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As of today I'm leaving the tiny spot of land I bought a couple of years ago to visit some other parts of this globe we all live on. First of all I'm gonna chill out in Grand Canaria (Spanish island some 400km from the African mainland) and later this month I will be visiting Hong Kong.

If you guys leave any messages or faving stuff in the gallery I wont be able to reply until october.

So see you later fellow DevArtists ..
Thank you community, thank you very very much !!
Ok, yet 1 or 2 days to go at the job and then i'll be home for the holidays, spending some time with the family. So to all the visitors and the watchers of this gallery I whish everybody a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year.

My wish for humanity and for the sake of our planet is that I hope that someone will soon come up with durable and green energy that does not affect the face of our earth as drastic as the current "compelled" solutions. Earth is just a tiny place in a vast universe, but it is the only known place where humanity can live, together with millions of other species who are all children of this planet. We can't live on Mars, on Pluto or any other planet in our solar system. Traveling to other solar systems aint gonna happen anytime soon, so until then we are stuck here, on that blue paradise we call earth, MOTHER earth.

It's future lies in our hands, together we are one ...

So the gallery is back in its normal state, all deviations are back in an updated package. Have fun downloading ..
I've just cleaned up a big part of the gallery, removed older screenshots, wallpapers, outdated gadgets and so on. I'm gonna reupload most of the stuff in an updated package.

The stuff that's gone forever : the viblue and viblack gadgets, vista bubble wallpapers and the ultima wallpapers and gadgets.

The stuff that will be back : the yin yang gadgets, possibly a yin yang wall (not certain about that and if so matching logons), a black gadgetline simular to the ocean gadgets, new black vista flag wallpapers, blackline wallpapers simular to the ocean wallpapers and matching logons offcourse. Possible my black visualstyle with a new shell will be uploaded too.

-some gadgets were outdated
-some wallpapers were'nt that great at all

So? It was time for a change.
Watch this gallery in the months to come.

And like Arnold always says : I'll be back !