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Blacklines Wallpaper

black version of my ocean wallpaper ..

IMPORTANT : if you do not want this wallpaper to show up very ugly on your desktop, copy the right bmp for your screenresolution to "c:\windows\web\wallpaper" and then go to desktop properties -> change background -> windows wallpapers -> choose the ocean lines wallpaper. Set it to be displayed tiled or centered. All other ways for aplying the wallpaper (eg. rightclicking it -> set as desktop background) WILL result in a very ugly wallpaper because windows will transform it in a jpg and in the process its perfection will be destroyed in a very desastrous manner !!

recomended resources :
- gersmaero visualstyle : [link]
- sidebar without background : [link]
- black userpic : [link]
- blacklines wallpaper : use the download button on the left !
- blacklines logons : [link]
- black gadgets ENGLISH : [link]
- black gadgets DUTCH : [link]

3rd party programs :
- logonstudio vista : [link]
- uxthemedll patcher (for non microsoft visual styles) : [link]
- sidebarstyler (for changing the sidebar background) : [link]


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