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lady of the lake, inspired by Royo

from one of the Royo inspired shoots, the sword is a replica of one in Conan the Barbarian :)
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Swords 'anded out by watery tarts is no basis for a system of government !! .. .......

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Fantastic portrait.
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She's lovely, perfect in an Arthurian legend . By the way, is it body panting or tattoo's ?
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I'm guessing painting.

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She is very gorgeous, I'm in love lol
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I absolutely love this one. She is eroticly beautiful.
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Beautiful 👍🏻
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I am very inspired by this for some work I plan to do in the future. Thank you for the inspiration. Your work has an empowering feel about it, and I appreciate that so much. Looking forward to more. 😊
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Exquisite image!
 She knows the worth of the man who is to receive this sword from her, before he knows it himself. 
She sees the diamond before it has been cut to its perfection. 
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great spirit about her
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Very well done.  Good tribute.  
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Who made the sword for you????????????
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Magnifique !
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ohhh that's great
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I was inspired by this photo for my drawing,  thank you very much :D (Big Grin) 
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Wow she is so beautiful....
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