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The Year of the Light of Hope by germanname1990, visual art

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Please scroll down to see recent journals in the Posts section or click the Posts button at the top of the page. That's where I will be posting information and updates.

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Sonic drawings

Trades: Closed when PayPal commissions are open or being worked on; otherwise, please ask

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Name: Bill Gename

Birth Time: March 2, 1990, 22:18 Chicago Time

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Member Since: December 29, 2006

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Wikimedia Commons…

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Instagram… (You can see part of my SEGA collection over at Instagram.)


Game Shows (esp. Wheel of Fortune)

Video Games (esp. Sonic The Hedgehog)

True Stories (Truth really is stranger than fiction, which is why I find it compelling)

Cars (esp. early 1990s Dodge Viper RT-10 and Saturn Sky)

Airplanes (esp. Commercial Jetliners)

Ships (esp. Ocean Liners and Cruise Ships)

Classic Rock (esp. Boston and Bon Jovi, the latter who by the way is exactly 28 years older than I am)

Marital Status: Single (and I'm keeping it that way)

Love Life: Despite my marital status preference, my love life consists of Sonia, Amy, Cosmo, Zooey, Tikal, Jani-Ca, and the other heroines from the Sonic series as well as my Sonic OC gals (They all feel like family to me).

What I don't like: Racism, misogyny, misandry (seriously, there's WAY too much of that), or bias. I will not tolerate sayings or actions that state that there are such things as superior/better/weaker races or gender. They're not fair! Everyone's equal, plain and simple. Now if you feel like you're on the minority side (or have even been victimized) when it comes to stuff like this, I'll be more than happy to do what I can to help you out with that. Besides, I like sticking up for the underdog.

Current Residence: Southwest Side of Chicago (Go Blackhawks! Go White Sox!)

Favourite genre of music: 70s & 80s Rock

Operating System: Windows 7 and 10

MP3 player of choice: 64GB iPod Touch

Favourite cartoon characters: Ladies from most Sonic, Disney, and Warner Bros. series

How I feel about others: I feel like all else's lives matter more than mine, but that's one reason why I help them.

How I feel about Sonic: If others hate Sonic, fine, yeah, whatever the [BLEEP], but if they try to make me hate Sonic, .

SEGA Systems I currently own (in order of release)

SG-1000 II

Mark III (Two units)

Master System (US version modded with Region Switch and FM Chip)

Genesis (Model 1) complete with Power Base Converter (for Master System games)

Game Gear (Regular Black, currently not working, and Limited Edition Blue, currently working)

Victor Wondermega M1 (Yes, you read that right! The M1!)

Genesis CDX


Pico (Japanese and North American)

32X (currently atop my CDX)

Saturn (Japanese and North American)

Dreamcast (Japanese Pearl Blue and US SEGA Sports Edition)

Genesis Mini

Nintendo Systems I currently own (by release date)

NES Model 1 (currently not working)

Sharp Twin Famicom (Black Model 2)

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 Disk Drive

Gamecube (Black with Game Boy Player)

Game Boy Advance SP


Wii U

Red New 3DSXL (First system I ever preordered; 3D depth slider no longer works)

Galaxy Purple New 3DSXL


Super NES Classic Edition

Sony PlayStation Systems I currently own (by release date)

PlayStation 2 First Model

PlayStation Portable 1000

40GB PlayStation 3 (Has been better days)

500GB PlayStation 3

1TB PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation VR

Other Gaming Systems I own (by company)

Hyperkin Retron 5

Hyperkin SupaBoy (Handheld system that plays SNES and Super Famicom games)

Old Skool Classic II HD (for NES and SNES)

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color

Tiger Electronics GameCom

Systems I Used to Own (In Order I Got Them)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket (Red)

Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Arctic White)

SEGA Genesis Model 2

SEGA CD Model 2

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo 3DS (Turquoise; First system I ever bought on its launch date although it wasn't preordered)

Systems I'm looking forward to getting

Playmaji Polymega (Preordered but delayed)

Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (Shortage)

Favorite Real-Life Quote:

"You know what pressure is? When you have seven kids and you make only one dollar a month!"

- Ozzie Guillen comparing pressure to baseball during the 2005 White Sox season.

Favorite Movie Quote:

"So shines a good deed in a weary world."

- Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka quoting William Shakespeare

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Favorite Documentary Quote:

"Occasionally, life sits on your head. But hey, I've been knocked down before. We all have. We get up. We go on. I think that's what makes us great."

- Lewis Abernathy upon hearing the news of the September 11th Attacks

Ghosts of the Abyss

Favourite Visual Artist
Ken Marschall
Favourite Movies
Sonic The Hedgehog, Both Wreck-it-Ralph films, and any disaster films
Favourite TV Shows
Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, Seconds From Disaster, various shows on Investigation Discovery
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Boston (God Bless Brad Delp), Bon Jovi (We have the same birthday!), Bentley Jones, Crush 40, Amy Hannam
Favourite Books
Books about whatever I like, I guess, but my childhood favorite is the Railway Series.
Favourite Games
Sonic Series, especially with Amy; WOF Series, Especially PS3, Wii, Sega CD, and Tiger and Parker Brothers' Live Play; Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Super Mario Odyssey, and the Mario Kart series
Favourite Gaming Platform
New Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (Yep, I have one), and all SEGA platforms
Tools of the Trade
Colored Pencils, Paint, PowerPoint, and Publisher
VVhut?! Two and a half months since I submitted my last update?! Yeah. Even I'm a bit surprised. I guess it has to with the fact that I didn't want to jynx anything with my big mouth, but now with a load of hurdles that I successfully got past, I think I can now spill the beans. In my last update, I stated that I had a whole bunch of stuff to look forward to, namely The Price is Right Live, the Bon Jovi concert, and the Sonic 2 film. For those who don't follow me on Instagram, on March 5th (three days after my 32nd birthday), I went to Rosemont Theatre to see two shows of The Price is Right Live. Although I was not chosen to "Come on Down!", I still had a fabulous time. While waiting for the first show to start, I watched as some planes, including two Boeing 747's, the first belonging to the German Lufthansa and the second belonging to the Japanese Nippon Cargo Airlines (the second of which I caught on video), landed at O'Hare Airport, not far west of Rosemont. Back on Tuesday, I
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Great start to the year, huh? There have been a lot of things that have been happening since the year started that have not gone in my favor. It's small stuff not worthy of talking about, but when there's a lot of them happening almost at once, they seem big, almost like an omen of worse to come. I kinda feel like I've gone back to early 2011, a time where absolutely nothing was going right for me at all. While things eleven years ago were much worse than the way things are now, I still can't help but feel a bit uncertain. Despite my uncertainty, I have quite a spring to look forward to, particularly March and April. Interestingly enough, my 32nd birthday, which is 3-2, happens to be Ash Wednesday. That same day will be the birthdays of two of my idols. Dr. Seuss, if he were still alive, would've been 118. As for my other idol, John Francis Bongiovi Junior, he will be 60. Three days later, March 5th, I will be heading up to Rosemont Theater (near Chicago's northwest side) to see The
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2021 in Review

12 min read
This year was certainly an eventful year, both for the better and for the worse. It didn't get off to the best start, but it would go on to have some nice moments. In addition, it was a year full of milestone anniversaries. For example, today is two years to the day my Live Play game arrived in the mail. I also just finished submitting a multipart special with Tiger Electronics' Wheel of Fortune games which can be viewed here. Please enjoy. And now, I will list some of my biggest moments of the year by month. January: January 4th to January 8th marked the final week of Jeopardy! episodes hosted by Alex Trebek who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in November of last year. I was hoping to tape these episodes without problems, but on January 6th, I ended up taping half an hour of live coverage of that Hollywood-esque nonsense that took place at the U.S. Capitol. Due to this, that day's episode
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Can You Draw Julian the Fox?

Julian the Fox

I actually finished drawing him, but I still need to scan and enhance the drawing.

Thanks for watching!!

Can you draw Allie the Dog?


I can do that. Right now, I am doing commissions, but if you'd like, I can definitely arrange for a trade.

I have the drawing of Allie finished, but if you could please draw Lisa wearing her Tails-inspired sandals, then I'll upload it. Now Lisa wears a pink donut-shaped bracelet on her left wrist. You can barely see it in the second drawing, but if for some reason you forget about it, please don't worry. Finally, please do not rush. Lisa and I are in no hurry to have the drawing.. So please take all the time you need.

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