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Hallo Dort Internet Reisender; Willkommen in dieser kleinen Ecke des Webs. Also, ein bisschen über mich. Ich bin ein halb italienisches, halb deutsches Müllfeuer mit einer Kamera, die gerne Fotos von Autos macht. Welche Arten von Autos werden Sie hier sehen? Ein bisschen von allem. Von pferdelosen Kutschen aus der Messingzeit bis zu den neuesten und besten Modellen, die sich noch im Ausstellungsraum befinden. Alltägliche Modelle bis hin zu den verrücktesten exotischen Supersportwagen, die die Erde bieten kann. Sänften. Schräghecklers. Lastwagenen. SUVs. Alles und noch mehr. Wenn ich keine Autos fotografiere, liebe ich Anime und Heavy Metal. Ich bin auch der selbst gekrönte König der Idol-Hölle; und Love Live ist mein Königreich. Ich hoffe, eines Tages selbst Deathcore-Musiker zu werden. Aber das wird einige Zeit dauern.

Sie können auch Spuren von mir auf Twitter und YouTube finden, Links oben.

Bitte treten Sie meinem Discord-Server bei. Es ist ein wirklich lustiger Ort!



Favourite Visual Artist
Gordon Buehrig, Frank Lloyd Wright, Wayne Cherry, Bill Mitchell
Favourite TV Shows
Love Live, Mythbusters, MLP:FiM, How The Universe Works

Five Hundred.

Five Hundred.

I can't believe my eyes, what I'm seeing! I hit 500 watchers! Holy crap; thank you guys so much for continuing to support me, even with Eclipse making that so much more difficult. For all my active watchers who chose to stick around, thank you guys so much! I wouldn't be where I am today if not for you guys; so thanks! You guys are so metal. Here's to the next five years, and seeing where this ends up! Listening to: CINDERELLA PROJECT - Onegai! Cinderella (Rin Shibuya solo vers.) Reading: Your comments Watching: DeviantArt slowly kill itself Playing: Nothing Eating: borgar Drinking: Estrella Jalisco Mango Michelada
Shitclipse strikes again; and this time they fucked up my Gallery. Sure, now it actually DISPLAYS all my subfolders; but NOW instead of having them in the wonderful alphabetical order they were in before; now they exist order from oldest to newest-c

A Shitclipse Summary (My Take on This)

A Shitclipse Summary (My Take on This)

So after a few days of having to slog through this crap for you guys; I figured now would be a good time to kinda outline my overall thoughts on it; specifically pinpoint what I hate the most about it; and even outline the few positives that have come up. Since the bad so far outweighs the good; I think I'll actually start with the few pro's I've come across. :D The ability to view my old status updates is honestly really awesome. Sometimes I like to go back on them just for shits and giggles; and now I don't have to save the links to each one to back, see them, and reply to old comments on them and such. :clap: The ability for anyone to run polls is a nice feature too. From what I understand by some older deviants; there was a time way back when that anyone could run polls too, then a few years before I joined it became a Core exclusive. It's pretty cool to have that function back honestly. :) A bit of a smaller twofer here; but having gifs in comments and actually being able

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AlexArgentinHobbyist Artist
Thanks for faving and I love Maki Nishikino, Umi Sonoda and Dia Kurosawa!

I got a little something to show you.


This was a drawing I recently did based on an OC I started drawing up back in high school (or more specifically, during my early teenage years) where I basically drew up a bunch of stories where it was an excuse to draw up a sexy lady with a machine gun.

The outfit was also an idea I came up with in my head where I thought a pink shirt and light blue miniskirt was a good outfit combo, the thigh high boots were more or less a fetishistic liberty, as I liked seeing boots and still do to an extent.

GermanIdolGodHobbyist Photographer

Right on; nice. Glad to see some new content come from ya for sure ^w^

As far as the outfit goes I'd say it blends pretty nicely.

SharkHarrington Photographer

I noticed you had a stack of submissions expire, waiting for approval at FerrariDev-Art

As a Co-Founder, I think I can help you to get them accepted. You will need to re-submit.

~Shark B-)

GermanIdolGodHobbyist Photographer

Consider it done ^w^

I apologize for the late reply, I've been pretty busy with life matters lately; just trying to get things squared away before I make some power plays.

I'd like to show you something cute.

GermanIdolGodHobbyist Photographer

Ah yes that is quite cute