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Welcome to Get-Into-Character!

I don't think there's any group focused on this really weird TF subtype, but here it is- the TF group nobody asked for!

What is it? Well, it's all about stories or art based around transformations into established characters. Don't be afraid to submit stuff!

- This is pretty obvious, but no TFs into original characters or creatures. Only established characters count. The starting character can be an OC.
- The character should be a character, not a nameless member of a species. I will not accept, say, a Pikachu TF, but I will accept a TF into Ash's Pikachu. I will also not accept TFs into OCs or real-life people, nor "genderbends" or TFs of characters into anything but other characters. That isn't the point of this group.
- The character does not have to be in normal form, but they can't be an alternate version of the starting character. So Ash to Mermaid Misty would be fine, but not Ash to Merman or Mermaid Ash.
- Please put some effort into the pieces. Scribbles on lined paper or stories written with poor spelling and grammar will not be accepted. To elaborate on what isn't welcome here-

- MS-Paint scribbles with no handle on anatomy. You know the type- melty bodies that don't really look human, humanoid or whatever the end result is. In the same vein, Kisekae is no longer allowed.
- As mentioned below, Mature Content is allowed, but only goes to a point. If I can see a certain organ between the legs for both genders, I will purge it. I am a bit more forgiving of fiction since mentions of such parts might be needed for TG. Sexual acts or just anything that breaks dA's rules on sexual content will be removed.
- TF "lists" ("his head changed, then his ears changed" kind of stuff). This is mostly for fiction. I'll allow it to an extent for captions since that tends to be in their nature, but full stories should describe the transformation- and not as a laundry list. Spelling/grammar should be good, but one or two typos won't get your work cut. Only persistent typos.
- I've also been finding deviations in storage, so if you're going to store them, remove them from the group.

- Mature content welcome to a point. Don't submit anything too pornographic (i.e.- boobies on display) or anything that might offend people (racist/homophobic/etc). Anything with mature content should have a mature content filter on it and go in the mature content folder. For written works- If the stories contain on-screen sex, then they'll have to be removed. If the cover image is pornographic, then it will have to go as well. If the story mentions private areas for, say, a TG transformation, then they can stay. If the sex is cut from the story (i.e.- posted on another site) or off-screen, then they can stay.
- Censored work is okay for the most part, but I don't want half a piece of art with "FIND THE REST ON PATREON!" I just don't like pay walls. If the art is full, but censored and links to Patreon, it's fine. This is mostly for artwork that either shows a portion of the image or is a comic that cuts off in the middle. Same for stories that cut off mid-way and force you to access paid content to continue them. Cut-off stories that have the rest of the tale on free sites are fine, but I'm less forgiving towards artwork in the same boat.
- Stolen artwork (i.e.- artwork that you didn't make, whether it's a story, drawing, or caption) is prohibited unless you have permission from the original artist to post it. This can be hard for me to detect at just a glance, so- if you spot stolen artwork- just tell me what it is and what folder it's in, and it will be immediately removed. Commissions or gifts from other artists don't count as stolen.
- I've gotten RPs, blank pages with stories in the description, commission information and other such nonsense. I will not be accepting any of that- only stories or artwork. In addition, if your story is in the description of your work, I will not accept it (unless it's in the description of artwork). I will only accept text files, PDFs or captions.
- Please, for the love of God, if you have a comic or other multi-part thing, SUBMIT THE WHOLE THING! No-one wants to fish around in your gallery for the rest of your deviation. Incomplete deviations will be removed. This, of course, does not count works where the continuation has not been published yet.
- All text submissions must be in English, so I can actually read and review them (this applies to captions and stories). Descriptions of entries do not have to be in English. Artwork can feature non-English text, as long as a viewer still clearly tell it's a transformation. Stories and captions can have some text in other languages, but must primarily be English.
- Bowsette content is welcome here, provided it is not a Bowser into Bowsette TFTG (which would be considered a genderbend, and is not allowed in this group). As long as the transformation process is visible (in art or prose) and the starting character is not Bowser, Bowsette content will be accepted. This same rule applies to other similar characters (such as Booette/Chompette and Ashley from Pokemon)- as long as I can see the TF and it's not a straight-up genderbend, it will be accepted.
- If a story or caption keeps getting rejected, it may be due to spelling or grammar issues. If that's the case, I'm willing to help out. Just read this journal entry first-…
- TF Deconstruction and Faky3ah are no longer going to be very active on DA if you have a question it is better to message either AliceofMalice58, Palette-the-Painter, or HudsonSpacecraft.
- With the advent of Premium Galleries. Artwork or stories that are hidden as part of a premium gallery will be declined.
- More rules will be added as needed.
- Have fun!

Got a TF request? Submit it to the community! Check out this journal for more info -> get-into-character.deviantart.…


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Hello, two users have been kind enough to volunteer as group admins. These two users are Hudsonspacecraft and Pallete-the-Painter. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to ask them or me, hopefully the three of us will be able to work more efficiently than ever before.
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