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Water soul by DerBuettner

Mature Content

Wildwater by DerBuettner

Mature Content

Body music by DerBuettner
Realworld by DerBuettner
The witch and the warrior by Pizzaundbier
A Succubus in rapture by Pizzaundbier
my character by Star18magic
sketches 2 by Star18magic
Art About Germany
Oberbaumbruecke by RoodyN
Amrum 2020, Pictures of Frisian Houses and .. (11) by derwahrehorst
Ruined Castle Hohenneuffen - and the trash bin by MSGoesDeviant
e-off fineart by emden09
Traditional Art I

Mature Content

Quick Doodle @ work  by A-L-X-N-D-R
Three Days West, then Left by Ranarh
Bonehead 0041 + Blue Jacket by Dillerkind
Dark Sky by Schoerie
Traditional Art II
A little Sketchbook Time by A-L-X-N-D-R
Grimm by xDunkelseelex
Prowl by xDunkelseelex
Erfurter Rathaus im Sonnenuntergang by RoodyN
Digital Art I
Splat! by REK-3D
Aftershock 260 Happy Reunion? by DrizDew
Aftershock 259 Kami, the Unpopular Goddess by DrizDew
Digital Art II
Micki by AnotherAtheist
Aftershock 262 The Blacklist by DrizDew
2 Sweet by AnotherAtheist
Aftershock 261 Be Calm Before the Storm by DrizDew
Digital Art III
Irene under Construction by Oralin06
Snake Dragon by TanijaTheFaun
Brush your teeth, kids by TanijaTheFaun
9 Seconds - Cover (deutsche Version) by Galcedion
Digital Art IV
Artwork 400 by Velocom
Artwork 399 by Velocom

