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Chameleon Glass



Chameleon Glass

NOTICE 1 : the archive is in 7zip format (.7z) -> if you can't "un7zip" the package download sevenzip here : [link]

NOTICE 2 : someone made a nice video on youtube on how to download and install these gadgets ! thank you WarrenClyde for letting me now. You can watch it here : [link]

17 apr 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- dutch and english versions merged together
- all gadget versions go to 1.4 (prev 1.3)

14 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- onedrive gadget displays more accurate drive usage stats for 1T+ drives

09 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- stats gadget updated with new code to prevent negative uptimes
- ondrive gadget updated with the option to choose between free or used space

- fixed a bug for the digiclock gadget not installing properly

05 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- changed the icon set for the weather gadget with a set by MerlinTheRed [link]
- reintroduced the moon icons again
- changed the way the radio gadget works
- all gadget versions go to 1.3 (prev 1.2)

03 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- added digiclock gadget with am/pm or 24h mode and alarm function

- fixed a translation bug on the stats gadget (no adress ..)
- fixed a cosmetic bug on the stats gadget where long wifi names were displayed outside the gadget
- converted all code from ansi to unicode for compatibility with asian languages (Thanks to Allure98)
- all gadget versions go to 1.2 (prev 1.1)

01 feb 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- fixed bug in the netstats gadget displaying wrong usage %

- important code upgrade on ALL gadgets for much better performance
- changed the offline awareness function from the pop3 gadget
- all gadget versions go to 1.1 (prev 1.0)

24 jan 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- gadget timings adjusted
- zero bytes bug now completly solved
- added backgrounds to the flyouts for better readability

- fixed zero bytes bug on the onedrive gadget

100% pure glass gadgets, work with any wallpaper, like a true chameleon they change color to match whatever wallpaper you throw at them ..

This is what you get :

- digiclock : digital clock with am/pm, 24h and alarm function
- calendar : resizable desktop calendar
- clock : analogue desktop clock
- control : shutdown, restart or lock your pc from the desktop
- cpu : monitor the cpu and ram load of your rig
- email : check your pop3 account for new mail
- netbars : monitor your bandwidth usage through a graphical bar
- netstats : monitor your bandwidth usage through textual info
- notescolour : coloured postit notes
- noteswhite : white postit notes
- onedrive : monitor free space for any drive on your pc
- radio : listen live to DI or SKY fm streams, or add streams yourself
- recyclebin : with spinning recycle icon when full
- stats : shows online/offline state, uptime, localIP, date, wifi strength, battery status
- weather : shows current weather conditions + a 5 day weather forcast in the flyout

15 pieces in total

awards :
- Windows 7 Tips (superblog) -> [link]
- MSN.DE -> [link]
- 5 stars on ZDNET.DE -> [link]


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This is really great work, very nice and clean.

Would you possibly consider making a memory gadget similar to onedrive?

I only ask because I have a cpu gadget in use already that I like very much.
CPU Graph by Cosmin Margarit Rus, that luckily looks very good with your work.
But this leaves me lacking a suitable memory gadget that also looks good with your work.

If you cant, its no problem, I will just get used to your cpu/mem combo.
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