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Chameleon Black

Chameleon Black

NOTICE : the archive is in 7zip format (.7z) -> if you can't "un7zip" the package download sevenzip here : [link]

The wallpaper can be downloaded here : [link]

- black gadgets now have same code as glass gadgets
- dutch and english versions merged together
- all gadget versions go to 1.4 (prev 1.3)

14 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- onedrive gadget displays more accurate drive usage stats for 1T+ drives

09 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- stats gadget updated with new code to prevent negative uptimes
- ondrive gadget updated with the option to choose between free or used space

- fixed a bug for the digiclock gadget not installing properly

05 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- changed the icon set for the weather gadget with a set by MerlinTheRed [link]
- reintroduced the moon icons again
- changed the way the radio gadget works
- all gadget versions go to 1.3 (prev 1.2)

03 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- added digiclock gadget with am/pm or 24h mode and alarm function

- fixed a translation bug on the stats gadget (no adress ..)
- fixed a cosmetic bug on the stats gadget where long wifi names were displayed outside the gadget
- converted all code from ansi to unicode for compatibility with asian languages (Thanks to Allure98)
- all gadget versions go to 1.2 (prev 1.1)

01 feb 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- fixed bug in the netstats gadget displaying wrong usage %

- important code upgrade on ALL gadgets for much better performance
- changed the offline awareness function from the pop3 gadget
- all gadget versions go to 1.1 (prev 1.0)

24 jan 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- gadget timings adjusted
- zero bytes bug now completly solved
- added backgrounds to the flyouts for better readability

- fixed zero bytes bug on the onedrive gadget

This is what you get :

- feedreader : newsreader gadget
- digiclock : digital clock with am/pm, 24h and alarm function
- calendar : resizable desktop calendar
- clock : analogue desktop clock
- control : shutdown, restart or lock your pc from the desktop
- cpu : monitor the cpu and ram load of your rig
- email : check your pop3 account for new mail
- netbars : monitor your bandwidth usage through a graphical bar
- netstats : monitor your bandwidth usage through textual info
- notescolour : coloured postit notes
- noteswhite : white postit notes
- onedrive : monitor free space for any drive on your pc
- radio : listen live to DI or SKY fm streams, or add streams yourself
- recyclebin : with spinning recycle icon when full
- stats : shows online/offline state, uptime, localIP, date, wifi strength, battery status
- weather : shows current weather conditions + a 5 day weather forcast in the flyout

16 pieces in total


© 2009 - 2021 gersma
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Hello, I wonder why the months and the days of the week start with a small instead of a capital letter.
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Awesome work, thanks a lot, using your glass gadgets long time.
May me ask...can we wait glass version of feed widget?a
i think the Link is broken. is it possible tp reupload it again?
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hc66345's avatar
the wallpaper is fuking awesome!!
beracah's avatar
i hav no idea what to do after unzipping...really dumb i help meeee
mostlyneeds's avatar
awesome work....
Xenomorph777's avatar
They're perfect for me,Most excellent!Many thanks for sharing these with us gersma :)
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yayme's avatar
nvm i got my answer about the email gadget lol
yayme's avatar
Mail gadget disappears once it hits the desktop....everything else shows up fine.
hello, interested to prepare a customized version of the radio gadget? how i can take contact with you? let me know, Paolo
why do the netstat gadgets round off the speed? can you make it show the exact bps?
I really like these gadgets.. they look awesome...!!

Just one question though... these gadgets are they encoded or something..? I tried to edit the control gadget to change the lock funtion to sleep function but I can't..
Any way to change this...?
gersma's avatar
The code is indeed scrambled so it can't be messed around with.
The gadget pack is not a Creative Suite but a Wysiwyg Pack!
No worries... cheers for the heads up..
I love it! Nice work!!

But I do think there is a problem with "07. Stats" gadget though. It chooses the wrong network adapter to show the ip. I am running windows 7 64 bit and the priority/order of the netcard is set correct in windows->control panel->network and sharing center->change adapter settings->press alt for menu->advanced menu->advanced settings. Number one is my netcard and number two is my virtual hamachi netcard. It keeps displaying the ip of the hamachi netcard though. Maybe it could be made optional or something.

gersma's avatar
have you tried the gadget options? you can set the right network card there.
nope. there seems to be no network options for the "07. stats" gadget :(
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