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Dice Brushes

These are great brushes that you don't get every day. Big thanks to mmp-stock [link] for letting me convert these from Photoshop to The GIMP.
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Thank you very much!

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Thanks~ I can reeeally use these someday, though unfortunately it won't be for a while ;c still I love them and I appreciate people like you on dA.
downloaded ty
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love these!
I used them here: [link]
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Used your fantastic brushes here [link] . Thank you!
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Inlove with the dice :D
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Oh! these are beautiful!
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thank you so much! These are awesome :D
nice .. thank you!!
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Thanx this is great i love dices, used here: [link]
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Many thanks for the brushes! I'll be sure to give u credit...if i remmber that is i'll just try to atleast say they were stock one....s...Ima add u to watch soi can reember lol dang i can't type today too excite dto finish watchign the new freddy movie >..>
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lol i think I will need these :P
Vair original. Im downloading these. :D I laike dices.
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Really nice brushes!
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Nice! I like, I like! :)
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Very, very nice!
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Cool. Glad you like them.
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