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This is the 3rd piece of a series I decided to dedicate to a certain group of people who are characteristic of the Ruhrgebiet (Germany) - I am talking about shopmen who run a so called "Kiosk", "Bude" or "Trinkhalle".
These places are far more than just a newspaper kiosk; it is more a solid root of social life, as the neighbourhood meets there.
Those places do not have a sophisticated interior decoration - none of them. But they are all different. You can feel this difference in the first moment you enter such a place comparing it to the one you have visited before.
The difference makes the person behind the counter - it´s this person´s personaltiy turning this shop in to a very special place; it is actually no wonder as some of those shops have a direct connection to the flat of the shopowner. They have a hard job, opening at 5:00 am and closing sometimes at 1:00 am, running their tough business 7 days a week.

Above you see Wolfgang who chills listening to damped raggie music. He runs this shop together with his wife Ellie - they named this corner shop ANNEBUDE. It´s actually the first design kiosk I saw. It is quite famous as the local television chanell had been broadcasting a coverage about this place. Even the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", a nationwide newspaper, reported on this shop. They have an own website aswell: [link]

The interior however has been build by Wolfgang who worked as a booth builder before. It looks like a living room turned inside out.
Ellie and Wolfgang have a clear love/hate relationship to their business. On the one hand this shop is like a magnet - you cannot leave it alone, going on holidays. On the other hand it is a real enrichment being a solid root of social life.
"I never knew so many people before I started the business", Wolfgang told me.

Both still look for a proper exit startegy.



comments, favs and certainly critiques are more than just welcome!

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"Living Room" is one of my favorite pictures from this series.
For me, as I'm originally coming from this area, it's both humorous and melancholic.
This picture gives a right sense of what all these little shops are: in a way, public living rooms.
There, people meet each other, talk about what's going on in the neighborhood, how much goals were made in the last soccer match and while chatting friendly they drink beer. Those shops are a meeting point for everyone.
And I think that especially this picture, with it's ingenious title, reflects all that perfectly.
You can feel that it's not just a little shop with it's owner in the front, but rather something special.
I also really love the atmosphere this picture spreads.
Due to the fact that it's dark and the man is alone, this picture is so calm and peaceful - perfectly fitting to the title. And here we get to the ironical apsect:
during the day these shops are anything but calm.
So I have to give a big commendation to `getcarter, because he captured not just a shop, but also the whole history behind it.