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Get Over Depression (or G.O.D.) is a group for people who have ever suffered from depression or just want to help those who have depression. We're here to help anyone and everyone in anyway we possibly can. We're here to provide fellowship and comfort for those who feel alone.
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1,690 Members
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If for some reason you can't get enough of us.


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~You're most likely to get a hold of me on a PM here, these are your other options if you don't have a DA though and stumbled on our group.


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Hey, emgy805 here! So I've been having some issues with school and life lately. Like for example, turning in a late-essay that was supposed to be turned in 2 weeks ago. But that's not important. I want to talk more seriously about mistakes. No, not having your dog eat your own homework. But I'm talking about mistakes like disobeying someone, or doing something you weren't supposed to. So, has there ever been a time where you disobeyed your own parents? You don't need to speak or say anything, but have you? Now, what did you do afterwords? Were you having a time out? Did you get abused? Are you guilty? A lot of you were perhaps abused then just simply given a consequence like everyone else. A few people here might have done self harm, but here's thing thing; Don't kill or injure yourself in ANY WAY. We're all human! We make mistakes, we weren't made to be perfect. And when you ask for forgiveness someone will forgive you! So remember all of you, we're human, and we make mistakes! Everyone will love you, even me, if you make a mistake. <3…

Check out that video.  Remember that you are an awesome person and you can do all things you put your mind to.  I hope everything is going well for you all, my week has been crazy.  Keep your head up, you got this.
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Inequalities of being a Middle Child
Sorry guys, I need to vent.
A bunch of you may know that out of the kids in my family, I'm the second-born.
What you might not know is how much being a middle child SUCKS.
I mean...let's face it...
*I have a big brother who's a genius bc my parents taught him well and sent him to an amazing pre-school and I always helped him with his homework. They didn't do it to me, but they did that for my sister who's 4 years younger, and she also became a genius.
*They both have row after row of trophies, I have only a few. My brother is a national chess champ and my sister is a regional spelling bee champ. My parents love to boast about that. I was a regionally recognized writer and ACADEC scorer and  after a month of me winning those awards, they were never spoken of again.
*Whenever we talk about our childhoods, my parents can ALWAYS tell you the amazing or funny things my siblings did. But when it comes to me, its the same one or two things. They even admit they don't remember that much a
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 1 16
My Beginning
Growing up was never easy for me.
Pain is all I've ever really felt throughout my life.
When I was a kid, my parents abused me and shunned me,
my sister, they loved and adored, whereas, I was cast aside.
I'd try and do great in school and obey my parents.
But,  my father would still beat me whenever he felt like it,
my mom would lock me in my room for crying,
even after my father had gotten done beating me,
I spent every night of my childhood crying myself to sleep.
And at school, I'd find myself being bombarded,
with a plethora of horrible names and rhymes,
and during recess, I'd be chased all of the playground, and when I'd lay down from exhaustion, I'd be dragged all over the playground. I was always too tired to fight back after being chased.
And everyday, I'd wish for death, no one ever wanted me around.
I was medicated for how I'd react to the abuse, the names, the pain.
Pills in the morning, pills in the afternoon, pills at night,
I wasn't living, I was being an unwanted te
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 3 2
The Outcast
Liquified dreams melt in the kettle of temptation.
Tranquilized genetics are infused by dramatizing pain.
Spreading fear throughout the veins of the soul.
Darkness creeps with the shadows.
The innocence was falsely corrupted,
through the extensions of judgement.
Cruelty disconnected the mind of this purity.
Changing forever with the frequency of time.
Accursed to wander forever alone,
exiled for eternity,
off of the falseness of others rumors.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0
No More
I have tried endlessly,
failing constantly.
I am a disappointment to my family,
a terrible failure.
No matter how hard I try,
it's never enough.
I punish myself constantly pushing further,
and still not approved.
I have endured a great deal of suffering,
to please my family,
and still not enough.
Having been burned, bruised, and strictly damaged,
all in the name of making them happy.
But, it is never enough for those fiends.
They take whatever they can out of me,
drain me till I am weakened and broken.
Just to destroy me more,
They have no heart towards me.
Caring not of what happens to my being.
I cry in the night,
in hopes of eternal peace.
Sadly, no tranquility transcends,
and I suffer ever greatly more.
The pain has begun to flow in my veins,
I cannot take it much more.
Countless times I try to be perfect,
not good enough, I am always told.
Pushing myself to my limits and beyond,
harming my mind, body and spirit.
And the quality of my efforts are to no avail.
As if being spat in th
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 0 0
A Reasonable End
Throughout my life I have been hated,
despite my efforts of approval of others.
