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ADOPTABLE [OPEN] The Blind Pastor by Vyntik
R.I.P. Kevin ConroyI may be a bit late to the party, but I wanted to pay my respects to this absolute legend in the voice acting world that we just lost.By now, I'm sure everyone has heard that Kevin Conroy passed away this past Thursday. He was three weeks away from turning 67. Obviously, he's well-known for doing the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne in "Batman: The Animated Series". In the years since then, he continued to voice countless other incarnations of Batman through other animated shows, direct-to-DVD movies, and video games. Basically, he has been the animated representation of the Caped Crusader for the past 30 years.I know most people would agree, Conroy was fantastic in the role. He brought the right qualities to both Batman and Bruce Wayne, as his voice fitted the character like a glove. He easily holds his own against any of the live-action iterations of the character. He's my personal favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne alongside Michael Keaton. He was one of the biggest things that made "Batman: The Animated Series" one of my all-time favorites.Over the weekend, I decided to honor Kevin Conroy's memory by watching a few of the movies that came from "Batman: The Animated Series". On Saturday, I watched "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm", and on Sunday, I watched "Batman and Mr. Freeze: Subzero". Both movies were really awesome! Most Batman fans know how great "Mask of the Phantasm" is, so there isn't much I can add to it. However, nobody ever really talks about "Subzero", which is a shame, because it's an underrated gem. It's a thrilling adventure, and you must watch it if you want to see a good Mr. Freeze movie. Personally, I like it just as much as "Phantasm".Rest in peace, Mr. Conroy. You really brought the character of Batman to life, and your contributions to the Batman mythos will be remembered forever.
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the plan B by pink-ninja
The Courageous DragonMan #8,Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Arizona (The Past)In the Mayo clinic on the top floor of the building, Will lays in a bed in a heavy duty containment room in a white room. Will had many machines and wires attached to him as several men and women in bio-hazard suits monitored the machine, wrote on clipboards, and more.The whole time Will was sleeping and lying motionless in bed, two more figures in biohazard suits walked up beside his bed and looked down at him. One had the stern but worried look of a father and the other had the worried, teary eyes, terrified look of a mother.Both Charles and Betty Knight looked down at their child with worried looks as Will continued to lay on the bed in his coma.A few seconds later, a doctor in a biohazard suit carrying a clipboard walked over to the grieving couple and looked down at his notepad as he stopped."Mister and Mrs Knight? From our analysis, there are no toxic chemicals or any other biohazards found on Will's body. But I still recommend that you stay behind the glass just in case our analysis might be wrong." Stated the doctor as Charles and Betty both looked over at the doctor with different expressions.Charles still possessed his stern yet concerned expression while his wife Betty had a much more angered and offended expression as she glared at the doctor. Betty wasn't oblivious to the types of toxins Will could still have on his body after being exposed to that much Transmutagen, but asking her to leave her son's bedside and stare at his unconscious from a window on the other side of the room was flat out offensive to a mother like her.As it seemed like Betty was about to say something she'll regret to the doctor, Charles placed his hand on his wife's shoulder and calmed her down. As he then turned his gaze to the doctor."Thank you, doctor. We understand the possible risks, but we would still rather stay here and keep him company." Stated Charles as the doctor nodded his hand understandably."How is he doing, doctor?" Asked Betty, all anger disappeared as concern for her son grew."Well..." Said the doctor as he flipped through the notes on his clipboard. "As stated before, we didn't find any kind of toxins or dangerous chemicals on him when he was admitted. Yet we still found trace amounts of a strange chemical in his blood... What was the chemical he was exposed to exactly?""It's called Transmutagen and from what we recently discovered about it is that it can induce random mutations in a lifeform and change their DNA structure. We've been testing it on ameba and other single celled organisms and have a few multi celled organisms that have been exposed to the chemical themselves. Despite all that, we still know very little about the full effects of the chemical." Stated Charles honestly and professionally."We gave him every test and analysis available to him, and from everything we've discovered, Will is just fine. He has no signs of cell damage or bodily damage, no signs of mutation, no deformities, in fact, he's as healthy as a horse. Although since this chemical is still very unknown, we recommend that he stays here so we can keep a close eye on him. Just