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New Pokemon, Zorua

Concept credit goes to Nintendo & Gamefreak.

While you are here, check out my Fake-Pokemon-Sprites, you maybe think they look to real to be Fakes ;)
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OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Anyways how the heck do you do you do it.
That is my second fave pokemon
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may i use it as my icon im making an icon with me shade and kate my 3 fanchars
GetaZ's avatar
Sure it's okay.
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meh no longer allowing shade i duct taped him to his costar chair :D
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it is so cute!
crud, i wanted to use it. D:
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Plz read my deviantID.
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der ist total nice *_*
Echt sauber gearbeitet.
Machst du sowas auch mit anderen Pokemon?
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This looks great but it really shouldn't be in the Fakemon-United group.:hmm:
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Hm I didn't think this time, your kinda right lol.
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It's real! Ima so happy! It's soooo cute too!
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chek out my version [link]
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Wow, its really cool! Maybe it evolves on a fool moon, like a werewolf?
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hey thanks for making this, because i was able to make it a cross stitching chart, and cross stitched it on a t-shirt


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um never mind it was someone else's spirt that i used
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i take it back, it was yours, i had to look at yah im going to link you picture and user name on the description boxs
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Please ask BEFORE you use my stuff. Because if you would look at my Journal you would know that I actually don't allow any uses, even with credit.
But you don't have to remove it, it's okay this time.
Im just worried about theft from second hand but no one could take it out of shirts so it's ok.
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i just wanted to make the first ever t-shirt with the pokemon, and yours had no problem with the program that i used to make my chart.
LugiasPal's avatar
i at least gave you credit on it.
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Question did you give this guy the ok to use your sprite as a BG? [link]
Roconza's avatar
Were there is talent there is morons who steal from them :/
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