Pushing myself beyond my limitations,
it was never enough, not even for my parents.
Abused, and bullied, I was never loved nor needed.
Rented to mental hospitals,
only to be tortured and experimented on.
No memories of happiness are inside my head,
only frequent reminders of hate.
No friends or moments of joy nor compassion.
Nothing to live for, no hope, no dreams, no desires.
I have nothing in my wake and even in my sleep,
the nightmares are there to hurt me more.
I end my life on this promising note.
I shall end the nightmares,
I shall end the pain,
I shall end the suffering,
I shall stop caring anymore.
Forever gone from this world, I shall be,
For once, I will be at peace with heavenly tranquility.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 2
Damaged Goods
Dysfunctional in modern society, I do not belong anywhere.
Darkness has consumed my outlook on life,
and I cannot see any hope.
Despair has taken a liking to me, causing pain inside my being.
The suffering tortures me as it flows in my veins,
damaging every molecule and fiber of my existence.
Twitches are the result,
along with violent tremors,
all of which are noticeable.
Names are called upon me,
strong and power they pierce my feelings.
Making my emotions bleed in the shadows of torture.
Endlessly I hope for an end, but no one stops.
Like walking on pins and needles,
there is no limit to this parasite.
I have come to call this thing by 3 difficult names,
Depression, Anxiety, and Schizophrenia.
And they are all thanks to the life I was forced to live growing up.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 0 0
Shattered Existence
Would I be missed if I vanished?
The thoughts of my demise seem pleasing.
A world without my existence,
probably so much better.
An eternity without me,
seem happy for all.
I was never wanted,
a mistake is what I am.
Lacking purpose and meaning in life,
I hate myself.
Wanting more is selfish to me,
Having strived for perfection,
I have fallen greatly.
My soul purpose during my childhood was to please my family,
never enough, nothing was enough for them.
I shouldn't be alive,
death is something I have begged for,
and have suffered instead.
Eternal suffering throughout my entire life,
seems to be my only purpose.
I have tortured myself,
in the pursuit of making my parents proud of me.
But, I always had one absolute result,
No matter the pain and suffering I'd put myself through,
it wasn't enough.
After countless years spent trying,
I began to want to die.
Suicide, seemed perfect for a worthless creature.
Unwanted, unneeded, constantly being rejected any form of humanity.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 0 0
Lost Soul
Chased down like a deer during hunting season,
I've outran them before.
Having moved to a new town,
to start a new life,
quickly shifted back to the old ways.
With the same rules,
and new means of being bullied.
Their words pierce, stab and cut me.
Battered and bruised my mind is,
thanks to the poison they've struck my soul with.
The void in my soul buries deeper each day,
even though I am older now.
I learned to adapt to the pain but, it still hurts me.
Their words return constantly,
reminding me of how worthless I am.
Suicide attempts were an outlet,
because, I had no one.
No friends, and no family to turn to,
when I needed someone most.
I've tried to hang myself in the garage,
burning myself with a lighter,
electrocuting myself with the outlet,
cutting my wrists as well.
And yet, I am still here, suffering.
I wish I knew why no one wanted to help someone so broken.
Maybe it's because, I'd fake my happiness so no one would worry.
I cared for others before myself as much as possible,
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0
Mature content
The Note of Pain :iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0
The Loss of Life
Open scars bleed through the mind,
Uprooted veins of the soul are drained,
into the rivers of eternity.
I am convicted of the tranquilities of my own soul.
Unwanted by all sides of the war,
embedded into the cosmos.
Useless to all of whom I encounter.
The pain in my very being never goes away,
it only fades into the darkness of my mind.
I am to be forever misunderstood,
and greatly unwanted by all.
Forever to be nothing more than food for the worms.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0
Masked Beauty
Alienated in a world filled with unknown things.
A pilgrim in an unholy land of hate.
Pain flows in the rivers of blood.
Nonetheless, peace can be found in nature.
The calm cooling winds,
the softness of the flowing rain,
and the gentle comforts of the Earth.
Humming songbirds sing a tune,
of eternal happiness from the soul
The softened steps of woodland creatures can be heard,
when focusing with both mind and soul
Forevermore, peace amongst the chaos of the unknown.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0
The Kingdom within the Soul
Symbolism is a means to multicultural diversity.
Blazing streaks in the night sky leave a gateway grid of duality.
The flame's redness brings together,
the colorized feelings of the majestic universe.
An endlessly vast cosmos inside the eyes of purity.
Subconsciousness is the tool of creation,
in this truly unseen sight seen deep within.
Stretching far beyond the reaches of man,
an eternal wonder of creation,
lost in the vastness of time and space,
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0
My Place
This is my place within my mind,
that I can go to, to escape the pain.
A place of peace, love and serenity.
Through the sight of my mind,
I am there, free.
Even though its for a moment,
I am at peace.
I will forever love this cosmos in my mind.
It will never leave me,
nor abandon me.
Inside my mind,
there is a creation of true beauty.
Forever endlessly vast in nature,
and eternally heavenly to me.
:iconghost9er2:Ghost9er2 1 0


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