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December 15, 2012
Lucifer Angel Sanctuary by ~KeHey
Featured by pullingcandy
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Lucifer Angel Sanctuary: Lucifer angel

Photografer -Mokrushina Oksana [MAD.CREATIVE.CHARACTER]
Me as Lucifer
If you remember this post[link], then you will understand how to do this photo =D
And now it's a hot summer in Russia. Become a tradition upload photos six months ago. Same location, the same company. In general, it was difficult, but we managed. Finally my dream came true = 3
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AmberArt212's avatar
How do you make the wings?!
Crystalas's avatar
H...How did you make those wings??
Witchiko's avatar
So beautiful :3
Inarmsofamity's avatar
Holy shit, were you at metrocon 2013? There was someone with very very simular wings there and they looked like this.
RedWinterRose's avatar
Love the wings!!!!!
The wings are so big!!! You made it!?
Oh god. Unbelievable. Glorious. 
RoxiiCosplay's avatar
sx-canis-lupus's avatar
OMG! How did you make the wings?? Incredible!
Asderuki's avatar
Wings are win :D
Makeshitoholic's avatar
Lisiane's avatar
Awesome wings!!
nayruvy's avatar
que hermosura! dios
vires-infinitum's avatar
Taken and posted without your permission - Some people don't mind, but I think it's rude not to give credit

Tyranous-King's avatar
:shocked: How the hell did you do those wings :wow:
KidXister's avatar
Your wings are HUGE! What are they made of? were they heavy?
ColletteSinclaire's avatar
Cool - love your style! :D

Collette Sinclaire: Psychic Medium / Psychic Channel... Dead people see me! :giggle: [link]
Ki-Plueschie's avatar
I love your Wings Luci-sama *__*
SheSeesRavens's avatar
Those are the most beautiful wings I have ever seen. Oh my goodnesss... @-@ *drools* and I'm wondering if you made that trench-coat looking outfit, or bought it? It's stunning :)
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