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Moon Groove

Moon Groove v1.1 for Winamp 5.05+
Code/Graphics: Pascal Getreuer
Graphics: Peter Getreuer

With Moon Groove, you have more control over how Winamp behaves and appears.

Change the look
- 32 color themes
- dock AVS in main window (see screen shot)
- custom visualizations

Change the function
- configurable song ticker font and size
- presets list built right into equalizer window
- configurable hover behavior in shade mode (see screen shot)

Get the information
- file type displayed in the infoline
- original notifier displays artist logo, if available

New in v1.1:
- Moon Groove now comes in five languages -- click your flag in "Tips/Language"
- graphics touch up
- shade position unlinked from normal position
- new custom visualizations

Open the tips window (right-click and check "Tips/Language") for a guide on the skin features.
© 2004 - 2021 Getreuer
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Excelent coding my friend! +fav from me...
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don't think i can add much more than the first post, but here goes anyway:

what i like about this skin:

* toejam and earl visualization
* excellent tips window
* "scroll down" equalizer menu, as opposed to the usual tedious approach.
* "equalizer smoothing" (much props to this one).
* docked AVS

what i didn't like:

* what is up with those buttons? (like the first post describes: grainy, almost amateurish, etc.)
* similar to how the playlist can be dropped down in shade mode, it would be nice if you could do the same with the equalizer.

overall, the pros far, far outweigh the cons on this one. you seem to be a coder of great talent ... you need to collab with someone who can do the gfx, for a skin to be reckoned with. =)
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This is an excellent skin, and I applaud the designer.
The skin's design is unusual, and when I initially looked on it in the screenshot, I was dubious. Upon downloading it, though, soon my mood changed to _damned_ impressed. The sheer attention to detail and knowledge of layout principles is commendable. Take the EQ, for example: Not only is it intelligently and flowingly skinned, but its utility is clear-cut, its sliders and shading are precise and sized in a comfortable and, to me, confidence-enhancing manner, I can't quite phrase it correctly, but the EQ isn't relegated to its window. Rather the UI's functionality and access are enhanced with a Main Window Display mode which shows the current EQ settings plotted as a spatial curve, annotated with the full range of their respective values, and to boot, fully adjustable *from* this interface. It doesn't end there, either. Right-click on this display, and you get the unprecedented options of shifting, sharpening, and smoothing the curve made by your EQ settings! This same attention is bestowed to each function of the Player in a similar manner, and the skin emerges rich, well-designed, and delightful-to-use.

The eleven Main Window Skin Visualizations are an interesting addition, they run the gamut from All Your Base to Beavis and Butthead. A couple of them I confess I don't understand at all, but it's nice to have choices, anyway, and the visualizations are all perfectly in tune with the handful of well-chosen Colour Themes. There is no clutter, and though the buttons when maximized seem a tad too large, it is their bulk that contributes to the cleanness of the skin. And you know how I always bitch if the Playlist Editor doesn't get a Stickmode? Well, the PE here doesn't Stickmode, BUT, when you mouse over the Stickmoded Main window, you get a little pulldown tab that, when clicked twice, produces a perfect little windowblind Playlist Editor, which follows the horizontal scaling of the Stickmode, and which rolls back up and away with a further click. I really like this skin, and while it's hard to find fault in it, unfortunately there are a couple of niggling matters that keep this skin a half-step from true greatness, at least in my warped inventory.

Though the author provided a unique method by which you can configure the typeface, scrolling, and even size with which to display information (in the case of the Stickmode, all the information), I just don't think the typefaces fit the skin. The closest is the default, Agency, but somehow the typeface choices just don't do the rest of the skin justice, somehow. The only other quarrel I could bring up is itself reaching, and that's the strange texture to the coloured parts of the maximized Main window's bottom controls. They look almost rough, like the graphics were corrupt or harshly scaled somehow. I scaled it up to 200%, and that's just how they're made, I know it's a minor, minor bitch, but it's the only visual qualm I have with the entire skin.

Overall, this is one of the best skins I've ever tried, and I have the feeling it'll be floating there over my window title bar for some time. Thank you, skinner, excellent submission.