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Welcome, little human...

Welcome to the Den of the German Dragons, feel free to look around and visit our stuff. Every lonely dragon is invited to join our family...

Deviation limit is by 7 submissions a week into the gallery, and 2 suggests for favs.
And please submit to the right folders!

The Guidelines to Submit into the folders are:
Only pictures which are drawn by hand AND fully colored OR clearly shadowed in black and white

Digital pictures, no matter what kind of, but must also be colored OR shadowed

Poems and Storys
Like the name says, only written art

Crafted dragons of every kind and Material

Every little story, or part of a greater story belongs into this folder

Sketches and Linearts
Both traditional and digital pics which are not finished, or not colored/shadowed in any way

Here goes everything else, what do not fit in any other category

Please keep in mind, this is a group about DRAGONS, so every pic should feature a dragon, or draconic creature (except Misc folder)

For any questions, write a note to :iconfiredragon20: or :iconchibimieze: and we will answer them.

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Mature Content

~slaying the darkness~ by Final-shiva
The Sun by TaimaTala
Staceel Plush by Wollfisch
Somewhere hidden in the Forest by Saraais
Colored Art Traditional
FeelsSovietMan by Nahyon
Swamp Walk by Wollfisch
Big Rock Alternative Ending by Toxical-Toon
Feathered Mountain Dragon. by PandiiVan
the new king of the black dragonflight by Zierra1986
Dragon fire! by Sketchbookuniverse
80's Vibes by Toxical-Toon
Dragon rock by Sketchbookuniverse
Poems and Storys
Dragon's Reign - Chapter 1: Dragon's DawnDarkness. Then, in just a blink of an eye, I turned from mighty dragon back to my normal human self. Rudely, my alarm clock had disturbed my adventure again. Like so many times before, I awakened strangely exhausted and soaked with sweat. Again, I was back in my boring, ordinary life.I sighed deeply as the last remains of sleep vanished from my body. No flying anymore today. Just the daily routine of a seventeen-year-old soph in high school.Daily routine. This phrase now floated in my mind like a dark cloud, blocking the light and sent a small shiver of sadness through my body. The fact that lately these strange dreams piled up didn't make this any better. To be honest, my life wasn't that boring or joyless, but somehow they gave me this feeling of…richness and made me happier than ever when I was awake. My thoughts were interrupted as I quickly glanced at my damned watch: it was already half past six, time for school!The sun shone through the windows and the sky was a bright shade of blue—a wonderful day—unfortunately, there was the sobering fact that it was Monday once more. A monday I’ll never forget.I dragged myself out of bed, stretched a little and took some clothes from my wardrobe on the way to the bathroom. After a short shower and an even shorter breakfast, I left the house to grab my motorcycle for the way to school.I had just opened the padlock of the shed when I suddenly felt watched. Startled, I looked over my shoulder, but I was all alone in my backyard. I couldn’t describe that feeling, yet I knew exactly what it meant. It was all around me like a strange aura, so I fully turned around and scanned the area more closely. To my dismay I saw nothing unusual, only some birds on a tree nearby. A little bit confused, I pushed the bike in the light of the morning sun and set off.On the way to school, right at the entrance of the parking lot, a car whizzed past me, missing me by inches. With squeaking wheels it disappeared into the mass of vehicles. Normally I would have been pissed off, but this time I recognized the driver before even the slightest curse exited my lips: it was Max, a good friend of mine. I went to my regular parking spot and descended from the motorcycle. I checked my bike a last time before I would go off to class, until somebody tapped on my shoulder. Immediately my head turned around and I saw it was Max.“Don’t ever do that again,” I growled.“Good morning, sunshine,” he replied with an amused grin.“Good morning.” I was astonished how fast he had walked up to me from his car, which was usually parked at the other end of the lot. I felt like something was odd today. Or I was just getting paranoid. I ignored the feeling, focusing on Max's hand that he now reached out to me. After a formal handshake, we headed to the school entrance. “Nico and I have planned to go to the go-kart track tomorrow. Want to come along?” he asked casually on the walk. He didn’t even need to ask. “Sure, prepare for a defeat!”“Alright, see you at around eight tomorrow,” he said. Hastily I gave him a slight nod as he ran off. Now I stood there in the hall and watched the mass of students who hurried to get to their classes in time. For a few moments I watched the scene that reminded me of an ant nest, then I went to my first class, math. To start a school day with math was neither great nor terrible for me, although I was pretty good. The reason for that was probably my teacher, who was a good twenty years older than most of us but young in mind. She was strict when it came to important topics, but liked to joke a lot. Good for us, one of the jokes on this day ended with her spilling coffee over her blouse, so the class ended earlier than expected. The rest of the school day passed without spectacular events.Back home I used the last hours of light to tinker a bit on my bike, which my mom would say I love more than anything else. Well, in some points she was right. I’m a bike and car guy and since my grandpa showed me how to fix things back when I was much younger, I spent most of my free time on or around these things. Today, I even skipped dinner to have a bit more time. Nevertheless, sunset came faster than expected, and soon I went to my room.Deep in thoughts I dropped myself onto my bed and stared at the ceiling. I didn't feel tired yet and suddenly had to think about my dreams. Then a question came to my mind: What would the life of a dragon be like? It didn't take me even one second to fully dive into the subject. The adjectives simply flew to me.My first thought was adventurous, self-determined and remote my second and third. I imagined how I would fly through the clouds in a nosedive, like an eagle catching a mouse. How idyllic sceneries would pass beneath me and, at the same time, how I would enjoy the sounds and smells of untouched landscapes. How nature would softly awake me every morning and in the night the starry heavens accompany me to sleep—really a life worth living.More and more I expanded this thought, added new details to this imaginary picture, until it started to play like a movie in front of my eyes. With time relentlessly passing by—the first