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Gersmaero V1

This is my personal visualstyle i use on all my computers at home. It is a simple aero mod with some subtile changes.

Both basic and aero part are skinned.

The shell is a slightly modified version of a win7 shell by Freak180 which can be found here : [link] Thank you Freak180 for letting me use your resources !! Much Appreciated !!

It comes in 5 substyles :
- gersmaero clear (100% transparent)
- gersmaero_0% (opaque)
- gersmaero_5% (5% transparent)
- gersmaero_5%_20% (5% on taskbar, 20% on maximized windows)
- gersmaero_20% (20% transparent)

This vs can be used on daily basis as it's very easy on the eyes and has a good readability.

recomended resources :
- gersmaero visualstyle : use the download button on the left !
- sidebar without background : [link]
- black userpic : [link]
- black gadgets ENGLISH : [link]
- black gadgets DUTCH : [link]
- vistaextreme wallpaper : [link]
- vistaextreme logons : [link]

3rd party programs :
- logonstudio vista : [link]
- uxthemedll patcher (for non microsoft visual styles) : [link]
- sidebarstyler (for changing the sidebar background) : [link]


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make a port for 7 if u can, please
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First look at this U made my day.Perfect!!!
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can you port this to windows 7?
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I have no experience whatsoever on porting vista visual styles to windows 7. But I have already experimented with a resource editor and made wa windows 7 aero version which resembles the one above a lot, except for the task bar which in my win7 version is the flat styled win7 taskbar and not the small & glossy vista taskbar.

Maybe I'll put it online but the problem with these simple aero edits is that they are not much appreciated by the community. Some comments like : what's changed, boring, etc might be espected.
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Does this work on windows 7? :devart:
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no, it is a vista visual style ..
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Someone should make a windows vista VS for windows 7. That would be nice :ninjabattle:
Pawl57's avatar
how are we supposed to looads them without the .theme file?
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1) choose the vs you want (pack contains 5)
-> Gersmaero_clear for example
2) copy that folder to c:\windows\resources\themes
3) open display properties and find the option where you can choose your visual style, choose gersma clear from the list

confirm your choice and then the gersma clear vs should be loading, thats all ..
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i really enjoy this first i thought well theres not much to it but then i applied it and really appreciated its subtle elegance. well done, i wish there were more styles that only had subtle changes
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thank you for this nice comment !
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Didn't you have another version with the Start Menu being more reflective?
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yes i had, but this one is the updated version of that one, and i have idd removed the startmenu gloss.
SlavaKM's avatar
By any chance, do you still have that version?
The gloss made it look so much better.
Can i have it?
gersma's avatar
i'm sorry, but i don't have it anymore. i deleted it when i updated my gallery ..
SlavaKM's avatar
too bad, i really liked it.
seemed more "finished"
gymenii's avatar
It's a nice change from aero stock. I like it very much :)
gersma's avatar
yeah me too, my fav is the "5%-20%" variation !!
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thank you Ripken !!
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