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Wheel of Fashion Trends

For my 1775th deviation, I decided to have some fun with the Wheel of Fortune intro used from 1992-1994 and have some Sonic characters here. Since I didn't want to use the 10th anniversary intro (as we're way past that milestone already), I used Charlie's 11th season intro instead.

Now for the fashion part, I gave (from left to right) Berlin, Russie, Sonic, and Amy outfits based on what accessories the $1500, $2500, $5000, and $3500 spaces had respectively.

Now if you're wondering what happened to Russie's wings, don't worry. She shrank them for this occasion. As for Amy's tiara, yes, I doubled that as a halo. What a lovely angel she is! :love:

This was drawn for all my fellow Wheel friends here and at other sites.

This was also drawn for Charlie O'Donnell, someone I was very lucky to meet in person. May his spirit help the show continue on.
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May Charlie O rest in peace.
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Very cool, my favorite part are the guys, they look so...dapper!
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<chuckles> Thanks. :D
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This is cute great job
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whos russie and berlin? your chars or they are real?
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They're mine. Berlin's my fursona, and Russie's one of my gals.
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I remember this show. That was fun, but it's too bad they ended it.
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They ended it? No, they didn't, not in America that is. It's still on. Wheel will start its 29th season of syndication next month. :)
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I don't think it's as big as it was then. lol That's nice to know they didn't end it. ;)
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They certainly didn't, and I'll tell you what. It's still the number one television show in primetime syndication. 40 million viewers a week - me being just one of them.

Now although The Price is Right is actually the number one game show in America, it's not syndicated in primetime like Wheel is.

They got a lot of cool stuff right now, including the chance to win a million dollars. You read it right. $1,000,000! In fact, it's been done once already!

Even so, as a die-hard fan of the show who knows so much about it, there are a lot of things I miss about it. :(
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That's another show I remember. The price is right. I remember those days in the 90's. Those were good days... lol
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Yep. In case you haven't been watching that recently, Drew Carey's host now. Don't worry, Bob's still alive last time I checked, although I just read on Wikipedia that he collapsed at a shooting range in September of last year.

As for Price, although it's the number one game show in America, it's my number 2. Wheel's my favorite. In fact, it's the SEGA Genesis of Wheel that eventually got me into the Sonic series.

Another favorite of mine is Press Your Luck. I don't know if you heard of it. It's rather easy to play yet not as easy to win.
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is amazing, I really mean that you have a lot of style in art
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Lovely work, William :D They all look very nice!
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Thanks, Dilara. :love:

Have I ever asked you if you've seen "Çarkıfelek" at all? I can't remember if I did.
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You're welcome, William :)

Yes you did. I've seen it.
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Okay. Well, I hope I can remember next time. ^^;
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Berlin & Sonic look so handsome with the suit they wearing. Good job.
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