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I'm so pleased with this drawing of ron and hermione; it turned out just as I wanted
characters belong to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter-books
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nice job on this :) i like her hair! 
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The colouring looks very smooth and fine.can i ask if you colour the background first and the characters later or the other way round?I'm experimenting with watercolours at the moment and i really admire your colouring so i thought to ask. :]
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You can do both. I usually start with the characters because I seldom feel like drawing a background. When I do (as in this picture) it's often a single colour that complements the characters.
So here I started drawing Ron and Hermione and then decided to paint the background grey because it would look nice with the colours of R and H. (I started colouring too soon though: Ron's hair was still wet and it ran into the grey of the background - you can still see traces of this on the left of ron's hair. I really have to learn to let every layer dry before I put a next one on :-) )
When the background is more elaborate it might work more easily though to start with the background and colour the characters later. It's best to work out all the colours beforehand, so that the background and the characters complement each other.
I hope this is a little useful. I usually just play around with different paints, inks and pencils until the drawing is either finished or ruined :-D. I'm a little surprised that you're asking for advice though, because I saw your picture '+Rose+' and you used watercolour and coloured pencils just beautifully there!
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You think so?Thats so nice to hear!You see,i lack this experimental attitude in fear of the second part of "a drawing being either finished or ruined" as you said. :D And that holds me back from playing around and experimenting but trying it was really fascinating and liberating so i'm trying more and more now.

Thanks for the hints,all was quite useful and appreciated - its really helpful learning from others.
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Hermione's pouty sad face is beautiful.
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Let me guess: 6th year? :)
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Hehe, I knew it. I love their expressions. Silly kids :]
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love the coloring of their skin!!!:)
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