Mature Content

YELLOW - 008 - self-aware by Lucien-the-Thanatos

Mature Content

YELLOW - 006 - strong force by Lucien-the-Thanatos
Fotografie I
''Tiriliii tirilaaa ...'' by Attila-G
D R E A M S C A P E by Attila-G
Deeper - Closer = Together by MSGoesDeviant
D R 3 A M S C A P E by Attila-G
Fotografie II
watcher by Attila-G
Fotografie III
im Anflug auf Poppy-Station  by derwahrehorst
Dark ages|La vittoria ai vincitori by DanStrogg
Schriften und Gedichte
Twilight Beings 2 - Cliff or HopeScars, traumas, dreadful memories. The dreams are peculiar in this place. Are they real? Does it truly happen? Ayrem intended to marry Lasarih at the “Intersection,” a peaceful place in the realms of the cosmos. However, a furious storm had separated them and swept them away. The young man fought his way through the thicket, plagued by a profound emptiness within. Thorns scratched his skin, piercing his flesh and poisoning him. He repeatedly lost consciousness, finding himself amidst a mass grave of undead turned into malevolent plants. Their flickering faces haunted the young man. He sighed, tugging at the branches, even if it caused him harm. Ayrem had nothing to clear his path more easily. He literally dug through this foul-smelling hell of bushes and putrid undergrowth. Hours passed. ... He saw Lasarih. She was a flower amidst this weed, transforming into a branch from which black water dripped. He startled. “I am befuddled by the poison of the plants.” Ayrem struggled to keep reality in focus, but his mind was muddled, resonating with a cacophony resembling the rattling of snakes. “Oh, God, Father, pardon me. I'm weak, I did it, but ... not understood this blaspheme, when I ... was going a way of selfish frivolity. Please, ... save us out from this hell! I will change ...” Ayrem wiped blood, sweat, and tears from his face, giving his call to the heights. He found himself in an imperfect life where terrible things happened. “I have to accept that!” With a contorted face, he pushed aside the final branches and stumbled onto an open space. He knelt, laughed, cried. It made no difference. When he looked up, he saw the gray clouds. Lowering his head, he beheld skulls and bones. “Lasarih! I hope they will be more merciful to you than to me. However, I can no longer believe in that. All I can do is hope,” he whispered. “Forget her, you weakling. Let the love for her go. I will make both of you subservient to me. I will teach you to envy each other, and both of you will desire to be my footstool. So surrender, pray to me. Beg to me, not to your... God!” Infernal laughter ensued, seeming as if there could be no place, throughout all eternity, where it could not be heard. “Shut your damn, malicious tongue!!!” Soft screams and crawling noises approached. Ayrem looked around, hunched over. His eyes flickered. It drilled into his mind, the same thoughts over and over again, compulsive visions of unpleasant nature. “What is that sound? It rustles and draws nearer.” Surrounded by dense shrubbery, a steep cliff, and walls, he saw hundreds of red beetles emerging, crawling toward him. They were full of lust for flesh and blood. “Dammit! This is a nest!” He tried to flee back into the undergrowth, but it had grown thicker than before. These disgusting creatures were almost upon him. “No, no, leave me alone!” He stomped on the insects, crushing them under his leathery shoes, but their numbers multiplied. They crawled up his body, feasting on the blood that stuck to his skin, biting him, wanting to devour him from the inside. “Ahhhhh! What... what should I do?” He swiped his hands to remove these tiny monsters, but there were too many. Ayrem rolled on the ground, attempting to crush them. It was futile. “Ayrem, weak little man, finally give up and acknowledge my dominion!” “NOOOOO!” 'Then devour him, children of the earth!” Beetles wormed their way into his mouth. He chewed them and spat them out. Was this to be his end? He glanced towards the cliff. For a moment, time slowed down as he pondered. A creature's clearing of its throat snapped Ayrem out of his thoughts. It stood over him, with two legs, a trunk, and two antennae sporting large eyes on its head. It immediately sucked in air, its breath so powerful that it sucked the insects into itself. Their numbers rapidly dwindled. Ayrem heard their cries grow louder. They let go of him, and he stood up. He vomited and then looked at the creature that had devoured them all. It laughed and belched with a loud echo. “They still live within you...” Ayrem noticed, gazing up at the creature. The despair of the little monsters was a just, fair punishment for them, was his opinion in considering his dire situation. But he he quickly dismissed the thought. He wanted to change. A gurgling sound emanated from the belly of the creature, which stood about three meters tall. Now it was calm. Absolute silence prevailed for a few seconds. They locked eyes. Ayrem had so many questions, yet he dared not ask them. How did Lasarih fare? Could this creature know? “Thank you! You saved me. You are a Twilight Being, aren't you? Do you perhaps know how...” “Yes, that I am. Waiting for a long time already. Seek her now. You must grow stronger. Do you see the bones here? We Twilight Beings may be many, but we too have limits.” The creature dissolved, revealing a wondrous realm that had briefly opened up to let the Twilight Being in. It had been a fleeting moment, perhaps just an illusion.Now it was faded away. The stench of the torture garden spread once again. Ayrem felt a deep yearning within him... and fear. “Farewell! You truly saved me.” He glanced at the cliff once more, turned away, and saw a path unfolding before him.


Korra on the Beach by N8-11 Korra on the Beach :iconn8-11:N8-11 11 0 Eleison by Forumsdackel Eleison :iconforumsdackel:Forumsdackel 300 21 Nebular by thobar Nebular :iconthobar:thobar 40 7 Land- und Bundesstrassen by thobar Land- und Bundesstrassen :iconthobar:thobar 4 3 The Dark Side is coming! by saeppo The Dark Side is coming! :iconsaeppo:saeppo 26 3 red moon 27.07.2018 by artismagica red moon 27.07.2018 :iconartismagica:artismagica 6 5 Rose WIP by Blutdesengels Rose WIP :iconblutdesengels:Blutdesengels 0 2 Lost Girl by WesterArt Lost Girl :iconwesterart:WesterArt 20 8 Fallen Angel by WesterArt Fallen Angel :iconwesterart:WesterArt 23 13 The Beauty Of Nature by christelburger The Beauty Of Nature :iconchristelburger:christelburger 41 15 Legionnaire by WesterArt Legionnaire :iconwesterart:WesterArt 25 0 Mirror by WesterArt Mirror :iconwesterart:WesterArt 33 10 Drowned by WesterArt Drowned :iconwesterart:WesterArt 10 0 Girl with Carrot by WesterArt Girl with Carrot :iconwesterart:WesterArt 4 0 Sadness by WesterArt Sadness :iconwesterart:WesterArt 31 5 Female Cyborg by WesterArt Female Cyborg :iconwesterart:WesterArt 20 2

