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Meeting Hermione Granger

I know they didn't end up together, but I think Neville wouldn't mind spending Valentine's Day with Luna. Too bad she had to meet up with Hermione.

Neville, Luna, Cho and Harry in Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
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Poor Harry...and poor Cho.
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Yeah, that was a painful date.
haha i don't mind nuna if it's temporary :P this is cute and captures the misery of that date very well...
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That was badly handled Harry;D Love your picture, it captures the scene perfectly
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thanks so much!
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I always had this weird feeling about Madam Puddifoot's (basically, I wouldn't even dare to stick my foot in there), and I love the way you illustrated it! (haha, the cupids! :XD:) I also like all the expressions - Cho and Harry look appropriately uncomfortable and it's funny how self-satisfied Madam Puddifoot looks. :P And Neville with Luna, of course - I like how the two scenes, inside the shop and outside, work together. :3

Really, I think your Harry Potter illustrations are my favourite ever! There's so much thought and detail and concern for the characters. :heart:
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And too bad he didn't have to meet up with Hermione.

I love the expressions for Cho and Harry. So wonderfully awkward. I still think they'd be cute together.
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I would love to buy Potter series with your illustrations in it! It would be so wonderful! :D
Great expressions on Harry's and Cho's faces.
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haha, if only...
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And we could always pretend Rolf Scamander didn't exist . . . as long as we can keep Lorcan and Lysander
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I wonder where Rolf went to school; are there other magical schools in Britain or did he go to a foreign school? (or was he home-schooled maybe?)
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I don't think so . . . because their are Scottish and Irish people at Hogwarts. Maybe there could be one in Wales? who knows?
He doesn't exist so it doesnt matter :)
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ugh, that place was just terrible :P Lovely drawing.
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I know, heart-shaped confetti in your coffee and doilies everywhere, yuch!
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Absolutely. Blergh. Like a place for four year old girls :P
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Never go on a date with someone you aren't sure you can carry on a conversation with.
Honestly :-)

Perfect as always x
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I completely agree!
thanks :-)
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