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You are my Sunshine

I pounced on an unsuspecting hare. As its screech was heard for miles. "You will make for a good meal. I said as I picked up the limp creature. I walked back to the base with my tail proudly held high. Upon arriving my packmates were already busy I dropped the hare. Realizing I had missed role call. I sped to find Abyss. "I hoped he won't be angry." I nervously chuckled to myself
Oh by the way for those of you not sure of who I am. My name is Little Miss Sunshine, or Sunshine for short. I am quite possibly the most laid back wolf of the Defenders. I'm a pacifist by nature, and perfer not to get into fights, and that includes arguments. I am nore what the pack would call perky, and giddy most of the time. But like all of us, I have my share of faults. They often tell me I am one wolf too trusting. I love all my friends in the pack. But my cynical friends really get me down some of the time. Is that wrong to say? Probably is. I do regardless try to be a friend to all. Anyways about my age you say? Well I'm a bit older the Gems and Abyss I am 20 years old and they are 19. So we are all still Adolescents or young adults, you know come to think of it all of us except Wing who is 16, are around our 20s.
Alpha!" I called, Abyss immediately responded.
Sunshine?" He got up from his intricate weaving of herbs.
"I do apologize sir. I missed the role call." I bowed several times. Abyss stood there with an odd expression on his face. "Is everything...ok?" I asked with half a smile and a nervous laugh.
" Yeah," he said. Its just... I kinda didn't call your name for the role call today." He said blushing from embarrassment. There was dead silence for moment. he had flat out forgot about me. As I suddenly burst out in laughter. He laughed nervously too.
"I'm sorry he said. "It was so early. And I'm new to the whole alpha thing." He chuckled.
"Awe Abyss its ok. We are all ok. No harm done." I said with one last sympathetic laugh.
Chapter two You are my Sunshine #1 by Gerundive
Upon the end of the session, we heard someone approaching. both of our heads turned to see Gemstone. With a smile of amusement.
"Abyss you're alpha now." She scolded. "You can't just forget your packmate, No excuses!"
He nodded back at his mate.
"Affirmative." He said seriously. Clearing his throat. "It will not happen on my end again miss Sunshine."
I nodded in acknowledgement. "I did bring a few hares back for breakfast." I told him. "And I will make sure to be there for role call from now on as well."
I finished my discussion with the alphas as I walked back to the pack. To find one of bestest friends. "Coley!" I called to to the bulkier wolf of the pack, he looked up from his separating of meats before breakfast. A smile formed on his face as bumped him playfully.
"Hi Sunshine." Cole said beaming, returning the favor with a playful bump.
"Hows it going this morning." I said, but Coles mind had become absent, and. His gaze had trailed off to the other side of the clearing where we could both see Athena a dark gray she wolf scooping  water into the barrels to store for the winter.
"Eye spy with my little eye someone who begins with "A" I said eyeing Cole.
"Uh," he thought for a moment "Akeme?"He guessed. I shook my head.
"No Coley. But, I will give a hint you're gawking at her again." I teased playfully. He shook his head in embaressment as his eyes darted away from Athena.
chapter 2 You are my Sunshine #2 drawing  by Gerundive
"Go ask her out, I will be your wing Man." I said elbowing the timid wolf.
"You're a girl though." He said trying to evade the topic.
"Are you going to ever ask her out?"
"When Im old and gray."
"Well your one of those, you're gray. Doesn't that count for something?"
"No I don't think so." He said quietly.
"How about I go ask her?"
"No!" Cole said wide eyed.
"Come on Cole, Athenas looking at you."
Poor Cole had such a crush on Athena, and suprise, suprise! She likes him too. They are just so afraid to say it to eachother. So I get to be the mediator. I try my best to be the Love guru but with those two its easier to get a cat and dog to date then those two stubborn wolves. They would look so cute together!

Oh Whats that do I have a special someone? No I do not Cole is sweet just not my type I am not looking for a relationship currently. Friendship is where I shine anyways. No pun intended.
I headed over to Akeme.
"Hey Akeme hows it going girl!"
"Well I'm doing great."
"Soooo" I prodded. "Wanna hang out later after work is done?"
"Sure." She said.
"Okay girl I will let you get back To what you were doing. Give me a hug."
"Rain check."
Chapter 2 You are my sunshine # 3 drawing  by Gerundive
"Thats what your said last time. Come one lets get that hug." I said squeezing Akeme as she growled a little.
Gosh I love that girl. But so serious. Anyways I really should get back to my work. I will talk to you later thanks for sticking around. You're the best!
This chapter is about Sunshine and getting to know her.
Little Miss Sunshine was named after my Grandmas favorite song she used to sing to me. sunshines plush was given by my Grandma a few years ago.
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