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WOF PB 1999

In 1999, Parker Brothers made their own board game adaption of "Wheel of Fortune." Top dollar's $800. And note the $100 space for some of those Daytime haters/lovers! A Gray "Lose a Turn"? I think that's a good color besides white. And the return of the "Free Spin" wedge! This time, you have to guess a letter for one, which means there's even less money to be won!! Arrggghhhh!!!!!

I still like the fact that's still spun like the Game of Life spinner.
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Total Value: $3,900
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If you had to make a 2011-12 version of thie 1999 12-space wheel, how would you make this?
Can you tell me by list (What Dollar amount & what color
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Well, I wasn't thinking about doing something like that, but I have some stuff associated with this that I think you'd like. :)
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Can you do a YouTube Video Review of the 1999 Wheel Of Fortune (this one in your DA
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Hey, it's up! :D :dance:

BTW, thanks for the friend request over there; I accepted it. :)
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I made the video earlier today. It should be up by the end of the week.
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