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:bulletgreen: Only members can post! Non-members can only post "seeking artist" journals in the seeking artist folder!
:bulletgreen: Post in the correct folder.
:bulletgreen: Do not post commission information or advertise your commissions in the group comment section.
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:bulletgreen: POST. IN. THE. CORRECT. FOLDER.
:bulletgreen: Do not sell use of bases. Using bases in artwork and YCHs (Your Character Here) are FINE.
:bulletgreen: POST. IN. THE. CORRECT. FOLDER.
:bulletgreen: Only members get unlimited amounts of posts per day.
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:bulletgreen: Please post in the correct folder!! I can not say this enough. It is really annoying seeing things in the wrong folders.

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:bulletgreen: All new members are welcome! All requests are immediately approved!
:bulletgreen: Featured folder is only for group contest winners!
:bulletgreen: If you need any folders added, folders fixed, or a folder is full note SkyBlueSapphire or Diouveruh please! We will fix it as soon as we can!
:bulletgreen: If you accidentally post to the wrong folder, note SkyBlueSapphire or Diouveruh we will make sure it will be moved to the right folder. (mistakes happen so we will not get mad if you did this, just get to us as soon as you can!)
:bulletgreen: Each month we will be cleaning and reorganizing the folders so ANY and ALL deviations found in the wrong folders that we were not notified about will be removed from the group folders instead of being put into the right folders. No exceptions.
:bulletgreen: We hold group contests so if you are interested please feel free to enter. Only group members can enter the contests as contestants.

Have fun and good luck with commissions! We wish you the best of luck with commissions! Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

With lots of love, SkyBlueSapphire and Diouveruh
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10,999 Members
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So SkyBlueSapphire and I have recently started going to College at DigiPen Institute of Technology in redmond so we have been extreamly swamped with work and have not been super involved with the group so every so often posts will expire and what not. We TRY to check every other day, but we can not guarantee that we will be on top of it like we were in the past, so please be patient with us and we are going to try our best to keep everything up to date. We will have to close our features for the time being and will not be hosting any contests any time soon. I really am sorry about this! Anyways, if you are interested in checking out our experiences at DigiPen for reference of the school or what not, we are posting weekly (if not we do longer posts after we miss a week) logs of our experiences talking about everything from teachers and students to the work load and clubs. So feel free to check both SkyBlueSapphire's blogs and mine on our pages for that.

Once again, sorry about the lack of involvement on our part. We are trying our best!

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Now offering Full Body Commissions by Artlover4lifeHannah

