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Composite skeletal reconstruction of Ankylosaurus magniventris.
Based on AMNH 5895 (holotype), AMNH 5214, and BMNH R8001 (scutes of "Dynamosaurus"). Scale bar is 1m (for largest skull CMN 8880).
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EP-977A3 Series
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excellent work! may i ask thye size of this specimen please?

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I don't want to sound rude, but are you planning on updating your skeletal after the latest reassesment on Ankylosaurus magniventris?…
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This is updated version.
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And you still got an axial lenght of roughly 7 meters?
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I refer Euoplocephalus tutus (or Scolosaurus thronus) for caudal vertebrae formula. A. magniventris has shortend caudal vertebra centra. Then, if A. magniventris has same caudal vertebrae formula as in E. tutus or S. thronus, the tail of A. magniventris becomes relatively short.
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You are the expert and I understand the decision, but is  there a reason you didn't also consider Zuul crurivastator hollotype as a posible reference? Is it because of the lack of material in the anterior caudal region?

That may explain why Arbour's et al reconstructed Ankylosaurus magniventris outline had a seemingly a longer tail, although then again, my unprofessional knowledge of Dinosaur osteology can only get me so far.
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7 m in axial length is plausible for Ankylosaurus, even after Arbour´s paper.
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Actually is the other way around. Arbour's et al estimated a larger size for A. magniventris, at least in the 8 meters long rang based mostly on the proportions seen in Zuul crurivastator.

So yeah, if anything, I expected CMN 8880 to have a greater axial lenght than the one depicted here.
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Oh, I know that the paper states that. 
However, this reconstruction still encompasses all known material.
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Big head and big tail
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Awesome! There are very few skeletals for ankuylosaurs out there, so this is really helpful!
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You are beautiful and accurate reconstruction! With your permission, I would use them as a basis for my illustration.
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Of course, you can use my skeletal as a basis for your great illustration. I'm glad you use my skeletal reconstruction for the reference.
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Funny, because one of the very first names for Tyrannosaurus was 'Dynamosaurus imperiosus". 
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Sweet, Ankylosaurus! Thankies for sharing this!
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Thank you for your comment. I'm glad.
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