street lights had already gone on—I grew tired. By the time the moon had reached its zenith and only its weak light illuminated the earth, which was wrapped in an impenetrable darkness, the flood of thoughts died down bit by bit.Yawning, I came to the conclusion that my nightly experiences were exactly my expectation of a good life, and I enjoyed every second of it. Not only this, rather I longed for this life. Though it held an uncertain future, but also the certainty to be fully independent, free of any compulsions and, what fascinated me most about it, to be completely free. Unfortunately, it was only imagination.Lucky for me, I could live out my secret wish in my sleep, I thought.This also had a reassuring effect. Every morning I was emotionally deep-relaxed as never before. Anyhow I mostly awoke, oddly enough, sweating and panting. At least if I undertook a longer flight in the dream.They were most likely just lively dreams, was my explanation while I got up.I made my way to the light switch and turned it off for another night full of adventure, so I hoped. With great anticipation I showered and hurried back in the bed.After only a blink of an eye, I stood again on the rocky ground between the cliff and the forest. The sky was still bathed in a dark red and only a few animal sounds were audible. Even the nature still slept in this early time of day.Similar to the previous nights, I expected to be in the body of the mightiest creature that ever set foot on the ground of this world. But something was different. This time I was just…just my human self? I looked down on my body once more; no sign of change. I appeared here just as I had fallen asleep.With a shouted curse I vented my disappointment.Just when I recognized that sobering fact that even this escape from my boring life should have come to an end, I heard the quiet cracks of branches in the woods behind me. It was clear to hear and apparently in my immediate proximity. The sun, now risen, was just so high that the orange rays only extended a few yards in the green wood. Everything that stood deeper within was surrounded by black shade. Even with the sun warming my skin, a cold morning breeze seeped through my pajama. At the same time, the soft grass tickled my bare feet. I felt so vulnerable.Again a crack, and rustling leaves, closer this time. It was certain, whatever there was in the forest, it moved towards me. Meanwhile there was no way out; before me the wood and behind me a towering cliff. Even worse, time was running out. And with every second I searched for an escape the thing got closer.Maybe I can climb down on a ledge if there's one, I considered. However, it was too late. Something tall stepped out in the light.First, I only saw an indistinct silhouette. Then, I couldn't believe what was in front of me. “This can't be!” I shouted. While I was scared stiff, it came in my direction. And suddenly nothing less than a dragon stopped in front of me. And not just any dragon, but me from my former dreams. Now I knew why every animal had avoided me. Dark red wings, black scales and razor-sharp claws combined with dozens of fangs gave it a demonic look. It’s sheer size compared to me made me gasp for air. And yet, it's eyes, green like emeralds, had something soft about them. Minutes passed without one of us moving. Out of nowhere, I found movement in my limbs again; my flight instinct had kicked in. One step after the other I tripped backward, towards the abyss. The dragon followed me. Admittedly with a more interested than aggressive expression but I couldn't differentiate this in that second. Meanwhile, my heart beat faster with every step.To my astonishment, the black monster suddenly stopped. At the same time, it dawned on me why. Even so I took one last step. I realized my tricky situation when a piece of the edge broke off under my sole and my foot stepped on to nothing but air. Now there was really no more escape.I prepared for my end. No matter how many times I told myself that this experience wasn’t real, my fear was though. Nevertheless, I tried to hide it and stared into the deadly creature's eyes in unlikely hope to drive it away.Again, what I saw wasn't hate, on the contrary, it was some kind of relief. Then something completely unexpected happened.The black-red monster bent down and surveyed me more carefully until its mouth opened. With a deep, trust-waking voice, which clearly marked it as male, he spoke in a quiet tone, “Be not afraid; I mean you no harm, Julian.”My body was petrified as I didn't expect this. However, a little thing struck me—the dragon knew my name! But how? I eagerly wanted to know the answer, but the paralyzing fear made it impossible for me even to ask.“On the contrary,” he continued, “I would like to give you the present which is entitled to you since your birth.” I stared confused in his emerald eyes. Finally, my curiosity overcame the fear. “What present?” were the only words I could express.For a quick moment he watched the rising sun. Then he turned his head back to me. His gaze met mine again but this time he looked deeper in my eyes as if he was searching for something.“I give you the possibility to make your dream come true,” he said and added, “you have the magical essence, which every one of us holds, in yourself. You have the gift.”With this response the shade under our feet was repressed and bright daylight replaced it instead. Now the sun shone in its full size above the valley. I knew, there wasn't much time left.Despite his many vague formulations, only one question popped in my mind: who is he? Merely pure imagination? A ghost? The voice of my subconsciousness? Maybe, but what was it telling me?Just when I had gathered all my courage, it was already too late. Now the end was unavoidable. Slowly the surroundings dissolved. Still, enough time remained for him to say a few last words, “Be ready!” With this the scenery disappeared; I was again back in my bed.
Sculptures, Juwellery and crafitng art
3D-Print dragon amulet by ArkaEdri
Bste by ArkaEdri
Selyroth the Dragon by Shiryuakais
'Miss Lullaby Swan Goddess' Notebooks and Mousepad by KVR0II
Pure Light Ch5 DE Teil 2  by MiguelofKing
Pure Light Ch5 DE part 4 by MiguelofKing
Pure Light Ch5 DE part 5 by MiguelofKing
Erudite Gift DE Cover by MiguelofKing
Sketches, WIPs and Linearts
Commission - Krash by Cynder18
Erium II by dschunai
Erium I by dschunai
~ Sketchies: Hard Turn by UnicornCat
dragon fanart
SuperSmashDragons - Link by Arenthor
C - Zinogre by Maora-Shun
SuperSmashDragons - Mario by Arenthor
The King Beyond the Palace Gates by KVR0II
Black and White art Traditional
Dragon Portrait #01 by PandiiVan
~The Dragon Of Courage + detailed Video by UnicornCat
Raffle Prize: Schattenschleicher. by PandiiVan
Pencil Dragon Head #01 by PandiiVan
adobtable and eggs
WoF Auction - Open by KnightmareAdopts

