Okay~! For the members that have fan-made vocaloids,I thought of having a rpg-ish thingy.  Well, basically your vocaloid introduces themselves.  XD Anyways, if you have more then one vocaloid then do something like this.  Vocaloid 1: lalala~ Vocaloid 2: blah blah blah.  Anywho, I'll start off, yay~.

Haru: He-hello. Onii-san and I came today but Onee-san can't.
Tsume: Because Kayla hasn't posted her yet
*cough* >>
Haru: W-wait, w-which kayla? T-the yandere one?!
Tsume: Huh? She's off hunting Gakupo.
Haru: Hu-Hunting?!! O_O"
Tsume: Hunting, looking for, same thing.  I wonder where the other vocaloid's are << >>
o-o' I haven't even posted this blog yet . . .
Haru: T~T" Then post iiiittt. I want to have more friends~!
Alright!  For in the near, perhaps distant, future when I have at least 1 member who will read my blog entries.  I want to start a fan made vocaloid group/version called Vocaloid which is a yandere version of Alice in Wonderland.  I'll list some characters under this and if you are interested and creating a version then please post so onto this blog.

[ ] = available  [x] = taken

Mad Hatter - [X] - Kaylaredwood
Alice - [  ]
The Cheshire Cat - [  ]
White Rabbit     - [  ]
Caterpillar      - [  ]
Duchess          - [  ]
Queen of hearts  - [  ]
The Dormouse     - [  ]

NOTE - Most of this idea came from Are You Alice? the manga series, lol.  Anyways, hope you enjoy making your character~
Welcome to Get-Your-Vocal-On!  One purpose of this fan group is to share vocaloid or vocaloid related art with each other.  Also another purpose is to make new categories of vocaloids!  If you have any ideas of new types of vocaloids, post a new blog about it.  A few new ones i have come up with is "Fightaloids" and "Vocaland."  Fightaloids are basically a fighting type of vocaloid and Vocaland is a yandere type of Alice in Wonderland.  Please post any thoughts or concerns and I will answer as soon as possible.  ^^

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