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The Commander who styled his hair...

By GerryArthur
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Hi Folks,
This is a commission for the lovely  :icondemonicdivas: 

Cullen is not happy in the Winter Palace...
Especially when there're a lot of 'weak' lords and ladies grabbing his.....behind.

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ah! this is even more amazing!
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I JUST HAD A CARDIAC ARREST WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KFSKDFJDSKLFJSDKDLF Steven experiences a seizure. elrubiusOMG: OMG Mildly Internally Triggered Disappointed Confused Cat omg 
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I just love how you painted him!
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His look reminds me of Michael Vartan. Why do I remember his name? I dunno.
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Gorgeous.  Love the shading.  Feels very Old World portraiture.
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You have an art of capturing peoples faces...
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OMG! <3 He looks so perfect. :aww: He's really handsome. :love: I never saw so realistic portrait of Cullen before. In my opinion it's definitly the best artwork with cullen. It's so awesome. :heart:
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Extraordinary! :O
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Honestly, this is my favorite piece of fan art I have encountered. Solas is my favorite character, but this is just absolute perfection. The lighting, the expression, the muddy, subdue tones-- I cannot express how much I love this art. 
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Omg. Love it. You Have good catch Cullen face in the game.
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It's so beautiful, he's so perfect *-*
He looks so REAL! :o (Eek)  I can't even... Oh Maker...
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This is perfect. I am done with the internet. Goodbye. 
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OH MY GOD HE'S PERFECT!!!! *faints* It's my birthday and I couldn't have found a lovelier present!
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This is awesome! Cullen looks so adorable~  Llama shy 
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Well thank you, now I'm drooling all over my keyboard <3
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*aggressively adds to favorites a couple times* hellos from tumblr ♥
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Haha lol)

So sorry that you don't know Russian language, I'd share a funny song with you...
Some time ago there there was a redesign of the army uniform. The task was given to one of the top Russia's couturiers. And he did something what he thought was good, but soldiers in one voice shouted that the new uniform is impractical for the military needs. And the official choir of Russian Army made a remake of one patriotic song, twas a parody on this redesign. Gosh, it was so funny!
Here are some words from that song, but such a pity that you cannot enjoy the rhyme and rythm...

the battle is lost at the beginning,
If you're brave, but not beautiful!

beautiful Sergeant yells to an elegant Rota:
"Guys, to the fashion parade!"

if the bullet hurts you in battle,
you will accept your fate easily,
When you're in jeans and a cardigan

Remember once and forever -
In any battle details are important:
When you see the enemy's suit...
It is not fitted, and ours - is fitted!
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Thanks! :hug:

And thanks for sharing the lovely song :D :D
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omg omg omg omg!!!
This is...perfection! :love:
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This is actually one of the best portraits of Cullen I've ever seen. Everything is just perfect - colors, textures, EVERYTHING
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