in case of any possible side effects that may pop up down the line." Stated the doctor as the couple nodded."Please let us know when he wakes up, make sure to call us the very second he wakes up. Please." Asked Betty as the doctor nodded."Of course, Mrs. Knight.""I'll make sure to send you all the data we currently have on Transmutagen, to help you with your diagnosis." Stated Charles."Of course, we'll make sure to keep you updated on his progress." Stated the doctor."Thank you, doctor." Replied Charles as the doctor nodded and walked off."Be honest with me, Charles... What do you think?" Asked Betty as she looked over at her husband with a worried look."The doctor himself said that it was highly unlikely that Will would be in any kind of danger. From all their tests they've given him, I'm sure he'll be just fine." Stated Charles confidently with a hint of worry as he looked at his wife and glanced at his son."Charles, you said it yourself that you don't know the long term effects of Transmutagen. We have no idea what could happen, and if something does happen... God, how can the doctors help him with a type of toxin that they don't even understand. That WE don't even understand!" Stated Betty with a worried look."I know he'll be fine because he's our son. Besides, we don't know, he could even be immune to the chemical effects. He's in the facility of one of the best hospitals in the world with some of the best doctors as well. He's going to be okay, and if something pops up, we'll solve it." Stated Charles as Betty looked back at him with an unsure expression."I want your honest opinion, Charles. Because I don't want to be fed something I want to hear and not the actual truth. Do you think he'll be okay?" Asked Betty as Charles looked back at her as he attempted to keep his blank poker face. Although, obvious worry started to seep through."... Honestly, I don't know. I don't know at all. There was never a recorded case of a human ever being exposed to Transmutagen. But that's just what I logically think. In my heart, I know he'll be fine, we owe him that much." Stated Charles as Betty nodded in agreement as the two looked back down at the sleeping Will silently for several more seconds."... I know what you're thinking, and you're right... It's my fault." Stated Charles as his wife turned to him with a surprised expression."If I just kept him closer, if I was a little faster I would've pulled him through that door before it closed and-... I'm so sorry Betty..." Said Charles remorsefully as he looked down at his son in the hospital bed, can't even bear to look at his wife at the moment."Charles..." Said Betty softly as Charles slowly turned away from his son, and looked at his wife."It was an accident, you did all that you could, but you just couldn't. You had no idea that leak was going to happen, there's nothing you could've done." Stated Betty as Charles continued to avoid eye contact with her."... I love him, Betty, I love the both of you so much. I never wanted any of this to happen, this shouldn't have happened. But it did, and now we're dealing with it." Said Charles as he looked into his wife's eyes for the first time."And I promise on my grave, I will never let anything ever happen to you or Will again. I promise, I will NEVER let anything happen to you two." Swore Charles as Betty stared at him with a shocked expression for a moment, before mellowing out."I know you will, Charles... And that's why I love you. I think your right, Will's going to be just fine, after all, he's strong, just like his father..." Said Betty as the two looked back down at the sleeping Will.The Zen Lounge - Chinatown, Manhattan (The Present)"Well? How was it?" Asked Eamon from the end of the marble table as several of his lieutenants walked in the room."It's done, boss. All the drugs were successfully transported to our buyers in the Bronx." Stated the lead lieutenant."What about the cops?" Asked Eamon."They were WAY to busy to deal with us. They were chasing down a couple morons who tried to steal something from a government building. They even distracted DragonMan for us." Stated the thug."I remember when this city was much simpler, just the police and the families. No feds and no flying mutant freaks. I miss those days..." Said Eamon as he leaned back in his chair as he reminisced about the old days."By the way, did you get the money?" Asked Eamon as he snapped out of his day dreaming as he leaned forward and interlaced his fingers as he eyed the thugs in front of him."Yes sir, right here." Said the thug as he held up two metal cases as he placed them on the marble table and pushed them over to Eamon. Eamon stopped the sliding cases with his hand, before spinning one of the cases around and opening it up.A smile crept over the man's face as he saw hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in the case before closing it and snapping the latches shut."Hotaka, take care of it." Ordered Eamon as one of the thugs standing nearby walked over and picked up the cases full of money before walking off to properly count the bills and put it away."You know, we have been facing some rough times as of late. But I think this is a sign that things are about to get better. And this is one of the best successful business practices