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Zombie Forest

Zombie bat thing, two zombie dogs (one may be hard to see) and two zombie crows. Yup. Took hours. Crappy forest, I know. And the animals could use more blood and gore but I'm not good at that kind of stuff. And I made all the muscles without reference so I know that they also look wierd.
I love Resident Evil.
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Resident Evil rocks!
MDTartist83's avatar
Its Terror Time Again! 

Sorry, that song came to mind when I saw this. But this is pretty well drawn! 
Cat-Nozomi's avatar
I love it, well done
Michaelthevampire7's avatar
Nice work. Love the gore. Faved :)
ScorchTheCyndaquil's avatar
Omg derp dog lol. Nice job
The-Black-Assasin's avatar
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Fantastic. The one on the left's expression made me lol. He's all like "durhurhur..."
Titovn's avatar
I want to pet them, hug them and make them my pets, they'r so cute~ ! :giggle:
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This should reeaaallllyyyy have the mature filter on, dude.
GermanDark's avatar
Meh, it only scares kids, no body has complained so far! Though...there is some blood in the pic. What decides something is mature?
ShadowMew295's avatar
If there is blood. XP
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Id hate to get lost in there. poor person!
GermanDark's avatar
You wouldn't even realize you were lost before you got eaten!

And thank you!
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ha ha ha Those crazy dog monsters ;)
GermanDark's avatar
Naw, they are perfectly sane. They just want huggles!
SashaArcain's avatar
Ah! i stand corrected ;)
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may I add this to my group :iconzombiesunite: ?
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nice!!! I love this!!! O_O
LokoMotives's avatar
I just got over my fear of sharks now I'm scared of zombie dogs!
GermanDark's avatar
Just always carry cats and guns with you and you will be fine!
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