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'Unpack Your Adjectives'

"Girls who are tall get taller,
Boys who are small get smaller,
Till one is the tallest,
and one is the smallest of all."

For =Link00y.
Lyrics and scene from School House Rock's "Unpack Your Adjectives" [link]
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Cute picture and I have always think Amy Rose would look cute in sandals  
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Let's hope poor Sonic doesn't get squished.

Huh,it's true.Girls do get bigger.
SakuraDreamerz2's avatar
I loved this song! :D
BobblyWack's avatar
lol This brings fifth grade back...
MrJoshbumstead's avatar
You should do the same w/ Issabella & Phineas.
germanname's avatar
I don't think they'll be too hard to draw. :) Maybe I can do that, but sometime later on. I've got a lot of stuff to do right now.
Joenna-fans's avatar
lol...thats how i remember whats an adjective.
haoLink's avatar
Aww, that's very very cute. Thanks very much for the gift, they both look very very nice!
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Well, I'm very glad you like it, but guess what? A last minute thought I had.
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Amy: Hi little Sonic.
WhippetWild's avatar
and the red blood of the nose gets redder ^u^

I like this one. Amy has boobies ^^ and Sonic has gone retro
germanname's avatar
There you go on that one! :laughing:

Well, Sonic really hasn't gone retro. I really based his stance and looks off the original scene.
WhippetWild's avatar
yes but, this is what i had asked as a request two years ago
Current Sonic meets MegaDrive Sonic [link]
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Really cute. :3
germanname's avatar
Taggs-TC's avatar
welcome. :3 Your art is always really cute to look at. :3
germanname's avatar
Thanks. I'm a guy, BTW, so you don't have to kiss me.
Taggs-TC's avatar
welcome, and I know. What brung that up?
germanname's avatar
Really, just these. :3
Taggs-TC's avatar
Kay. I just saw that emoticon as a cat smiling, but alright. i'll use a different emote. :)
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