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Star Fox Adventures - New Ally

By GeroVort
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I decided to devote my first job in the Krita to Star Fox Adventures, which began my acquaintance with the SF franchise. This game disappointed me greatly, especially when I found out what it should have been before the intervention of Nintendo. It is a pity that Krystal was relegated to the background, leaving Fox alone to save the planet of dinosaurs. I hope that after the release of Star Fox Zero, in future, the company will create a remake of the Star Fox Adventure and we will be able to play as two favorite characters, each of which has different skills.
About the scene:
After the recent battle in the abandoned temple, our heroes keep their way along the river to the Thorntail border settlement. While Fox follows with interest the unusual guide and informs Peppy, on Krystal's face you can read a slight displeasure with the fact that she has to accompany an stranger who even speak an incomprehensible language. At least the red-haired stranger does not show aggression, and therefore can become a new ally.
About redesign:
Under the terms of mission, the command has banned the use of lethal weapons, so the hero is armed with a shock rifle and a police pistol with a similar shooting regime. Fox is wearing field gear, including a roomy backpack and bulletproof vest.
I changed the hairstyle for Krystal, making her look more like a wild warrior. The left leg and arm are protected by metal plates, as its fighting stance makes these parts of the body more vulnerable in combat. On her right wrist there are three bracelets that were presented to her by best friends from different dinosaur settlements.

Мелодия сцены
Свою первую работу в Krita я решил посвятить Star Fox Adventures, с которого началось моё знакомство с франшизой SF. Эта игра меня сильно разочаровала, особенно когда я узнал, какой она должна была быть до вмешательства Nintendo. Очень жаль, что Кристал отодвинули на второй план, оставив Фокса самостоятельно спасать планету динозавров. Надеюсь, что после выхода Star Fox Zero в будущем компания создаст ремейк Star Fox Adventure и мы сможем поиграть за двух любимых персонажей, каждый из которых обладает различными навыками.
О сцене:
После недавнего сражения в покинутом храме, наши герои держат путь вдоль реки к пограничному поселению иглохвостов. Пока Фокс с интересом следует за необычным проводником и информирует Пеппи, на лице Кристал можно прочесть лёгкое недовольство тем фактом, что приходится сопровождать чужака, который даже говорит на непонятном языке. По крайне мере рыжий пришелец не проявляет агрессии, а значит может стать новым союзником.
Перевод фразы: "Пеппи, это Фокс. Ты ни за что не угадаешь кого я тут встретил".
О редизайне:
По условиям миссии командование запретило использовать летальное оружие, поэтому герой вооружён шоковой винтовкой и полицейским пистолетом с похожим режимом стрельбы. Фокс одет в полевое снаряжение, включающее вместительный рюкзак и бронежилет.
Я изменил причёску для Кристал, сделав её больше похожей на дикого воина. Левые нога и рука защищены металлическими пластинами, так как её боевая стойка делает эти части тела более уязвимыми в бою. На правом запястье есть три браслета, которые были подарены ей лучшими друзьями из разных поселений динозавров.

Star Fox ® Nintendo
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I like to think that if I was the protagonist in Star Fox (even though Fox is himself), I'd meet and talk with Krystal, human and anthro way. Must be so cool for humans to speak or interact with animals in our shapes if you ask me. :D

Ashley: Hello there! My name is Ashley, and you must be Krystal, right?

Krystal: Yes, that is me. Nice to meet you Ashley!

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Cool picture of Krystal!

Danifox's avatar
Badass design, well done
GeroVort's avatar

Thanks. I will improve this design for the next drawings. :hmm:

ILuvSmexyShowgirls's avatar
Smexy and BADASS! Well done! :D

I LUV this version of Krystal! ^_^
GeroVort's avatar
Thank! But I made a mistake in the drawing when I made Krystal's face too short, which is why she does not look like a fox. Here she looks like a cat Sweating a little... 
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Question, if armoring the arm and leg, why not also the torso? The bits you don't want damaged are in there after all.
GeroVort's avatar

A large amount of armor affects mobility (overweight). If Krystal knows how to effectively evade enemy attacks, then why does she need complex protection for the body? Armor plates on the left extremities are needed because of her combat stance: left leg and arm go forward, which makes them potentially vulnerable.

Endy001's avatar
However, by your argument, would it not be superior to have the limbs be Unarmored and use that extra mobility to block and such?
Simple chest armor of metal would provide very lightweight defense. I'd guess maybe 1-3lbs depending on how much defense you wish. Considering that a full suit of plate impacted mobility little, a well distributed cuirass should be fine.
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Agree, but I did not want to go far from the original Krystal design. I just wanted to supplement it with interesting details, for example, a shoulder strap, where sheaths for a staff and a shoulder strap are attached.

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I love the redesign of Krystal. That's the look I'd use for my Star Fox female fan fiction I'll do in the future.
GeroVort's avatar
This is your choice. I hope the story will not be banal porn fan fiction Sweating a little... 
DrewBoy89's avatar
It won't. I can guarantee that. It'll basically be a retelling of the Star Fox games (sans 64 since that's a remake of the first game), and will include Miyu, Fay, and Fara Phoenix (Fox's love interest in the Nintendo Power comic).
GeroVort's avatar
Yes, I know about Fara Phoenix, it is a pity that I rarely meet her, even in fan creation. The idea sounds interesting, I wish you good luck in your work Meow :3 
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Yeah. The three of them are underrated.
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I like how you included a scabbard for Krystal's staff, on her back. You're probably the first artist to actually do that for her, besides :iconefernothedragon: that is.

Also, I share your disappointment with how Star Fox Adventure was handled. Especially when Krystal was meant to be the main protagonist and was demoted to the role of the damsel-in-distress. It would've been awesome if we could see more of her fighting style, as well as her powers. Though Nintendo making a remake of Star Fox Adventures to include Krystal as a second player, it's a little too much to hope for.

Although, it's nice to see this, as well as :iconblackbear972:'s comic, and the fan fiction Star Fox: The Saurian Adventure and its continuation exploring on the idea of Star Fox Adventure's (Director's Cut).
Blackbear972's avatar
I never thought about giving her a scabbard for the staff, something now to consider.  
ShadowDragonKing9's avatar
Ikr? Funny how it took us this long to consider.
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Thank you for the detailed comment Clap

I think that many artists simply paint Krystal according to the canon, so they do not radically change anything in her design. Personally, I like to work on drawing and justify most of the design elements. For example, asking the question: "How does Krystal carry the folding staff?". By asking yourself such questions, you can find quite a few solutions that will make the concept better.

Nintendo with the Star Fox franchise has a lot of problems due to not paying enough attention to it. That's why players can't get a game that expands the boundaries of gameplay. Instead, they offer us the same experience that was before, which in itself creates a wave of indignation (the Star Fox Zero is rated by the public very differently: some people are too praise, others, on the contrary, are too cursing). The franchise needs serious infusions of new ideas and concepts, otherwise it will fall far behind in the gaming industry :( (Sad) 

Yeah, I read Blackbear972's comics, but it is overly detailed in its cruelty. I think that the author strongly departed from the spirit of the Star Fox series and his story is perceived as a kind of military anime. However, I’m glad to know that fans don’t quit trying to complement their favorite franchise with their own ideas. It's awesome when you can look at familiar things in a new way CURSE YOU! 
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Where Fox's eyes are actually pointing at:  Star Fox Ass by LordGojira
haruau's avatar
Yep! It’s quite easy to notice. ;)
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Ok, Krystal's design here is amazing!! :D
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I love your art! Great work with the colors
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