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We're all about pregnancy, primarily female humans, but we'll allow animals and Mpreg too. As long as your art doesn't manipulate screenshots of Tv shows or photographs, the art will be accepted.
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Nov 26, 2010


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MiyukiHisame Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2021  Student Writer
Discord is literateinlabor#1421

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet everyone. I'm currently searching for some fantastic roleplay partners to distract me during the rest of this Covid 19 pandemic, and I'm excited to find some tremendous partners to talk to. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some friends as well.

Basic Information
I'm 25 years old and roleplaying since I was 15 years old, so I have about ten years of roleplay experience under my belt.
I write around a paragraph to almost three paragraphs and would prefer to have a partner who can write around that length
I will always do third person, it doesn't matter if you do first person or second, but mine will always be the third person
I will do male x male, female x male, and female x male
I can do fandoms as well, but please let me know which fandoms you want to do ahead of time.
For pregnancy roleplays (since this is one of my main things), I am willing to carry the baby or the partner, but I'm not looking to do the carrier all the time.

Story before Smut
Kiss Scenes
well developed plots
partners who understand that I can't post every day
partners who don't ditch me.

one-liner posts

Boku No Hero
Obey Me
Mr. Love Queen’s Choice
Final Fantasy
Genshin Impact

*any other fandoms, please dm me and let me know, please post more then one liners and don't send me messages with **hi, wanna rp?** *

kinks can be discussed
Ideas are here…
fetishgirl2465 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2021
Hi I’m looking for roleplay partners! I only play on discord and I’m open minded. Below are my likes and dislikes. Feel free to note me if you’re interested!


-Long/tough labors
-Clothing birth/not making it to the hospital
-Badly timed births (broken down car or elevator)
-Big babies (nothing over like 12lbs)
-Twins or triplets
-Breech births
-Rapid pregnancy/birth
-Lots of belly rubbing
-Romance (not necessarily sex)


-Hospital births
-Forced pregnancy
MiyukiHisame Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2021  Student Writer
**Basic Information**
Call me Lit or Ari
💚24 year's old
💚 Female
💚Been roleplaying for around 10 or 11 years now
💚Does Pregnancy and Birth Rps (I lean more towards birth)
💚Discord is literateinlabor#1421

||” You sure this is a good idea, my lord? The pressure has been increasing for quite some time.” a meek voice asked, looking down at the demon who was sitting on the throne. He leaned forward, his chin resting on his hands with his legs shut as tightly as he possibly could. “I’ll be alright. Find my servant and bring him to me at once. This child won't wait long.”||

**Rp Information:**
Current Likes

Playing the Seeder
Paragraph Responses
Graphic Births
Romance (both regular cuddling and some sexual content)
Egg Laying
Birth Denial
Birth into Clothing

Long Pregnancy
Just Pregnancy
Pregnancy Sex
Sex just the hell of it.

Scat, Abuse, Torture, Piss, Shit, Popping, verbal abuse, humiliation

I have quite a bit, so please ask me about them

Gibyte12 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2021
Sure, I'd love to rp with you! Do you want me to send you a note?
Gibyte12 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2020
Hello, I'm looking for someone to rp with over notes. 

I'm interested in:
Long birth
Large baby
Large egg birth
Birth everywhere but the hospital
Getting pregnant by getting pumped with eggs (again, not sure if this is allowed, can someone confirm if it is or isn't)

I don't like: 
Mpreg (I'm fine with it but most of the time I'm not ok with it)

I am a semi literate roleplayer which means I will be typing 2-3 lines in my roleplays. I will type one liners once I start getting tired so please don't come after me if I start doing so.  Please be at semi-lit level or higher. 

Thank you, please send me a note if interested 
REESE1976 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2020
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have the imagination of birth...
I have the wrong plumbing to fully appreciate the depths of Procreation...
LumpyPumpkinKina Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Is anyone up for doing a pregnancy based Legend of Zelda RP? I've familiar with a majority of the games and willing to play all kinds of characters. I'm open to M/F or F/F pairings and alongside pregnancy, I'm willing to play around with stuffing, inflation, blueberry, weight gain or anything else that makes a character bigger. I don't often do M/M but I'm willing to try that for if that's what you really want.

I prefer proper grammar and complete sentences when possible so please try to be literate when posting. I don't mind one line responses as long as they're literate and able to move the plot forward but I would like at least 2 to 4 lines per post at minimum if possible. I can get pretty detailed if I know what I'm writing so I promise to do my best as well. 

I'm on PST time and usually on most days in the afternoon to nighttime range. I tend to get easily distracted with other stuff while using Discord so I apologize if I don't respond right away. I'm also a big Nintendo fan in general and can do Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario, ARMS or whatever other games that are Nintendo related due to being a total Switch addict right now.

My Discord is LumpyPumpkinKina#1466
PreggiKikia Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2020
Anyone around for some RP over notes or?
WasCooles Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2020
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