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Apr 2010 Desktop

By gersma
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gadgets -> chameleon glass by me [link]
wallpaper -> personal wallpaper mod of [link] by vladstudio
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Please, dont work on win10 Email (pop3). HELP!!!

I did it myself!
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Hello. Very best job. I made a small modification, I hope you do not mind and you'll love. [link]

I do not know how to create gadgets but I thought you could do for its own set of gadgets such here

and here
It would be nice
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Very Nice work I also have no Premium.
Have Look in my Gallery Won't you.
I don't visit often so any reply to comments may be delayed.
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Hmmm... I can't figure out how to search for your own city in the weather gadget. Help?
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There is a little bug in the oneDrive Gadget-in a other version you can open the data medium with a doubleclick on the background.This doesn't work here but it's not a big problem - change in the JavaScript ''function loadmain''.Under 'background.onclick = executeDrive;' write : background.doubleclick = openDrive; -then it work if you doubleclick on the progressbar
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clicking the background on transparent gadgets does not work, not a bug, ask microsoft why ..
clicking the non transparent areas does work, for the onedrive gadget that would be the progress bar.

there is also a visual guide provided in the pack which shows you the clickable areas on the transparent gadgets.

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Hy Gersma.
You're right.The crazy is,in my first Java script I make a mistake and suddenly it work-but only the function 'open the explorer' but not the 'refresh task''s really crazy..if I write the script correct:
"background.ondblclick = executeDrive;" (I like open it with double-click) the 'refresh task' work but the 'open explorer' not,also not on the progress-bar.
In the first I think it have to do because I used Vista,but on the msdn side I read there is no different...real buggy.
Anyway you make a nice work :clap:
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Also it is not hard at all to make the wall. I made a 1440x900 with PS in 15 min. and I am not even that good at it. [link]
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I like this but unless I am using wrong server settings there is something wrong with the email gadget. Can you tell me what to enter for live mail and gmail. Thank you
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the mail gadget does not YET work with live mail or gmail. That will be done in the upcomming winter update. For now all work to the gadgets is halted ..
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I like the wallpaper mod! I wish I could have it :D

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I have problems with the radio application (yes, i have version 1.4) on windows 7. Every time I change the channel or stop the radio stream and later view the stream, the CPU both CPUs overflow (100% load). The only way to stop this is to stop the gadgets and restart it. It would be awesome if you could fix the problem.
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can anybody share this wallpaper, its amazing
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whats the icon with the "2" inside next to the network icon?
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thats a program i wrote, its called 2screens. It acts as a desktop extender, basicly switching on your second screen (if you have one) and putting it on a predefined location (topleft, top right, bottom etc ..) and this way you can enable it where the screen physicly stands on your desk ! you can do this through your video card settings, but my program does in one mouseclick ..
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nice idea, may i try it? i'm using 2 screens @home and @work.
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no problem send me a note here on deviantart with your real email adress and so i can send it to you
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Nice one, this makes me smile !
Please share the wallpaper in the screeshot
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it is copyrighted .. ask vladstudio to send me a pm if i can share it ..
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Hi man let me know if u can share that wall, thanks :P
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