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Vocaloid: Rin Dating Sim Scrn by razzberridust Vocaloid: Rin Dating Sim Scrn :iconrazzberridust:razzberridust 45 11 Kagamine Len by 3Peoples Kagamine Len :icon3peoples:3Peoples 136 128 Gengetsukan by Kream-Cheese Gengetsukan :iconkream-cheese:Kream-Cheese 122 12 Lalalaaaa by NekoRoxelChan Lalalaaaa :iconnekoroxelchan:NekoRoxelChan 99 57 Hatsune Miku by Kaspiian Hatsune Miku :iconkaspiian:Kaspiian 181 26 The world is mine by whitechariot The world is mine :iconwhitechariot:whitechariot 681 345 DERP DERP NI SHITEAGERU by SusuGeisha DERP DERP NI SHITEAGERU :iconsusugeisha:SusuGeisha 10 2 World is mine Luka Kaito by krazie4anime World is mine Luka Kaito :iconkrazie4anime:krazie4anime 167 37 Hatsune Miku Blue Monochrome by Ayare-chan Hatsune Miku Blue Monochrome :iconayare-chan:Ayare-chan 6 8 Miku by aehtla023 Miku :iconaehtla023:aehtla023 53 12 Haku Yowane for MouseKatchan by SaiyanCora Haku Yowane for MouseKatchan :iconsaiyancora:SaiyanCora 1 9 Hatsune Miku by SaiyanCora Hatsune Miku :iconsaiyancora:SaiyanCora 4 5 Rin Kagamine by NamineMisaki Rin Kagamine :iconnaminemisaki:NamineMisaki 8 2 infinitY -TRUE END- by Kream-Cheese infinitY -TRUE END- :iconkream-cheese:Kream-Cheese 64 8
Okay~! For the members that have fan-made vocaloids,I thought of having a rpg-ish thingy.  Well, basically your vocaloid introduces themselves.  XD Anyways, if you have more then one vocaloid then do something like this.  Vocaloid 1: lalala~ Vocaloid 2: blah blah blah.  Anywho, I'll start off, yay~.

Haru: He-hello. Onii-san and I came today but Onee-san can't.
Tsume: Because Kayla hasn't posted her yet
*cough* >>
Haru: W-wait, w-which kayla? T-the yandere one?!
Tsume: Huh? She's off hunting Gakupo.
Haru: Hu-Hunting?!! O_O"
Tsume: Hunting, looking for, same thing.  I wonder where the other vocaloid's are << >>
o-o' I haven't even posted this blog yet . . .
Haru: T~T" Then post iiiittt. I want to have more friends~!
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1) Be Nice And Do NOT Flame Pwease~
2) No Cussing Or Saying Inappropriate Things Pwease~
3) Do Not Steal Others Work
4) Please keep all hands, feet, and objects inside the car at all times.

1) You can post ideas for this group.
2) Please read the blog entries about vocaloid groups and if you'd like you can post ideas about new vocaloid versions ^^
3) Both Vocaloid and Fan-Made Vocaloid art is allowed.
4) Tell Your friends~ :D



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256NatLiz Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019
Has anyone heard of or read/seen a Vocaloid musical? I don't mean one where the Vocaloids play different characters: I mean a musical about the Vocaloids, in their world, with dialogue and songs and lasts at least an hour and a half.
If not, would you be interested in having such a musical exist?
Togo143 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011
CHIBI-MUSUMEEEE!!!! Where is my invite? owo
kaylaredwood Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011   Traditional Artist
Dear Group, I has tagged you all in a journal I just made. You CAN do it if you want, but you guys don't HAVE to. =3 Go visit my page for the rules if you want to. XD
ShortOtaku Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can i join?
kaylaredwood Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011   Traditional Artist
Sure thing! Sorry for the lateness of my reply. The internet at my house has been acting up lately but now it is fixed.
ShortOtaku Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THANKS! and its ok
ShortOtaku Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It was announced that if Miku Hatsune gets 39,390 members on her facebook account, Crypton Future Media has promised to make an English ver. of her, which will be released in America. Not only her, but also Luka, Rin, and Len. From summer next year to Dec. this year, a US ver. of the Vocaloid store may open, MMD has Cryptons support - so does UTAU.
LVUER Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011
Let me be the first to post a message here ^_^ Yay! Thanks for inviting me, I hope this group will grow big.

Since there's already so much vocaloid group out there, we should make something that set this group apart from the others. Something that make us unique...
kaylaredwood Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011   Traditional Artist
Hm, good point. Anyone have any ideas??
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