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:bulletgreen: Only members can post! Non-members can only post "seeking artist" journals in the seeking artist folder!
:bulletgreen: Post in the correct folder.
:bulletgreen: Do not post commission information or advertise your commissions in the group comment section.
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:bulletgreen: Be kind and courteous to other group members.
:bulletgreen: POST. IN. THE. CORRECT. FOLDER.
:bulletgreen: Do not sell use of bases. Using bases in artwork and YCHs (Your Character Here) are FINE.
:bulletgreen: POST. IN. THE. CORRECT. FOLDER.
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:bulletgreen: Please post in the correct folder!! I can not say this enough. It is really annoying seeing things in the wrong folders.

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:bulletgreen: All new members are welcome! All requests are immediately approved!
:bulletgreen: Featured folder is only for group contest winners!
:bulletgreen: If you need any folders added, folders fixed, or a folder is full note SkyBlueSapphire or Diouveruh please! We will fix it as soon as we can!
:bulletgreen: If you accidentally post to the wrong folder, note SkyBlueSapphire or Diouveruh we will make sure it will be moved to the right folder. (mistakes happen so we will not get mad if you did this, just get to us as soon as you can!)
:bulletgreen: Each month we will be cleaning and reorganizing the folders so ANY and ALL deviations found in the wrong folders that we were not notified about will be removed from the group folders instead of being put into the right folders. No exceptions.
:bulletgreen: We hold group contests so if you are interested please feel free to enter. Only group members can enter the contests as contestants.

Have fun and good luck with commissions! We wish you the best of luck with commissions! Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

With lots of love, SkyBlueSapphire and Diouveruh
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9,874 Members
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So SkyBlueSapphire and I have recently started going to College at DigiPen Institute of Technology in redmond so we have been extreamly swamped with work and have not been super involved with the group so every so often posts will expire and what not. We TRY to check every other day, but we can not guarantee that we will be on top of it like we were in the past, so please be patient with us and we are going to try our best to keep everything up to date. We will have to close our features for the time being and will not be hosting any contests any time soon. I really am sorry about this! Anyways, if you are interested in checking out our experiences at DigiPen for reference of the school or what not, we are posting weekly (if not we do longer posts after we miss a week) logs of our experiences talking about everything from teachers and students to the work load and clubs. So feel free to check both SkyBlueSapphire's blogs and mine on our pages for that.

Once again, sorry about the lack of involvement on our part. We are trying our best!

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Now offering Full Body Commissions by Artlover4lifeHannah

