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the prince's tale 19

I've made a tiny drawing of every memory in the prince's tale, in my opinion one of the most moving passages in J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.'

characters: remus lupin and george weasley (as harry)
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Poor George ,but that action of Severus saved life in this moment of Remus. 
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Wow I forgot that this happened while he was Harry. Great job!
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Oh, poor George!  The twins were easily two of my favorite characters and I never got over their fates at the end. :(
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Yeah I know, it shocked me too.
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at first i've thought: Uh, why's harry losing his ear?? Ist george the one who lost his ear? but then i read the text... :D
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yes I can see how that might have been confusing.
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I knew something was going to happen to Fred as soon as George's ear happened, but I never imagined he would actually die...*sniff*

You colored this really nicely. The expressions are great.
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really? I had no idea J.K. Rowling would hurt the twins :-(
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he looks soo surpriced (hello captain obivious) I like the blood..
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I like the blood splattering :)
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That looks scarier as an illustration :<.
It does make me glad that you never actually saw Snape doing that and that you only heard about what happened.
Your expressions are fantastic though :), and it's coloured nicely even though it's so gory :<.
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Oh, beautifully done. I love the colors, and their expressions. Poor George. I love the look of shock you caught on his face.
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