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This is the first piece of a series I decided to dedicate to a certain group of people who are characteristic of the Ruhrgebiet (Germany) - I am talking about shopmen who run a so called "Kiosk", "Bude" or "Trinkhalle".
These places are far more than just a newspaper kiosk; it is more a solid root of social life, as the neighbourhood meets there.
Those places do not have a sophisticated interior decoration - none of them. But they are all different. You can feel this difference in the first moment you enter such a place comparing it to the one you have visited before.
The difference makes the person behind the counter - it´s this person´s personaltiy turning this shop in to a very special place; it is actually no wonder as some of those shops have a direct connection to the flat of the shopowner. They have a hard job, opening at 5:00 am and closing sometimes at 1:00 am, running their tough business 7 days a week.

Above you see Juri, who started with just two cookingplates he used to prepare meatballs - they are delicious!



comments, favs and certainly critiques are more than just welcome!

have a great weekend,



edit: I removed the distortion. :D
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The story, subject and perhaps the setting is interesting. I guess I like the windows that hint to Juri's residence, and the Kiosk he runs because of the difference and similarity between Germany's kiosks and Israel's.
The national diversity is felt there as well. Juri (from his name I would imagine he's an immigrant from Eastern Europe) has started a business in a foreign country, succeeded and grown. This adds to the impact.
The angle is pretty good but I would take the picture a step higher and maybe crop out the sides because there is a tilt caused by the scene or camera angle. And I wish I knew what camera, zoom and shutter speed was used in here because these facts are interesting for quality assessment.
The colors are good. Quite natural with almost no grain, at night, with neon. And that's impressing.
In summary I acn say it's a good photo. Fascinating, with a pretty good technique.