If you're interested in being featured, please go to Get-Commish-Features for further information.
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First Adoptable BATCH! by KuroEscarcega
LF: Item Art CommissionsI'd like to preface by saying that my current primary form of intended payment is points, simply because I have an excess of them at this time (over 15k). I know points aren't a preferred option, since they really just aren't worth it. As such, feel free to up-charge for any payments made with points! Once I've blown through all of my points I'll start paying through Paypal.I work as one of the administrative mods on a roleplaying forum centered around adoptable pets, The Lands of Evelon. Our primary artist for new content has been busy these days and as such we are looking to branch out and commission someone for items to use on the forums. Preferably the items should be customizable, that way we can make alternate forms of the item as needed. For example, we have a birthday cake item that comes in 10 flavors at this time. I have gathered several items that are in use on the forums as an example of the type of art I am looking for, as well as the type of set-up that is preferred for the files.Set-up is a little flexible. Primarily we just need to make sure that we have the various shading layers (we usually use two shading layers and one highlight layer) separate from one another and the base layer. The items can be provided in simple grey scale (here are two examples of this on the second row) for our staff to color or you can choose to fully color the item. The file size should be around 400 x 400 pixels, though it does not have to be exact. For example some items are obviously taller than they are wide, while others are wider than they are tall. As long as the largest dimension is hovering around 400 px it's good.Items we are currently seeking art for;- Tomes/Books- Elemental Crystals- Varied potion bottles- Live Trap (Such as the havahart or sherman live traps)- An open scroll
Chameleon Adopt - Open by KnightmareAdopts
Commission Info Journals or ID's
Kami's Commission Shop by Gaillardia-Gardener
(OPEN) COMMISSIONS - Slots in the description by EinysDesign
Commissions OPEN!!Hey guys, I am in need of additional income in order to pay off my student loans so I can move out a little faster. I currently don't make enough to do that and also pay off my loans, and living in my parents house for another two years is something I'm dreading... So I'm opening art commissions!! Please consider supporting me, maybe?? ;v; I have 5 slots open right now! The following are a few examples of my work in each of the available styles. You can also see more of my work in my gallery.Sketch: Simple, unpolished linework.Lineart: Polished lines with corrected proportions everywhere.Flat color: Simple coloring with solid black linesFully stylized: Colored lineart, simple stylistic shading, a sticker outline, and a gentle paper overlay.The following are my prices and options!Chibi - $10Description: These will be fully stylized, single character stickers and very simple character poses. They are not subject to additions like extra characters or backgrounds.Character (headshot) - Prices vary, see belowDescription: From the character's neck upwards. Not subject to additions like extra characters or backgrounds.Sketch - $5Lineart - $10Flat color - $15Fully stylized - $20Character (bust) - Prices vary, see belowDescription: From the character's breast upwardsSketch - $10Lineart - $15Flat color - $20Fully stylized - $25Character (half body) - Prices vary, see belowDescription: From the character's waist upwardsSketch - $15Lineart - $20Flat color - $25Fully stylized - $30Character (full body) - Prices vary, see belowDescription: Full art of the characterSketch - $20Lineart - $25Flat color - $30Fully stylized - $35Additional characters: +$10 eachSimple background: +$5Complex background: +$10Character complexity: +$5Please message me if you're interested. PayPal only please! All money I make through art commissions will go directly towards paying off my loans!! For anyone interested in commissioning me, please fill out the form below, and I will provide you with my PayPal address in direct messages for payment. Full payment is expected up front, please!Request Type:Additions:Character reference:Design notes: Things I will do:OCsFanartHumans and humanoid charactersAnthro-style animalsFeral-style animalsSFW depictions of relationships (OCxOC, OCxCanon, CanonxCanon)Simple armorMild blood/bruisesThings I will not do:Fetish artNSFWBlood/goreDepictions of self harm/suicideHate art (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc)PoliticsMechsComicsCurrent RequestsOPENOPENOPENOPENOPEN
I made a price list by Hiromy4631
Adoptables, Auctions, YCH, Contests and Raffles
[OPEN] Auction Adoptable #21 by Airenix
YCH AUCTION (OPEN) till May, 30th! by GeneralVoidZombie
adopt auction [OPEN] by damnrat
$50 fix price adopt+arts (OPEN) by valdishater
Animal Commissions
Bluestar and Oakheart by kristasy
YCH Commission \\ Saul by muryoko
Realistic Rabbit Drawing (Prints in description) by AlmightyBhunivelze
Dark Wood YHH OPEN by AlexandraDane
Art Trades
[AT] Watercolor art trade - Yakunn by Inntary
[closed] Cute pokemon Ych 4 by Inntary
Chibi Commissions
Chibi Batch 1 by 0NC1LL4
Zaceyshark1200 by Lizbeat
[COMMISSION] BNHA Chibis by Paepper
[OPEN] YCH #4 | SET PRICE by UshiSinsNadopts
Shuichi no hat by BreePrintS
Crafts Commissions
Tea Box Chubby Toothless (commission) by ChibiPyro
Custom OC's and Outfits
Project Harpy by Gornik6
Human Animal Hybrids
Adopt AUCTION (OPEN) by IverArt
Human Commission
Chenle by antaiia
Icons, Pagedolls, and PixelArt
Shuichi icon by BreePrintS
Literature Related

Mature Content

[Winter Wonder] The Suiting Academy - Chapter I by Antalios
Mature Content
[+VIDEO] Commission - Behind the Curtains by Meryosie
Scared of the Dark? Open Ych by changchongchen
Mythical commissions
Commission for DragonologyDragon by Rina-Li
Other types of Commissions
(Commission) Elphelt Valentine - Guilty Gear by Zer0Mechan1sm
Sonic Characters
Steven Universe Related
YCH 0/3 SLOTS OPEN by izinkomef
Selling Misc Items
[Auction OPEN] Cat Outfit+Weapon adoptable #52 by tohi-ta

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