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I honestly have no idea how I managed to find the time to do this, what with two major software projects on my plate, homework in a bunch of other classes, and general life stress everywhere... yeah. But as usual, I got into one of those "I need to make something random" moods and just couldn't shake it.

This is the one of the first abstract piece I've done that relies almost exclusively on Photoshop as opposed to Bryce, which I think is a good thing since you can only do so much with straight Bryce renders. I was originally going to do one of those odd internal-reflection things, but the results of projecting some fractals I made with Apophysis with light gels just weren't that appealing. Before I gave up, though, I decided I'd try converting the renders into Bryce lattices and going from there... and a few multi-replications later the pylon was born. Here's a hint: don't use "Planetary Resolution" unless you really need it. I used it and I had tens of millions more polygons than I actually needed; my Bryce file was over 350 megs in size. Um, no. Reduce the geometry a bit and now it's below 50 megs. That's better.

Anyway, spent the whole Monday afternoon and evening building the pylon cluster and doing the brushing in Photoshop. It was kind of hard to know when I was going overboard and when I was going underboard... until I made some huge random change and noticed how much better (or worse) it made things. So here's another hint: when you think you're done, add a blotch of lighting or change the colors around drastically. You might like the results.

And here's a fun fact: the picture looks yellowish on my desktop monitor but reddish on my laptop monitor. Haha, two pictures for the price of one! One of my apartment-mates suggested I change the colors into something icy for a "winter" version of the picture... maybe I'll do that sometime.

I'm really interested in upping my artwork from just simple Bryce reflection-renders to more complex scenes, so any comments would be very much appreciated. Compared to my earlier works I think this one is much more mature, but there's still a long road ahead of me.

Apophysis 2.02, Bryce 5, Photoshop CS2, and a day that, by chance, was free enough to let me do art.
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That is awesomely cool, man! Very nice work, Greg!
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You do great work Gerf ol' boy... ^_-
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The randomness increases in my old age. ;)
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looks awesome
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wow man, its amazing!
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That's awsome - better than anything abstract that I can do. for sure. How long did it take to render in Bryce, btw?
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The actual Bryce render didn't take that long at all... maybe an 30 minutes or something. That is because I only rendered one of those pylon things; afterwards I copy-pasted them in Photoshop. That's why they all look exactly the same, save for their orientation (again, done with Photoshop). ;)
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Duude very awesome!
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