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Complete List Of Bot Accounts
:bulletblack: Disclaimer: This group promotes bots that help or don't negatively impact the deviantART community. There are many bot accounts out there that spam favorites and watches to thousands of people. This group does not endorse such behavior.
:bulletgreen: General Use Bots Available To The Public
:iconbirthdays: birthdays
Add your username to their system and you will be sent a greeting every year on your birthday until you decide to opt-out.
:iconda-droid: dADroid-bot
A work in progress bot by DRSDavidSoft to help you automate your dA routine. Read about his plans here. See available tools here.
:bulletgreen: Point Accounts
:icondahub: dAhub
The largest point account on deviantART. Give and receive llama badges, favorites, and watches through
:icondeviousbots:DeviousBots 28 24
Be featured on llamalist! by llamalist Be featured on llamalist! :iconllamalist:llamalist 149 309
Version 0.7 (Beta) Release
GetLlamas (version 0.7 ß) is now live at: :la:
Here are the changes & new features:
• FAQ added.
• Notification message added when users runs out of users of GetLlamas members.
• Speed optimization for fetching next llamas.
• Recently Sent/Received llama tabs are now working properly.
• The app will only show llama badge page from now on.
• Sign-up dates are now recorded for statistical purposes.
• Fixed session re-initialization failures after long-breaks.
• Minor localization fixes.
• Additional style optimizations.
Planned updates for next release:
• Deviants with too long names overflowing their parent container, fix for that.
• Referral calculations, currently not working as intended.
• Detailed global stats!
Planned updates for future:
• Deactivated/Closed accounts should be automatically deleted from system
• Deep scan & tracking for user's previous
:icongetllamas:GetLlamas 3 0
Servers Up and Running
We've taken some countermeasures and everything is going smooth for now. We're working on new features like deep llama tracking and server-wide stats. :la: Stay tuned for the updates!
--- Update ---
Servers up and running again, but on partial speed so we're still working on connection issues and trying to speed up server responsive times bit more. Occasional shortages might happen, sorry for the inconvenience.
--- Update ---
Such a disasterous grand opening, we're currently experiencing a server down-time, please do not panic and wait for us the catch the runaway llamas...
:icongetllamas:GetLlamas 3 0
Version 0.6 (Beta) Release
GetLlamas (version 0.6 ß) is now live at: :dummy:
Everyone can now participate the llama exchange frenzy! :la:
Planned updates for next release:
• Speed optimization for fetching next llamas.
• Llama badge page caching for users who aren't showing their llama badges on their profile as default.
• Deviants with too long names are visually overflowing, fix for that.
• Will record sign-up dates of users.
• FAQ to be added.
• Localization fixes.
Planned updates for future:
• Closed accounts should be automatically deleted from system
• Deep scan & tracking for user's previously given llamas so they don't face with deviants they already llamaed.
• Referral calculations
:icongetllamas:GetLlamas 4 19
FREE to Join Llama Trade List by llamalist FREE to Join Llama Trade List :iconllamalist:llamalist 192 952
Awesome Llama Memes And Pictures

Miscellaneous Llama Links:

Paper Source has cute llama merch!
A llama's scientific name is Lama glama (which is hilarious!) source

Read about Llamas!

:iconllamalist:llamalist 21 14
Llama Traders List
Wanna Join? Just ask!
SecondGoddess llamalist wintercool612 Clyth fredfredburgerfans Tugera flaminandfamous789 SunReiFlyingRabbitMonkey NiraVancopoulos senses--fail dragondoodle Meerkat484 Pameloo Tennessee11741Yaudio Chartokai we-are-the-remnants Cunri iloonie Easytosay Hachiwara arhaolin Kylievil CLFFSweetSnake3 Taihen-Ren-chan Zitenshi KathVanilla Maan11j crazy108 91Elena91 QueenPetra MihailnoizeGimpedForLife Chillpillz Ilionej RaphaelaTheTurtel VivaFariy AskblackhearseChouhatsu-Itsudatsu sydodragon beehivesandbouffants TheMan268 Silvanne EdaHerzHarukotheHedgehog BilboFlagons SolitariusWolf Kez-Kez MissLunaRose geminis-rin brainspewage EchoWingMiss-Mccookies Biossa9 ElectraAmy Lindenlin KalteEinsamkeit Squitopus justdeva MyFavouriteFetishsuperw00t2plz Gewalgon xXEclipseTheCatXx MarianSonicFanatic painfulkisses13 motagirl2 desz19TimeKiller357 MonsterEcho xdifferentlovex Summaresta kid3001 duck
:iconllamalist:llamalist 177 1,718
Groups That Want Llamas List

Do your groups want llamas? Comment below.
You can give groups cake badges and llama badges.Type type here and here.

tinfoilhatbrigade help-resources fredfredburger-fc NYANCAT-TACNYAN MemeCats goldenllamagiver 3DSlite LOK-Fan-Group PhotographLove Black-SAGA Gluttony-and-Feedism Give-LlamaGetA-Llama LlamaHerd Nyan-cat-FC TheEmolgaFanClub theWrittenRevolution Give-and-get-llamas llama-list GetLlamas HashtagHoliday CosplayersAnonymous Llamamon-Love Llama---For---Llama OtakuFanatics sobaditsgood thumbz-up CorneliaHaleFans artUNBLOCK AlbinoLlamaClub f
:iconllamalist:llamalist 20 155
Resources To Help You GIVE And GET More Llamas

