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Drawn Wood Grain Texture

Hand drawn wood texture. Use it however you'd like, but I'd love to see what you've made with it, and I'd appreciate credit <3
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Eastman Kodak Company
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Thank you so much for this! I've been trying to make a wood grain pattern for a couple weeks to replicate an early 1900s logo style, and I couldn't get it. As requested, I'll definitely give credit, and here is what I did with it.

leonarul081095's avatar has started incorporating this design in to some of the backgrounds for it's graphics. Credit is given on . We tried to use actual wood grain at first but it never looked as good. The drawing added a whimsicalness that matches our brand superbly. Thank you so much for making it available!
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Love this. Thank you for making it available. I am using it on a conference book cover and will credit you on the first page of the book. How would you like the attribution to read?
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I used this for my tumblr background. It looks amazing. I credited you in the description. here's the link.
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Great stock!  I used it here: Got to Escape This
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I have used this for the front cover of my sister's book, which will be published later this year. She didn't pay me for the work and I don't know that she is going to make bank or anything on her book sales or anything but I thought I would ask permission anyway because I don't want to be stealing or anything. Let me know if it's okay. E-mail me at
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Got it! I'll get back to you soon! :)
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merci pour la texture
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Vous êtes le bienvenu
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makes me automatically want to follow those lines. lovely drawing! totally my style
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