that we have achieved in a while. Break out the sake, I think this calls for a toast." Stated Eamon with a smirk as he raised his hand and snapped his fingers, signaling several waiters standing by to get a big bottle of sake.The waiter returned with a huge bottle of sake in his hands with several other waiters behind him. Another waiter placed glasses in front of each lieutenant and thug who was sitting at the marble table before opening the bottle.The waiter poured the alcoholic beverage in everyone's glasses as Eamon raised his glass with everyone else following suit."I'd like to make a toast to the future. And here's to more successful ventures in the future." Stated Eamon as he and the rest of the thugs at the table started drinking out of their glasses.Several moments passed as the mobsters at the table continued to enjoy their drinks, until one of the mobsters developed a look of pure confusion and terror as he stared in front of him. Several of the other mobsters stopped and looked at their friend.A few of the mobsters started asking him what was wrong, only to mutter one sentence that froze the blood of the other mobsters."I... I can't see... I can't see!" Yelled the mobster as he frantically started flailing his arms in front of him as if he was lost in a dark cave.As Eamon saw this and was about to say something, he was interrupted as one of the other mobsters turned around and violently started to vomit on the floor. Things only got worse and worse as several men started to have violent seizures, others continued to vomit, with others simply dying on the spot."What- What is going on!? What's happening!? What's-!? Ugh..." Eamon wasn't able to finish as he started to feel the very same symptoms that his fellow mobsters were already experiencing.And just like that, Eamon started experiencing a shortness of breath, excessive drooling, non stop coughing, a racing heartbeat, weakness, and unimaginable pain all over his body. It felt like a swarm of insects were swarming inside his body, just dying to burst out of his body.Eamon grabbed at his throat as he attempted to at the very least keep his head over the table. But as he looked up, he saw the extra waiters in the room pulling out silencer pistols and hidden blades as they quickly and skillfully disposed of Eamon's bodyguards and the other mobsters who didn't drink yet or decided not to drink.As all the mobsters were either dead or dying, the waiters pulled out gas masks and placed them on their faces. As Eamon's vision began to fade away as he stared at the false waiters, one of them stepped forward and made his way towards Eamon. Eamon recognized the man's body language, the man's figure, everything about the man...The man stopped as he made his way to Eamon as he lowered his head to be face to face with the dying Yakuza boss. The very last thing Eamon saw before his vision faded completely was the upper half of Kanaye's face through the clear visor of the gas mask."Hello, Uncle. Remember me?" Asked Kanaye as Eamon continued in his struggle to breath."What's wrong, Uncle? Feeling a little under the weather? Don't worry, after a few more seconds of unimaginable pain, you'll be put out of your misery." Stated Kanaye as he smiled under his mask."You know, Uncle Eamon, this could've been avoided. If you just stepped aside like I asked, you would still be alive and healthy. You could've moved away from all of this and retired, maybe even bought a nice house and leaned back in a chair with a cold one. But no, you decided to hold onto a throne that was never meant for you and throw out the rightful inheritor of the mantle. Shameful, truly a shame... And all you had to do was recognize the prodigal child and the next in line for the position." Stated Kanaye as he callously adjusted his sleeve buttons and stood over the dying man."But I know you probably have only a few seconds left before you die, so I'll be quick. Your probably wondering what exactly I did to you and your army of lap dogs, I put a drop of TR-242 in the Sake before it was served. It's also known as 'Dying Breath', think of it as a much more powerful and dangerous version of Sarin. It's in fact deemed so dangerous by the government that samples are to either be contained in a high security area or be destroyed. Even the small fumes from the drop we put in the alcohol can make a person deathly ill." Kanaye smiled as he pulled out the tiny vile of orange liquid he had in his pocket."Thanks to a few friends I made in the government, I'll finally be able to attain the tools I need for total domination. And in no time, I will have this entire city groveling before me..." Stated Kanaye as he held the orange vile up to his masked face, before stopping and looking down at Eamon. Completely motionless with his face buried in his plate."Oh, you're already dead. I guess I did go on a bit or a rant... Hehehe, no matter. I can work on that problem as much as I want after I get total control." Stated Kanaye as he kicked Eamon's chair and caused it to tip over and fall to the ground, as Eamon's corpse was sprawled on the floor.The Subway - Manhattan"Yes sir. Yes, yes I have the case with me. No, nobody has seen it except for the board members of Knight.Corp. I assure you that it couldn't be in safer