If you're interested in being featured, please go to Get-Commish-Features for further information.
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[OPEN] YCH Auction #16 SUMMERTIME! by Reilixin
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YCH Crescent moon [OPEN] by blastwaveinsideofme
2021 Summer Commissions are now Open - Price ListAll commissions are now open as of 13th of June 2021, scroll below for a brief list of pricing,|Open| Regular CommissionsSeptember 29, 2020These Regular Commissions prices are for:,,|Open| Adopted Design CommissionsJune 1, 2020If you own a character designed by me, or you're,,|Open| Digital Renaissance Painting CommissionsSeptember 23, 2019(I do not own or have painted this; it is by the,,|Open| NYP Commissions on Bases + Aesthetic AdoptsJune 15, 2021Name Your Price Commissions on my Bases (scroll[ I have outlined a few goals for these commissions, if you prefer to support me towards a cause 🤔 every bit helps!$120 replacement pen$600 move out from current inadequate living arrangement$1000 various costschange address for my registered studio, bank fees, utilities, initial living costsI will then have the work space needed so I can open and work on (cheaply-priced) oil painting commissions Achieved:$150/$1000 ]Commission pricesNormal prices:,◈◇ almost any characterBust US$35Thigh-up US$55Full body US$85+US$10 if detailed or complex design+US$10 to 30 for objects or weaponsfor examples and more information:📖 Commission formCommission Type: (bust, thigh-up or full body) Character(s): (name(s)) Character references: (image links)Other references: (image links for clothing, the pose, etc.) Personality and/or bio: (short description for the character) About the commission: (any specifics you want for the commission) Payment method: (Paypal via Patreon, Payoneer, Western Union, MoneyGram or TransferWise)Art for adopted characters discount prices:,◈◇ characters you've adopted from this DA or Patreon, designed by meHeadshot US$15Bust US$25Lineless thigh-up US$20Airbrushed thigh-up US$32 full body US$45Celshaded thigh-up US$42 full body US$55Thigh-up Painting US$100+US$5 if detailed or complex design+US$5 to 20 for objects or weaponsfor examples and more information:📖 Commission formCommission type: (from the listed options, or type 'custom' if you'd like something unlisted, and I will give you a price quote)Adopted character's name: (your adopt's name, temporary moniker, or you can cross this out)Reference: (here you may either link the batch you've adopted the character from, or your file of the character)About the commission: (write anything for the commission here, or character's personality, bio, or feel free to link any kind of additional references)Payment method: (Paypal via Patreon, Payoneer, Western Union, MoneyGram or TransferWise)Renaissance Painting prices:,◈◇ almost any character, female or feminine, no anthroWaist-up Portrait US$140Complete Body Portrait US$200can be paid half in advance, and half after the colored sketch and any editsfor examples and more information:📖 Commission formCommission type: Renaissance Painting (Waist-up or Complete Body)Character name: (name or nickname)Reference links: (image references for the character, and you can choose clothing from here or leave it up to me to decide something suiting for your character according to their description and references, which you will see if you like in the sketch)Character bio and personality: (write short description for the character here)Payment method: (Paypal via Patreon, Payoneer, Western Union, MoneyGram or TransferWise)NYP Commissions on my Bases + Surprise or Aesthetic Adopts:,◈◇ almost any character, female / androgynous / male, no anthrosName Your Priceor US$20 for a Surprise or Aesthetic Adopt on the base of your choosingfor more information and bases: 📖 Commission formCommission: (you can add Aesthetic or Surprise here so I know) On (choose which base)Character name: (name, moniker, or you may cross this out)Image references: (any links to image references for the design, or such as the clothing, hair, etc.; if surprise leave empty/if aesthetic then the image collage)Character description: (physical/design description, any details, and/or optionally short bio or personality description; if surprise/aesthetic leave empty)Your price: (name your price)Payment method: Paypal via my Patreon (one-time payment), Payoneer, TransferWise, MoneyGram or Western UnionThe prices for all of them are per characterNSFW themes are ok, see journals for more infoSmall characters such as little animals +US$30 for regular, +US$20 for adopt artSimple backgrounds included in the pricesComplicated backgrounds +1/2 of price, or double the final price, depends on complexity and detailCommission slots are unlimited at the moment, you can see works in progress on my profile's ID section📖 To commission me you can fill the respective forms of the kind of artwork you'd want, and comment it here, or by chat, note, discord (Obscurum#4370) or at If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments!
Adoptables, Auctions, YCH, Contests and Raffles
beautiful pony Adoptable [OPEN] by Odilmite
[OPEN] YCH Auction #42 by Leslie-Nagisa
YHH OPEN by TwenPill
ADOPT (OPEN) by 6TsukikoRin6
Animal Commissions
(COM) Eternal Daydreamer by AuldBlue
(COM) Wave of Electricity by AuldBlue
(COM) - Spilroce -Together We Sail by AuldBlue
[C] Chef-Gatsby by ZiwArt
Art Trades
. + [Commission] LoveZombie + . by EalynnArts
[COM]Juukah_simsOCcouple by PorpleBear
COMM: Hypnotized Aqua by NinaLife31
COMM: Hypnotized Dawn by NinaLife31
Chibi Commissions
[OPEN] AUCTION Adopt by Chydila
OPEN Adopt Auction by nubiferanota
[c] Pink!! by fyjil
[COMM] - Padrone by BeriKnotty
[COMMISSION]: Kirito x TrailofColdSteel Crossover. by Soyuki511
Crafts Commissions
[+VIDEO] Commission - Blooms by Meryosie
Custom OC's and Outfits
Custom design by CotletaArt
Human Animal Hybrids
[Commission] Julia by Eloru
Human Commission
Icons, Pagedolls, and PixelArt
Pixel Commission: Music54 by MyTwistedMind
Literature Related
[Pending]YCH#04 by Graxiakaz
Mature Content

Mature Content

ych(open) by Dackrea
| DOLPHIN-PONY ADOPT | OPEN | by FairyPie2909
Mythical commissions
Other types of Commissions
YCH auction #9| OPEN by EveVerner
Sonic Characters
Hawkfrost by Aomamesbeast
Steven Universe Related

Mature Content

[Comission] The Pain We Share for Jester-Hellequin by MamaLiege
Selling Misc Items
Base001 by tseiri

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I'm open for commissions!
Inking by hand, and digitally colored, the commissions take me around one week (depending the type of commission.
I accept paypal. Prices since $6.00 to $28.00 (USD)
I leave you some examples, if you like my style, contact me.

Sabretooth sketch headshot by shivadestroyer   Pizzazz by shivadestroyer   Goku Digital Color by shivadestroyer   TF comic page 1 by shivadestroyer  
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