The Best Llama Badge Tools And Services:
One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria This program adds a llama giving button next to every deviant's username.One Click Llama Button Helper by HampshireBrony
This program requires the One Click Llama Button to work. It adds a button to the bottom right side of the page. Clicking on it will give a llama to everyone on the page until the spam filter hits.Visit llama-list's journals to see weekly trader features. It shares the newest members of many llama lists.
llamatrade and dAhub Donate points to these accounts to be
:iconllamalist:llamalist 241 151
Llama Emotes, PLZ Accounts, And Fun Links

Other Journals From llamalist:
Llama PLZ Account List Part 1
Llama PLZ Account List Part 2
Gift Art For llamalist 
llamalist News
Groups I'm Apart Of
:iconllamalist:llamalist 30 3
Facts About Llama Badges

Star! = one of the best tools ever
Official Llama Badge Levels:
 Llama: Achieved after 1 badge
 Super Llama: Achieved after 10 badges
 Albino Llama: Achieved after 50 badges
 Super Albino Llama: Achieved after 100 badges
 Ninja Llama: Achieved after 500 badges
 Fancy Llama: Achieved after 1,000 badges
 King Llama: Achieved after 2,500 badges
 Spartan Llama: Achieved after 5,000 badges
 Wizard Llama: Achieved after 7,500 badges
 Golden Llama: Achieved after 10,000 badges
Runaway Llamas: Achieved after 25,000 badges
 Mystery Llama: Requires ??? Llamas (This appears as the llama you haven't achieved yet here.)
Unofficial Llama Badges:
These images are saved in DeviantArt's badge archive like al
:iconllamalist:llamalist 292 549
Complete Llama PLZ List Part 2
Every icon has a space in between so you can easily copy/paste one into a comment just like text.
Extra Cute Llamas:
:iconkawaiillamaplz: :iconcute-llamaplz: :iconcutellamaplz: :iconllamablushplz:
CookiemagiK's Art:
:iconminillamaplz: :iconminillama2plz: :iconllamabrigadeplz: :iconllamabrigade2plz: :iconllamacopterplz: :iconllamacopter2plz: :iconllamawooshplz: :iconllamaglomp: :iconshakeminillamaplz: :iconLlamafartplz: :iconllamacanplz: :iconllamacancanplz: :iconRoboLlama: :iconspeczplz::iconspecz2plz: :iconllamasniffplz: :iconllamasniff2plz: :iconllamasniff3plz:
:la:/Other Emote Llamas:
:iconLlamala-plz: :iconLAmaplz: :iconllamalaplz: :iconllamadanceplz:
Llamas With Emoticons:
:iconrunawayllama-plz: :icontightllamahug: :iconllamabadgesftwplz: :iconcatchllama01: :iconcatchllama02: :iconGivellamaplz: :iconshakellamaplz: :iconRideTheLlamaplz: :iconllamajumpplz: :iconllama-rideplz: :iconbeatadeadllama: :iconllamalancheplz: :iconpetllamaplz: :iconemoteth
:iconllamalist:llamalist 21 6
Complete Llama PLZ List Part 1
Every icon has a space in between so you can easily copy/paste one into a comment just like text.
Regular Brown Llamas:
:iconllama-plz: :iconWizard-llamaplz: :iconPotterLlamaPlz: :iconbouncyllamaplz: :iconpervyllamaplz: :iconllamakissplz: :iconPoopLlamaplz: :iconLlamaDonate: :icontinllamaplz: :iconRunllamaRun: :iconrideLlamaplz: :iconCool-Llama-plz: :iconllamalloveplz:
Regular Llama Badges:
:iconigiveyoullamasplz: :iconllamawinterplz: :iconllamaspringplz: :iconllamasummerplz: :iconllamaautumnplz: :iconStickerplz: :iconllamaloveplz: :iconSeizureLlamaplz: :iconllamabadgeplz: :iconllama-badgeplz: :iconllamabplz: :iconllamapls: :icontruellamaplz: :iconBasicLlamaplz: :iconllama1plz: :iconllamaexcitedplz: :iconLlamaSunglassesPLZ: :iconLlamaShakeFistPlz: :icondeadllamaplz: :iconLlamaForPoints001: :iconLlamaForPoints002: :iconLlamaForPoints003: :iconLlama3plz: :iconLlama-DA-PLZ: :iconllamabadge: :iconllama3dplz: :iconllamastampedeplz: :iconLl
:iconllamalist:llamalist 27 11
Llama Groups List
I deleted most of this list because GhostiKid put in all the work to get every single llama group into one list. It's even organized into sections for joinable and un-joinable groups. I couldn't possibly take credit for that.
Complete list of joinable llama groups by GhostiKid
Active Llama Trading Groups:
Group PLZ Accounts:
Groups For Each Llama Level:
:iconllamalist:llamalist 62 18
Llama Journal Skins and CSS
Llama Journal Skins and their previews:

All of these skins are guaranteed to work last I checked.
  (this journal)
 Llama Love Journal CSS Skin Preview by llamalist
Llama Skin by NAkos Llama Skin Preview by llamalist
Llama Journal Skin by NniicoleLlama Journal Skin by NNJournal-Testing
.:Pink Llama by ginkgografix Pink Llama Skin Preview by llamalist
Share this stamp to spread the word!
Llama List Stamp by wintercool612
:iconllamalist:llamalist 3 0



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24 / 9,600
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