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Splatter Brushes

These brushes were made for Photoshop by ka05 [link]
They were converted to The GIMP by me. Please :+fav: if you like to help spread them around to over GIMP users. Thanks and enjoy.
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Awesome, thank you!

muchas gracias

Very cool, thank you!

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Wow..great work..super like it..such very skilled talent.
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I got the older version of Gimp back and hope that Windows 10 will allow me to continue to use it. Thanks again for the brushes
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Awesome, I was searching around the web for tutorials to make my own, found the link to this in a video. this helps out a ton. Thanks!
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How can I download it?
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Thanks for that.
Was about to make my own and then found these and they fit my purpose very well and it's saved me some time.

Using them on my web site right now to solve a problem I had with the responsive aspect of the site believe it or not!

Thank you very much :-)
I need help on downloading this
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Awesome thank you.
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Splatter_Brushes_by_getfirefox the converted format does not install how I can make ???
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these are neat thanks
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Yeah I need gimp brushes. .-.
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