hands sir. No, sir..." A middle aged man with glasses stood in a crowded subway with many other men who matched his description. The only unusual feature the man had was the silver suitcase he was carrying in his left hand. But the most notable feature of the suitcase was the metal handcuffs that attached the suitcase to the man's wrist."I assure you sir, the sample couldn't be in safer hands. And if I happen to run into any trouble, I'm prepared to deal with it." Stated the man as he tugged at his jacket and could feel the weight of the handgun inside. It's better to be safe than sorry.As the man continued to talk to his boss on the phone, the train dashed into the station from the subway tunnel with a gust of wind accompanying it. Eventually the train slowly came to a stop and halted in the middle of the station.The doors to the train suddenly flew open as flurries of people both excited and entered the subway trains. As the man talked on the phone, he saw that his ride was here and he needed to end his conversation."Yes sir, I have to go now. I will call you again when I enter my next stop... Okay. Bye." The man hung up his phone and put it in his pocket before worming his way through the crowds of people exiting and entering the train.The man walked over to an available seat on the train as he took a seat. Surprisingly, despite the amount of people entering and exiting the train, there were only a few people in the train cart. Only him and three other people the man didn't get a very good look at.It was a bit odd, but there weren't any red flags. The man placed the metal case in his lap and quietly stared out the window as the train started to move again. The cart remained silent as the train continued to seamlessly speed through the tunnel.A few moments of silence passed before the door connecting the train car to the next car opened up as several men started to pour into the car. The men were all very shady Asian gentlemen as they slowly moved through the car to find somewhere to sit.The man with the brief case looked down one side of the car, then the other to confirm the obvious fact that there were plenty of available seats on the train. But the gentlemen continued to walk down the car. The man attempted to mind his own business and avoid eye contact with the men as he looked over at the few other people on the train. The people saw the shady Asian gentlemen walking down the car as they expressed the same suspicious and frightened looks that the man with the brief case was avoiding to make.As the gentlemen got closer, the man looked away in hopes that the men would simply walk by him. But as their shadows loomed over him, the man noticed they stopped and hovered over him. At that moment, the man looked up to see those very same shady gentlemen hovering over him and gazing down at them. With all of them giving off extremely bad vibes. The other few passengers on the train knew what was going on, as they silently but quickly stood up and exited out the car door behind them and moved to the next car. Leaving the man all alone with the shady gentlemen."Alexander Adams? We would like you to come with us, our boss wants to see you." Said the lead shady gentleman as Dr. Adams looked up at them with a defiant look."I'm afraid I can't do that, please leave and we won't have any trouble." Said Dr. Adams as he reached over and felt the gun outlining the jacket."You don't have a choice, sir. Please come with us." Stated the lead gentleman in a threatening yet polite manner.Seeing that there was no way to peacefully resolve the situation, Alex reached down and pulled out the gun as he aimed them on the men. But not only a second passed before each shady gentleman pulled out guns of their own as they aimed them at Adams' face.Adams looked down the barrels of all the pistols pointed at his face, before slowly grabbing the gun by the barrel and handing it over to one of the gentlemen."You won't get away with this, if I don't call back by the next stop, they'll look for me and you'll be found out." Stated Adams as the lead thug lightly gestured his gun into the air to get Adams to stand up, as he did so."Do you think we're not prepared? Our boss has everything planned out. And I suggest if you want to keep all your teeth you'll stay quiet and do as we say. Understood?" Asked the lead thug with a smirk as his gun still pointed at Adams' chest.Unknown - Manhattan, ??? (Later)Alexander Adams walked down a dark dingy hallway as a gentleman in a suit and glasses accompanied him down the dark hallway. The two walked several dozen more feet before stopping in front of a metal door. The shady gentleman reached over and opened the door to what appeared to be a doctor's room."Move." Growled the gentleman as he pushed Adams into the room and nearly knocked him over."Suzuki, please, there's no need to be rough. I'm sure Mr. Adams will be quite cooperative, considering the alternative." Stated a voice from the dark as Adams and the thug looked over to see Kanaye sitting on the examination table with his shirt off.Kanaye was covered in muscles with several Asiatic tattoos covering his skin. Possessing a stylized tattoo covering his right arm, another stylized tattoo on his chest, and an Asiatic dragon tattoo wrapped around his left