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The Sublime Muses: Neelia Niuk by Germille The Sublime Muses: Neelia Niuk by Germille
Maneuvers granted by the sublime muses are Extraordinaire abilities. but your knowledge and understanding of them is supernatural. You would still lose them under any circunstance you would lose your superatural abilities.

The sublime Muses

Neelia Niuk, Never ending Will
Vestige Level: 2th.
Binding DC: 19.
Special Requirement: Yes.

Special Requirement: Neelia will only appear in front of the binder if he has in his posession a masterwork longsword and a masterwork string instrument. Both objects should be present during the binding. If the instrument is not present, she will still appear and sing for one minute a song about "how beautiful is to be alive" and then disappear.

Legend: It is said that she is not being contained by the chains, but she is actually holding something horrible and gruesome, containing it, and making it impossible for it to come here.

Some binders in the past claimed to be able to talk out her past with her from time to time, so its said that she was one of the daughters of some forgotten hero trying to achieve immortality.

Manifestation: Neelia will appear forcefully throught the ground, she will fight and stretch the rusted spiked iron chains that contain her, while trying to grasp a mouthfull of sky. She will cry while smiling.

When the pact is completed, she will smile to the binder and be violently pulled back to the ground until she disappears.

Sign: When a binder makes a pact with Neelia Niuk, his fingertips get crimson, like they were hurt from trying to scratch a wall too hard. Each time you fail a move silently check an echo of chains can be heard besides you.

Influence: Under the influence of Neelia, you canít give up. You feel that it's not right, that everything and everyone depends on this moment, that happiness will be forever ruined if you let them win. You canít run from battle while under her influence.

Granted Abilities(su): Neelia grants you the ability to wear off the punishment like the warriors of legend. Powerful hits, combat prowess and that extra resiliense.

Each round: FoeHammer [devoted soul 2]
Each 5 rounds: Revitalizing Strike [devoted soul 3]cada 5 rounds:
Stance: Stonefoot Stance [stone dragon 1]

Resiliense: You gain the benefits of the stone power feat. If you already have the feat, each time you apply a penalty to your bab to use this feat, you get the first point of bab free.

Capriccio: Once a day/5 levels of binder you get protected automatically from any death effect, you get no choice on this.
Capriccio doesnít work if you donít show the sign of Neelia Niuk.
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May 12, 2012
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