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May 7, 2008
HopscotchPhotography said: This piece blew my mind. Erica taken something that almost every American citizen knows [The Bill of Rights] and turned it on it's head. It really makes me think. It's a new way to present the idea, and I think it's absolutely genius. And I have to agree. Freedom, Since When? by ~getRainedON
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Freedom, Since When?

My first computer art project where we had to take the text from the bill of rights and create an image. This was created on freehand.

I want to thank everyone that commented and :+fav: this piece. It encourages me to work much harder!
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Artsouls143's avatar
mind blowing ...:)
InFeRiOr-RaVeN's avatar
Love it! Just a very strong piece overall. And its cool that you have a DD.
getRainedON's avatar
Thanks man. Sometimes it really weirds me out that I have a DD, especially in a medium I'm not that familiar with at all. This was my first ever computer art project and I liked how it turned out as a start but...just as a start, ya'know?
InFeRiOr-RaVeN's avatar
It is odd. I've suggested a couple featured DDs but both of them were other pieces from the galleries of the artists I've suggested

DDs are always outta left field.
Optimus-Black's avatar
That is freakin'...B. A.! Love it
renatadomagalska's avatar
aremOgraphy's avatar
love your concept!

Are we friends? Not yet? Wanna exchange watch with me? I love having friends here in DA and you at my list will be so much. Just add me and i'll add you back in return! thanks!
a-new-beginning13's avatar
What program did you use to create this? It's spectacular!!! It's actually inspired me to do something like this since I love typography and art created with text.... Most people assume that work like this cannot be done but when they see it for the first time it boggles the mind.
getRainedON's avatar
I used freehand, which is a very old program and I do not recommend using it. the same kind of project can easily be done on illustrator.

I apologize for the delay in replying, I'm glad you like my work. thank you.
a-new-beginning13's avatar
you're welcome! i was just wondering since i'd like to try something like that too... :)
unityekta's avatar
It reminds me one of the entry in Adobe contests !Great Work !!
anj0's avatar
really nice. :)
I really love it.
By the way, I see an elephant metaphor. Is there a link with Republicans ? Or I'm just wrong with the meaning of the thing the girl's holding in her hand ?
Very well done, whatever. You must be very patient doing that with text and make it look concrete.
StraightJacketRed's avatar
very well done, but i respectfully disagree.

The USA may be the lead in power, and at times it is corrupt. but our rights give us more freedom then you might think. have you gone to other countries? have you seen the world?

we have it good here in the US, i think you should look at the world.
getRainedON's avatar
It was more just taking the other side of things. I know that the constitution is a wonderful thing, but it can still be used to justify not so great things. Unfortunately it's in the interpreters eye on what they think the constitution stands for. I mostly feel like this piece is showing when people use the this and their rights for their own selfish gain.

Thank you for your input though. I know it's a controversial subject for people. I really enjoy bringing out debates that people can have with my work.
StraightJacketRed's avatar
so this piece is more about the manipulation of the system instead of the system being flawed. then i most certainly agree. the constitution is used and abused like a nerd at homecoming.
Sangiev's avatar
Your wonderful typography has been featured in this News Article ! [link] So hope you'll like it and meet others who does the same type of art :)
If you :heart: then you could :+fav: to show your support :) Comments are also appreciated :)

getRainedON's avatar

I feel all important now *giggles*
geneviverusset's avatar
Lately I have been reading stuff like "the End of America" by Naomi Wolf so this hit horribly close to home. I could actually feel my gut wrench. Amazing work! :+fav:
getRainedON's avatar
Thank you very much.

So sorry for the late reply. College has been sucking my life up.
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