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Willkommen bei den German-Artists

Okay, jeder wird sich wieder denken - ja gut noch so ne Gruppe wie jede andere auch...
Sicherlich kann man dies erstmal denken, doch ich habe mir es als Ziel gesetzt mit eurer Hilfe, auch die weniger bekannten Sternen unter uns auch mal ins rechte Licht zu rücken. Jeder weiß selbst genau wie schwer es ist, heutzutage noch ein wenig wahrgenommen zu werden in dieser Flut aus Bildern die jeden Tag das Internet erreichen.

Wie wir das alles noch anstellen, steht noch ein wenig in den Sternen, aber sind natürlich auf eure Vorschläge gespannt.




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The group for all german photographers and artists.
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Feb 8, 2010


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ChibiLinLily Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
Hi! Freut mich. Gruß aus Niedersachsen:)
MSGoesDeviant Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2022  Hobbyist Photographer
Danke fürs Aufnehmen, freu mich hier zu sein. Liebe Grüße aus NRW, Monika :)
AbyssalEros Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist

Hallo, alle zusammen.

Zunächst möchte ich euch dafür danken, dass ihr mich als Mitglied aufgenommen habt.

Ich denke, ich sollte mich aber zunächst kurz vorstellen.

In erster Linie schreibe ich Dark Erotik, Lovecraft'schen Horror, Dark Fantasy und ein paar andere Genres, ich bin aber auch ein angehender 3D-Künstler und ein Indie-Spielentwickler.

Vor allem aber bin ich ein Geschöpf der Dunkelheit, wie ihr an meinem Selbstporträt sehen könnt.

artyLoux Featured By Owner May 26, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hallöchen!! (:
Tang1950 Featured By Owner Edited May 3, 2022
Ich suche einen deutschen Künstler, der Tolkien-Bilder für eine große Festivalveranstaltung in Westdeutschland Mitte Juni macht. Muss ein wenig Englisch sprechen. für mehr info.
Fennekfuchs Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hallo ist die Gruppe noch aktiv :O würde gern wissen ob es hier noch aktive deutsche Künstler hier gibt :3
Ich selbst male liebend gern Tiere, speziell natürlich Füchse xD
Autumn/Fall Fennec Fox by Fennekfuchs   Pancake Fennec Fox by Fennekfuchs   Chinese Dragon by Fennekfuchs   Chibi Fennec Fox with Cherry Blossoms by Fennekfuchs   White Cat with Cherry Blossoms by Fennekfuchs  
DerGrueneRayman Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! Ich bin Tim und zeichne leidenschaftlich gerne Comics.

Als ich meine alte Leidenschaft, das Zeichnen für mich wiederentdeckt habe, bin ich zum Entschluss gekommen, dass ich mit dem Medium Comic am besten meine Visionen und Gefühle buchstäblich aufs Papier bringen kann. Durchs Zeichnen kann ich dem Leser meine Gefühle, Gedanken und Inspirationen perfekt vermitteln und deswegen ist es für mich das beste Hobby aller Zeiten.

Ich arbeite gerade an einer Comicreihe namens "Hermalgie", die um Freundschaft, Liebe und Nostalgie geht. Ich suche Leute/Bekanntschaften, die die gleichen Interessen haben und mit denen man sich austauschen kann! Nod Wink/Razz 

Hermalgie Cover Ultimate by DerGrueneRayman  
blackfoxara Featured By Owner May 15, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Danke und Hey! - Ich weiß noch nicht wie Gruppen funktionieren, aber das find ich noch raus ^^ 
oFibicao Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2021   Digital Artist
Danke für die Annahme ♡ 
AizaBreathe Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alles Gute zum 11. Geburtstag, Gruppe
bin 2 Tage zu spät

erst heute entdeckt...
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