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Mouse Gerry - Inkohaulyc-1

By GerryAAB
Gerry has turned into a mouse! Of course, whenever he visits the Secret of NIMH universe, kinda like Sora in Kingdom Hearts (i.e. he turns into a lion in the Pridelands/TLK universe). That is if I ever decide to do such an AU fanfiction with Gerry in that universe (I probably will!) :D

This piece was done for me by FurAffinity artist 'inkohaulyc-1' (, back in June 2019.
This is just the first of a few pieces with Gerry in different animal forms. I look forward to one day seeing what he looks like as a fox and a cat! Of course, he's officially a rabbit, and he always will be! This is just for fun, given that I've seen other artists try out different animal looks on their sonas!
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Looks rather cute in design. ^^