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Angel Sanctuary: Lucifel

The first angelic form of Lucifer before he became the devil *-*
[link] please!
Angel Sanctuary
Angel Lucifel - me
Photografer -Mokrushina Oksana [MAD.CREATIVE.CHARACTER]

27.03.2012 - date of photography
Yep, that's a Russian in the snow and cold in March =D
I will add mystique, we actually prayed to the heavens. the snow did not melt up photography. And indeed the first day when we were shooting Setsuna and Sara was cold, snow and sun. But on the second day we woke up and saw that the snow storm outside. In general, long and fun to talk, as we dragged it all on the field, as passing cars honked and stopped. As I was drifting in the strong gusts of wind like a sail in the ocean, but it was fantastic! With what joy we then looked at the photos of the computer monitor, though the simplest and tired, but happy))
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impressive wings!
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Where in Russia are you from?
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ahhhhh! its so beautiful. totally fangirling over here. angel sanctuary was my first manga and is now the only manga i ever read all the way through ad its my favey! and some of the best and most beautiful manga art that ive ever seen.
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Amazing...just AMAZING!
Love that!
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oh my god Gesha, this is why you're my favorite cosplayer. *-*
M-may I adress you as Gesha-Sama!?  oAo
and how did you make the wings? they're so amazing, I'm always so impressed with the wings you make.
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Wow, you are Lucifel!
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So..... I.... mmh....:Q____ Merry me, take my soul but merry me!
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Amazing work. What are those wings made of?
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wow is stunning! Love it!
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Also equally amazing. ^^ (came to this from the link of your other)

I really love this, so breathtaking...
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That's REALLY good cosplay. I'm impressed.
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Cool, I clicked a link from the summer one, and both are amazing! I also have no idea what anime this is from... Oh well, it's cool...
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These are incredible.
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Very interesting and original idea indeed.
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Wow! This is awesome, I love the wings and the contrast.
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Ok how in heave do you make this wings?
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GREAT! What the resolution shows I like all parts of your costume and the staff.. (wish it was a bigger image)
Then those wings.. are breathseizing! and hopefully that's a word.
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You make a cute angel
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You look like a real angel here
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