arm."Did you disable all the tracking devices?" Asked Kanaye as the two walked closer to him."All found and disabled, boss." Replied the goon."Good. And with the pulling of a few strings, we'll have all the time in the world." Stated Kanaye with a sinister smile."I know what you want, what's the case, but why do you want me?" Asked Adams."Because I want a man who knows what he's doing. I heard about Millennium and what it can do. The world we're living in is a crazy one, and if I can't stay strong, my empire will eventually be snatched away from me. Enough strength is never enough, so that's why I want you to inject me with Millennium." Stated Kanaye as Adams eyes widened in shock."What!? Why the hell would you want that!? You have no idea what that's going to do to you! I have no idea what it's going to do to you. All we've tested it on is micro bacteria and single celled organisms, and we still don't fully understand the long-term effects of nanites!" Yelled the agent in terror."I have my own connections with the government and even in Knight.Corp. I heard about Millennium and what it can do, it can increase strength, speed, durability, and only Heaven knows what else. A man would kill for that kind of power y'know, and that's what I want." Replied Kanaye with a smirk."No! I can't do it! As a sane and rational human being I can't!" Replied Adams, before Suzuki walked over to him with a gun pointed at him."I'm not asking you Mr. Adams, I'm TELLING you. Inject me or I'll find someone else who can. Your choice." Stated Kanaye as Adams slowly placed his metal case on the examination table and punched in the code that unlocked the case and flung it open. As it opened, there was a padding lining that held a vial filled with a silver liquid in it and an injection gun.Adams reached in and pulled out the injection gun as he then pulled out the vile of silver liquid and loaded it into the gun."Are you SURE about this?" Asked Adams one last time as he locked the vile into the injection gun."Yes. Do it!" Growled Kanaye as he held his right arm out and balled his hand into a fist. Adams stuck the gun into his upper arm as he injected Kanaye with the silver liquid. As the silver liquid was completely gone, Adams pulled the injector gun out of Kanaye's arm as Kanaye rubbed it.Kanaye closed his eyes and took a deep breath, waiting for a surge of power. Or at least some kind of sign that tells him that he has been transformed into a superior being.But nothing happened. Kanaye opened up his eyes and looked over at Adams with a look full of despair as he got off the examination table."W-What is this? I-... I don't get it! Where's the strength? The power!?" Asked Kanaye as he instantly became furious and turned to Adams."What is this!? Are you lying? Are you trying to fool me?""Uh... Sir?" Asked Suzuki in an unusually timid tone."What?" Spat Kanaye as he turned to him."Your-... Your hand." Suzuki pointed to Kanaye's left hand as Kanaye held his hands up to see that on his left hand his index finger and middle finger fused together and his ring finger and pinky finger fused together."Ugggghhhhh! Ohhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Screamed Kanaye as he got on his knees and grabbed his head as his body started to drastically and painfully transform.His skin started to morph into a rugged dark-blue metallic shade, he grew bigger, his left hand rapidly grew as pulsating holes started to develop on the palm of his left hand. But worst of all, his back started to inflate and grow bigger, and painfully change shape as Kanaye's spine was bent and twisted by the Millennium serum. Crack! Snap! Crack! Pop! Snap!"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"His eyes started to glow yellow as his teeth sharpened and his fingers started to sprout claws. His tattoos changed along with the rest of his body as they started to have a golden glow to them. Finally, Kanaye's back and the rest of his body took it's final form as the back transformation turned out to be a massive hunchback.Kanaye let out a pained sigh and panted as he stood back up as most of his body was covered by shadow. Kanaye looked at his goon and the agent with his new glowing yellow eyes as the two instinctually took a step back."Uhh... Mr. Miyazaki? How do you feel?" Asked the thug as Kanaye slowly stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself. He wore black pants, his skin was a metallic dark blue, his skin was very rough and deformed, his left hand was bigger then his right and had two fingers with one thumb, the three tattoos on his body had a golden glow to them, he had sharp teeth and claws, glowing yellow eyes, no shoes on his feet showing blue metallic clawed feet, and a massive deformed hunch on his back that slightly resembled a turtle shell."Kanaye Miyazaki is gone... Call me by my proper name; Big Claw!",Knight Manor - Manhattan (The Past)"10 to 5, Kanaye! You really think you can rack up enough points to beat me?!" Asked Will at the age of ten as he dribbled a basketball in the basketball court outside his family's mansion."Bring it on, Will! I can rack up more than enough points with BOTH hands tied behind my back!" Replied a ten year old Kanaye with a smirk on his face as he and Will circled one another."Then put up or