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Kiribian: Billy-ID by JovialNightz
Sonic Plush YCH 18 by PurpleFoxKinzMy birthday badge

Last time, I said my second SEGA Mark III and its ****load of accessories were taking a while to arrive. So here's what happened. Back on Saturday, February 2, after 25 days without any updates, I find out my Mark III was in New York City being processed by customs, it took a few days to get through, but once it did, it was quickly on it's way to Chicago. It arrived yesterday, the 7th. Pictures of it are up over at Instagram.…

Now in addition to this second Mark III, I also have a spare SEGA keyboard and 3D Glasses, but it also came with Fantasy Zone II (a Gold Cartridge game), a data recorder which uses cassettes to store data, and a drawing game called Terebi Oekaki. I checked everything out and they all work very well. Terebi Oekaki was the number one reason why I got all of this. After seeing an ad for this game (which can be watched below), I developed interest in it.

Terebi Oekaki is among the first art-based video games, being released only in Japan in 1985 for the SG-1000, and may not have a lot to offer (it doesn't even have an equivalent of MS Paint's paint bucket tool), but after I checked it out to see how everything works, I find it to be more worthwhile than some of the more notorious art-based games such as LJN's Video Art system, which was also released in 1985, and Color a Dinosaur, which was released for the NES in July 1993. Even though Terabi Oekaki may not be as worthwhile as Mario Paint for the SNES, Art Alive for the Genesis, or Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio also for the Genesis (and doesn't even offer as many color options as LJN Video Art), it's still a decent game for the time it was released, and it's certainly a fun piece of SEGA history to own. Even so, I think I should stick with a sheet of paper and colored pencils for my drawings, but who knows? Maybe I'll make a drawing on this game someday and put it up here at DeviantArt.

Speaking of which, as for those drawings of those characters I adopted, I started on them, but haven't made too much progress on them. At the same time, I'm also working on a drawing of Blaze wearing that Lunar New Year's Dress she wears in the mobile game Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. Recently, the game had an event where you could unlock Blaze wearing this beautiful dress. When I heard about the event last week, the event was about halfway through with only six days left. It took me a couple days worth of plugging away at this game to unlock her. The event is over now, but I managed to upgrade her to Level 5 not long before the event ended. This outfit for Blaze is no longer available to be obtained or leveled up any further, at least until next year (I don't want to count on that happening thoe), but for those who unlocked her, you can still continue to play as her. They've yet to have a special event with Amy in a special outfit, but once I hear about it, I'll be quick to try and unlock that.

There's really not much else going on at this point, apart from my birthday on March 2nd (my drawing for that is in my waiting to be submitted), but I'm planning on commissioning some artists later this month as well as picking up some Sonic statues over at GameStop and the next issue of IDW's Sonic comics. I'll keep you guys updated on that along with anything else that may come up.


ßill Gename
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Kiribian: Billy-ID by JovialNightz Sonic Plush YCH 18 by PurpleFoxKinz

Request/Trade/Point Commission Information
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Name: Bill Gename
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Game Shows (esp. Wheel of Fortune)
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True Stories (Truth really is stranger than fiction, which is why I find it compelling)
Cars (esp. early 1990s Dodge Viper RT-10 and Saturn Sky)
Airplanes (esp. Commercial Jetliners)
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Classic Rock (esp. Boston and Bon Jovi, the latter who by the way is exactly 28 years older than I am)

Marital Status: Single (and I'm keeping it that way)

Love Life: Despite my marital status preference, my love life consists of Sonia, Amy, Cosmo, Zooey, Tikal, Jani-Ca, and the other heroines from the Sonic series as well as my Sonic OC gals (They all feel like family to me).

What I don't like: Racism, misogyny, misandry (seriously, there's WAY too much of that), or bias. I will not tolerate sayings or actions that state that there are such things as superior/better/weaker races or gender. They're not fair! Everyone's equal, plain and simple. Now if you feel like you're on the minority side (or have even been victimized) when it comes to stuff like this, I'll be more than happy to do what I can to help you out with that. Besides, I like sticking up for the underdog.

Current Residence: Southwest Side of Chicago (Go Blackhawks! Go White Sox!)
Favourite genre of music: 70s & 80s Rock
Operating System: Windows 7 and 10
MP3 player of choice: 64GB iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon characters: Ladies from most Sonic, Disney, and Warner Bros. series
How I feel about others: I feel like all else's lives matter more than mine, but that's one reason why I help them.

How I feel about Sonic: If others hate Sonic, fine, yeah, whatever the [BLEEP], but if they try to make me hate Sonic, :iconnogoodplz:.

