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these is the joker the nemesis of batman, it´s made only by dots, i like how it looks hope you like it

based in a drawing by alex ross

es el guason el enemigo de batman, lo hice para una tarea, son puros puntitos, me agrado el resultado final, espero que les agrade

basado en un dibujo de alex ross
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This is amazing!
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Dude, how long did that take you!? It seems like it would take forever! And to get it to look almost exactly the same!! Amazing!
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No problem!It's true!
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alex ross joker ftw!
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this is pointillism.
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I love the Joker, I love how he's always smiling ^^ Nice one. Must've taken you a while if it's made up of dots.
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Wow nothing but dots? Cool.
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Wow this is really amazing =D
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Nice sketch!! have a look at mine.
Ha I'm surprised you didn't go mad with all the dots!
Wonderful result though, really haunting.
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man ur patient!
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I never liked stipling art but this is cool.
Great job.
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I love the Joker's smile! Personally, I find smiling to be more nerve wrecking rather than some big, strong guy just staring at you- trying to look evil.
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yes i agree thats why the joker looks always very creepy
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Hello. I've featured your art in this article: [link] :)
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hey thanks a lot i apreciated a lot

happy new year
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thanks a lot, and thanks for the fav
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wow this is great. i can feel the evil plot hes planning just from the look in his eyes and the snippling smile.
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thanks a lot for the comment
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