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Seid gegrüßt!

Vorneweg möchte ich gleich sagen, dieser Blogeintrag hat wenig bis garnichts mit der Gruppe zu tun.
Darüber hinaus muss ich mich erst einmal entschuldigen. Entschuldigen dafür, dass ich auf Deviantart gelinde gesagt nicht mehr existent war, dass ich diese Gruppe und euch so vernachlässigt habe. Aber es freut mich ungemein zu sehen, das es noch immer Aktivität hier gibt, das noch immer Bilder hochgeladen werden, noch immer Künstler und Kunstbegeisterte joinen. Ihr seid wirklich unglaublich.

Nachdem das aus dem Weg ist, wer erinnert soch noch an meinen letzten Post vor anderthalb Jahren? Ja, so lange ist es inzwischen her, als ich gesagt habe das letztes Jahr noch Eigenwerbung kommen würde. So lange ist es her, seit ich mich aktiv hier gezeigt habe. Nun, auch wenn ich mich zeitlich etwas verschätzt habe, hier kommt sie nun, die angedrohte Eigenwerbung.
Der Grund, wieso ich die Gruppe so vernachlässigt habe, ist das im letzten Blog erwähnte Hobby. Ich habe geschrieben, um genauer zu sein, einen Fantasy-Roman. Und dieser Roman ist nun nach langer Zeit fertig. Wer sich dafür interessiert,  zu kaufen gibt es ihn als Ebook hier:…
Eine Kurzbeschreibung findet ihr auf der Seite. Natürlich würde ich mich nicht hier hin wenden, wenn es in dem Roman nicht um Drachen ginge. Seit also unbesorgt, eure Lieblingsschuppentiere werden eine nicht unbedeutende Rolle spielen.

Darüber hinaus gilt mein unendlicher Dank ShadoDoragon, welche das Titelbild gezeichnet hat, das ihr hier sehen könnt:

-COM- Schattenfeuer Cover by ShadoDoragon

Schaut es euch an, lest es, ignoriert es, verflucht es, aber erzählt es jedem, den es auch nur im entferntesten Interessieren könnte!
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Commission - Boss by Cynder18 Alp the Precious by Cynder18 Commission - Trico by Cynder18 Commission - Cece by Cynder18
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Gerne würde ich Kontakte zu netten KünsterInnen knüpfen, die auch gerne mal ein Feedback geben (können auch gerne Verbesserungsvorschläge sein!). Wer Lust zu quatschen hat, kann mich gerne anschreiben. :) (Smile)
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