began, I woke up early, took care of a lot of my job work and then continued with developing the Genome Studios website. It's slowly starting to look really good!

Wednesday I had even more work and woke up even earlier. Coffee was inbibed. I began editing and polishing the finale for the Invasion campaign on the Get Rich website. I was streaming with my new camera arm I built last Sunday. I didn't finish the whole thing but it's well on its way.

Thursday was a wash. No energy, too much work.

And today! Today I've been doing better than I had anticipated considering all the work I've been doing this week. I didn't have the focus to work more on the comic review, however, I've gotten some more functionality built into the GS site which I'm very happy about.

All in all I cant gauge how much more productive I've been since the last few weeks. I feel as though I have been... however, I have taken almost the same amount of days off of my work... It's just that I've also been doing a lot more work over all.

Hopefully I can keep up with this amount of effort and have less job work to deal with. If I can have that much energy next time then maybe I can get some good extra work in!

Next week I plan to complete the comic review, release the Invasion and continue work on the GS site!

Here's to one more week!
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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Jan 15 - Jan 19

This week has been a pretty regular week in comparison to the last few. Though I've been occupied enough that I have totally blanked on my posting schedule this week... real bad.


This week began with some major drafting of a website design for Genome Studios. It is part of the new plans to move forward with the business and is looking to be a step up from the kinda shoddy current website into a more professional presentation. I've taken the ideas and accomplishments from the current site and very slowly and methodically revised them to better realize what I had originally intended from the get go.

It's looking like I've got 21 unique web pages, a navigation tool, the visual theme, and all the little doodads and functionality I need throughout the site. This time I'm going to take all the time I need to make it right, instead of slam it out in 2 weeks because I have comics to work on!

This planning and drafting ran into Wednesday, and remains unfinished for now.

Today I've managed to go through the entire script for The Republic and draft out the page layout. I don't want to say anything more because that's for you to experience as it comes out! Happy to have that taken care of.

Anyways, in conclusion I have had a very prospecting week, things are looking good and I'm happy to be moving forward.

Here's to one more week!

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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW - Jan 8 - Jan 12

This week has been an interesting one. Nothing too dramatic has come up, however, the days have been rife with conflict and struggle.

It's mostly just my struggling with getting back into the rhythm of work, dealing with my fatigue and of course the crushing ever present self doubt about what the fuck I'm doing.

While I feel driven, excited and that I've got something saturated with potential. I also dread the criticism and otherwise vacant response from the outside world.

Who is out there that would actually become interested in my work? work... work... work...

Will anyone out there notice me? me... me... me...


I started strong this week, finally having fought off the cold I was suffering last week. It was good to finally finally get to working without the endless list of obstructions going on at the beginning of the week.

I have been trying to get steady work into the Business Plan. It's slowly coming along, however, I have been feeling doubtful about its efficacy in my goals. There are certainly good parts to it. It's clarifying my intents and goals to me, it's allowing me to gauge and judge the projects I have going and decipher what I should be doing next, and if anyone were to look through it it hopefully gives them a clear and articulate view into who I am, what I'm doing, and how it could be profitable/successful.

That being said, I still don't really have anyone to read it.. as in, no interested parties, or people who in reading it would rally to my cause. It's definitely really hard to put so much judgement and criticism into my work for the benefit of reaching outside parties only to rhythmically think about how nobody is interested in the first place.

All in all, I'm glad to be doing it... but I'll be much happier when it's done... that's for sure.

Later in the week I was crushed under a wave of fatigue which has been a real bummer, fortunately I've managed to get other work in despite it.

I've been storyboarding up a storm this week. As you may have seen on the WIP Wednesday post, I storyboarded the 7 pages of the finale to the Interactive Campaign available on the Get Rich site. It's been on the back burner for almost a year now, so it'll be SUPER sweet to see done soon.

I've also storyboarded 3 pages of The Republic. Once Gabi gets through the 7 pages of the interactive story I feel she'll be as good as ever to handle jumping into the comic and helping me get it out quick and with a really high quality! We'll have to see how that all pans out in the coming weeks!

All in all I'm still adjusting to the stress and strains of taking these new steps into this career, business, production. I really intend to rise up and overcome the challenges I'm struggling with and hopefully with the help of Gabi, my artist, we can deliver more work with an overall higher quality than you've been getting the past few years!

Here's to one more week.

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Super awesome announcement below.

Hey everyone. This week was kinda a failed start. I had hit the ground running on Monday only to have a month long cold that was teetering finally take over and send me into the shit.

I had gotten some good work in on Monday and Tuesday working on some side stuff that I want to figure out and realize before I go back to the regular old rhythms of drawing and posting and stuff. However, by Wednesday I was done for.

Today I'm attempting to catch up on some work that's actually time sensitive so that next week can be my 'true' start to things.

So what is this super awesome announcement you may ask?

It's that I now have an artist employed to work with me part time! Much of this week has been spent starting to bring her into the fold of working on Get Rich. Replicating the characters, getting set up with my tools and palette, and figuring out a game plan to move forward.

We're still figuring things out and trying to get her used to the work so The Republic will still be delayed for a week or two more.
What's being done right now are the Monthly QA's that are promised to our patrons which I have not done for December and neither for January. These will be the first ones co-created by my new artist, Gabi!

Welcome to the team Gabi!
Here's to one more week!

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