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Gersmaero V2

By gersma
Whats changed compared to gersmaero v1?

-reintroduced the glossy startmenu as a substyle
-the clear startmenu has been completly redone
-the places bar is as of now a soft blue gradient

Have fun with it,
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omg my pc is like that :X i love it and i love the photo
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do you have one of these for windows 7 32 bit?
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No i don't but if you know somebody who can do a port to win7 feel free to do it or ask someone. I have not yet edited any visualstyle on windows 7 .. too busy with the gadgets ..
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Thank you !!
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nice update mate
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thank you !!
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I still miss the start panel glossy look of the original theme.
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ok i'll make one for you only, what i need to know is what substyle do you use? (0%, 5%, 5%-20%) and i'll do it for that substyle only !
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Really??? Cool!

I use 5-20.
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It's done, the glossy menu is back. Say thank you to the thanksgiving turkey ...
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Actually looks better than i imagined. I think in earlier version the glossy part was wider. This is actually better.
I like it, it's simple and very clean.

One question for you gersma, how did you get your theme to remove that ugly swoosh thing that is usually in the right of the details pane in explorer?
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You do not have to explecitly remove it in the code, it is removed by default when you put new graphics in the shellstyle for the background of the details pane. And it is only gone after loading the customized shell the second time, i think it is a vista thing that is coded in vista itself and not in the shellstyle.
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Thanks for the update :)
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no problem, just a small color update, thats all !
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