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Parker Bros Wheel 1-1

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on the 1999 Parker Brother's Wheel of Fortune game. I had one of these back in late 2000, but my mother sold it on me a few months after I got it since I didn't play it much.

After getting it on eBay just a few weeks ago, I already had plans to create custom layouts for the spinner. So for those who have a copy of the 1999 Parker Brothers Edition, please print this out and use it on their spinner.

Steps on how to use this.
1. Print this layout at 3.25 inches. That's how big this illustration is. I recommend you print more than one layout on a sheet of paper to prevent paper waste.
2. Cut around the outside edge of the wheel. Also, carefully cut out the white center. Yes, it's very important you cut the white center out.
3. Take out the cardboard wheel layout already part of the board game and place this paper layout inside the spinner.
4. Put back in the cardboard layout in order to keep the paper layout steady.
5. Have fun with it!

And here's the video review of the game which will give you a visual of how to do the above instructions.
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Total Value: $4,950
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Good one, Will. I got the Wheel 99 board game for Christmas back in 2000 & I still have it. I might try this one soon.
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Great! I'll do that tutorial video once I get the chance.