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Continuing with characters from Vlarion, here's Jack. No, I didn't intend for him to turn out looking like a basketball player... he just kinda did. *laughs*

Again, I'll get a decent scan of this later and may color it eventually.

This was the first time I actually tried (and succeeded, I think) to draw a person of a specific nationality. I don't recall any time in recent history ever having said, "Okay, this character is supposed to be an African American," or "This character is definitely supposed to be Japanese," so this is quite a first for me. I think it turned out pretty good. I'm slowly trying to morph myself into an ever-so-slightly more stylized style of drawing, because my characters look exceptionally drab otherwise. Somehow I need to figure out how to make my lines sharper, too. I think it's just the kind of paper I'm using in my sketchbook.

Anyway, I still can't do feet for the life of me. I'm slowly getting better at hands, but feet. Pwn3d.

Jack is a character owned by Aaron. Vlarion kicks mad booty.
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