SEGA Systems I currently own (in order of release)
SG-1000 II
Mark III (Two units)
Master System (US version modded with Region Switch and FM Chip)
Genesis (Model 1) complete with Power Base Converter (for Master System games)
Game Gear (Regular Black, currently not working, and Limited Edition Blue, currently working)
Victor Wondermega M1 (Yes, you read that right! The M1!)
Pico (Japanese and North American)
32X (currently atop my CDX)
Saturn (Japanese and North American)
Dreamcast (Japanese Pearl Blue and US SEGA Sports Edition)

Favorite Real-Life Quote:
"You know what pressure is? When you have seven kids and you make only one dollar a month!"
- Ozzie Guillen comparing pressure to baseball during the 2005 White Sox season.

Favorite Movie Quote:
"So shines a good deed in a weary world."
- Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka quoting William Shakespeare
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Favorite Documentary Quote:
"Occasionally, life sits on your head. But hey, I've been knocked down before. We all have. We get up. We go on. I think that's what makes us great."
- Lewis Abernathy upon hearing the news of the September 11th Attacks
Ghosts of the Abyss

Sonic Mania Collector's Edition! 

22 deviants said I'm fine without it.
14 deviants said I'm getting it! ^_^
13 deviants said I want it! ^_^
13 deviants said I don't have the $70 for it. T_T
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Amy fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog In defence of Amy by darkhyliangirl Pro Amy Stamp by DarkSonic250
Sonia the Hedgehog Stamp by BlazeCherry Sonia Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoons
Bring her back SEAG by Eladermoon Cosmo fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie Boom!Zooey Stamp by xX-Vanilla--Beatz-Xx Tikal fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie The Girls Stamp by sonic2344
Titanic Centenary Anniversary Stamp by Ookami-Seishin Titanic Stamp by Chrissiannie
Titanic Stamp by CassidyVinci Titanic Movie Stamp by DarkHorseArtie89 SS United States Stamp by Mintaka-TK
Colorful Things by fear-the-brilliance Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach XBOX FAILS by Greys-apprentice
Chicago Blackhawks Stamp by nascarstones Chicago Bears Stamp by themaskedcrusader Chicago White Sox stamp by RWingflyr
Wheel of Fortune Stamp by RoseOfTheNight4444 The PYL Gameboard Gang stamp by DarkwingFan The Price Is Right Stamp by FireMaster92
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Boston Classic Rock Stamp by dA--bogeyman Bon Jovi stamp by T-R-F
the Gaming Historian Stamp by spdy4

Some of the Underdogs that I Proudly Support
SEGA Stamp by BlueStylz White Sox: white by Supaslim

Sonic fan stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer
He's my favorite gaming series.
I like the games as well as the characters, whether they've made a game appearance or not.

Anti-Bullying Stamp by SnowSniffer Anti-Bullying Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Anti Bullying stamp by sound-ninja-2008
NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz Alcohol and cigarette stamp by DevaPein Stamp: It might not be physical... by 8manderz8
I don't do tags by FluffyFerret97 I don't do chain messages by FluffyFerret97 Roleplay stamp by Titanium-Metal-Alloy
Bowling Stamp by FluffyFerret97 Liarjack-Not a Brony Stamp by Sonic-chaos
Sorry, folks. I don't do anything MLP unless it's related to my interests. Below is an example of MLP being related to my interests.…

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
Button: Please do not ask me for points. by 8manderz8
If you ask me for a small amount of points, I may give them to you, but I ask that you please eventually pay me back. If you ask me for a large amount of points, however, I am sorry to say that I will not do that. I will not run the risk of being ripped off, and this applies to everyone, whether I know you or not, for the sake of fairness.

Systems I Own (Those with an asterisk are dead systems):
N64: Stamp by JazzaX (I also have the coveted 64DD as well!)
GameCube: Stamp by JazzaX
NES: Stamp by JazzaX*
GameGear: Stamp by JazzaX (I have two Game Gears): a black one with the screen no longer working; and a limited-edition blue one fully functional after repairs)

Nintendo Ds: Stamp by JazzaX
PS2: Stamp by JazzaX
DreamCast: Stamp by JazzaX (US SEGA Sports Edition and Japanese Pearl Blue version)
PSP: Stamp by JazzaX
PS3: Stamp by JazzaX
Sega Saturn: Stamp by JazzaX (Japan and NA versions)
GameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaX
Sega Mega Cd Owner Stamp by JazzaX
(I actually have the SEGA CDX complete with a 32X on top of it. I also have the Wondermega M1!)

Neogeo Pocket Owner Stamp by JazzaX (The Color version)
Ps4pro Owner Stamp by JazzaX
Sega Genesis: Stamp by JazzaX (Includes Power Base Converter for Master System Games)
3dsxl Owner Stamp by JazzaX (The Galaxy Purple New 3DS)
Switch owner stamp by JazzaX
Sega Master System Owner Stamp by JazzaX
(US version; modded with Region Switch and FM chip!)

Systems I used to own:
Snes: Stamp by JazzaX (My first system; US version)
GameBoy: Stamp by JazzaX (Pocket version)
GameBoy Advance: Stamp by JazzaX
Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX


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