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Death The Kid

Just because Soul Eater is one of my fave anime. (: And obviously Death the Kid is my favorite character not only because he sorta reminds me of Artemis Fowl, but because he's a grim reaper. 8D

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*clutches heart*
this is amazing
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He looks amazing as always. I wonder what asymmetrical thing he's viewing...
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I think I might be turning into Kidd.  Whenever I see poorly stocked Items at the store I have to stop myself from making it right, and just the other day, I was at a store and I saw some poorly stocked items, and I was disgusted! Such a disorganized shelf is hideous! Who ever did that deserves to rot in hell for their... Jesus I'm really losing it.
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Thanks for yet again another nosebleed. Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] 
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Oh mai.. IT'S BEAUTIFUL~ And there go my ovaries...
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Aaaaaw! Does Kid need a hug?!
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holy crap... that is sooooooooooooooo amazing!!! :D :D :D
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Kiddo kun!!!!*cough,cough*ahem uh sorry hehe
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death the kid is a-mazing ahem sorry fangirling
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Yay, I ain't alone on the Artemis-Reminds-Me-Of-Kid thing… not really sure why o am reminded of him though...
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aww so hot he kinda looks like hes giving me a rape face but im ok with that XD hes HOTTTT!
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He looks SO AWESOME!
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heheheheheheheheh. I just recently watched the anime. I'm becoming obsessed with the number eight.
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Now I think of it, he does remind me of Artemis Fowl ^^ He's cunning and intelligent but waaaaay hotter
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Wow! O.O Your art stype is just so amazing! :D And I simply ADORE how you drew kid ^_^
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I thought that I was alone in thinking that they were similar! If you've read the Atlantis Complex, Artemis actually has some symptoms of OCD, which is what Kid has. Amazing rendition of his personality, by the way! They look similar, act similar, and talk similarly, I would imagine. Awesome!
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YES!!!! I'm not the only one who is reminded by death the kid of artemis fowl! thank you
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I finally got around to reading Soul Eater, and I love it! Amazing work! I love Kid! I've finally found a perfectionist who's worse than I am! xD nice job!
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