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Geronimo! is an Art Role Playing Game set in a world inside a Virtual Fantasy Massive Multiplayer Online Game. A game set inside a game sounds like game-ception, doesn't it?

Our interests lie in world building and use original art to expand the story and the world. We mainly focus on art and roleplay through the descriptions of each submission. Our forum is for RP as well, but the use of the forum is not mandatory, nor our main focus.

Leave your mark in the MMO world, create your original character and watch them grow through art or written role play. The more events you participate in the more EXP and gold you can get, thus expanding your character's options.

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This here group will be an ARPG, focusing on character development, exploration, and world building in a Fantasy MMO. Fun times to be had, but mucho work to do before we open.

We'll be holding a Beta testing stage first, with a select few to test the group and game.

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 13, 2017, 7:48 PM

I'm a bit sad to have to do this, but I'll have to place the group in an undefined hiatus until I manage to settle down.

I'll be moving to a foreign country at the end of this month, and I have many things to do... like find a new job, possibly move again to my own apartment, make sure all my paperwork is in order, among many other things.

I knew making my own ARPG would be time-consuming, but I gave it a go anyways. I don't regret having tried it out since I learned a lot. I've had great people helping me along!

There are so many things I'd like to do for the group, I just don't have the time sadly. I'm calling this an undefined hiatus because I'd love to return to this if I ever manage to find the time it deserves.

I want to leave the discord open for everyone as we can continue talking about anything art or RP related. The forums I want to keep open for members to continue roleplaying if they wish as well. I might even update journals and submit additional information here and there (if I'm lucky enough to manage some time), I just won't be adding new activities or awarding and updating the storage/inventories.

I hope you all continue to do amazing art and enjoy all the roleplaying you participate in!

Happy gaming~

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