shut up!" Yelled Will as Will suddenly charged towards the basket ball hoop as Kanaye tried to block him. For kids, both were surprisingly skilled as Will managed to keep the ball away from his friend with impressive speed and reflexes.But despite Will's skills, Kanaye managed to beat him as he snatched the ball out of his hands and tossed the ball through the hoop, scoring a point of his own and increasing his score."How was that, Will? Afraid you're gonna lose?" Asked Kanaye with a smirk as Will shot him an annoyed look."Whatever, I'm still ahead of you. And I'll still win no problem!" Replied Will as the two boys went back to play, only for Kanaye to score more and more until it was tied. The two played their last round as both put their all in the game.The two seemed neck and neck as the ball was constantly traded back and forth between the two. That is until Kanaye managed to grab the ball, slip past Will, and have a final score. Breaking the tie and leaving Kanaye victorious."Haha, in your face, Will! Maybe if your having trouble playing some basketball, I can give you a few pointers?" Suggested Kanaye as Will picked up the ball and punched him in the arm."Don't get a big head, Kanaye. Or else I'll have to kick your butt again and knock some sense into you." Said Will with a smirk as he tossed the ball into Kanaye's hands."You just got a lucky shot at that time. Besides, I kicked YOUR butt every OTHER time we fought!" Replied Kanaye as he tossed the ball back at Will."Yeah, yeah... Whatever..." Said Will as the two friends walked over to a bench and sat down as Kanaye took a gulp of his water bottle."So, how's it been going with your dad? I hear he's been teaching you about his business..." Said Will as Kanaye developed an unsure look."Well, it's kind of a lot of pressure... Y'know? My dad says the whole future of the business rests on my shoulders. Hehe, no pressure at all... Am I right?" Asked Kanaye with a nervous laugh."Hey, don't worry about it. My dad does the same thing with me. It's kinda boring to be honest... 'This company will be yours some day...' 'The future will be in your hands some day...' 'You need to learn about honesty and respect...' Yatta, yatta, yatta, yatta... Same stuff over and over again." Said Will with an annoyed look on his face. "I mean, learn to chill out once and a while... You know what I'm sayin'?""... Will, you shouldn't take this so lightly... You can't afford to, I can't afford to... One day we're going to inherit everything our dads have, and it'll be up to the US one day to decide how to shape the city... How to shape the WORLD even... You don't have time to 'chill' when you're in charge of the whole world..." Said Kanaye, becoming suddenly serious out of nowhere which visibly caught Will off guard."Uhh... Yeah, I-I guess... I think you should take it easy, Kanaye... We have all the time in the world, besides, if our dads can do it, I'm sure it'll be a snap for us. You just need to chill out a bit, that's all..." Said Will as Kanaye looked at him with the serious look he had on his face the whole time."It's my destiny, Will... I can't take this lightly, I will learn how to properly run my fathers company, and when I do, I will make sure everyone knows the name, Miyazaki..." Said Kanaye as a moment of silence occurred between the two friends."Well, I guess we all have our own destinies. But what really matters is that we don't forget to keep our morals. My dad constantly talks about how business can bring out the worst in people, how it can make people greedy and blind them to what's really the right thing to do. Just remember when you run your dad's business, whatever it is, you won't be like one of those scummy business men and put power before people..." Said Will as Kanaye silently nodded his head in agreement."... Sorry to get so dramatic with you, Will. I just have a lot on my mind. We still have some time before our dads meeting is over, wanna watch some TV?" Asked Kanaye."How about a game of dungeons and dragons? You still haven't played it yet, wanna try it out?" Asked Will."I didn't think you were a nerd, Will. Do you want to be a MAGNET for bullies?" Asked Kanaye mockingly."If you're too scared to at least try it, I get it. All bark and no bite." Replied Will with a smirk before Kanaye stood back up."Fine. Once." Stated Kanaye holding up his finger as Will stood up alongside him as the two walked back to Knight Manor.
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Hey all! Long time, no post. Got a request from a fellow deviant looking for some help, so please take a moment to read this brief message:



"I am part of an online community of artists (outside DeviantArt) where we have regular art projects and events to encourage artist growth and development.

We have many ideas and many artists, but sadly few helpers. So, I am wondering if there is anyone here interested in carrying out art projects and events regularly.

Art projects include things like art collages, prompts, challenges, discussions, collaborations, and more - everything to help artists learn, have fun with art and get to know other artists.

If anyone interested could note me (3wyl) personally, that would be very much appreciated!"
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